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  1. I am so so sorry to read this. God speed baby girl
  2. Wishing all God speed. Got the word about Myke last night She will be so missed
  3. I am more than willing to drive up and get them to Ocean State here in R.I. I understand funds are a concern, but with all the fundraising we've done, we can get the money! First thing is to get this boy under the proper care
  4. Not sure where in Ct you are, but if you can't get him to Tuffs, get him to Ocean State here in R.I.
  5. Mary, I am so very sorry to read he was called home Ekko's special friend, I bet she was sure to be one of the first to be there to greet him. I hope all the memories will offer some comfort
  6. Thank you for including Wayne Ducky, we don't get on here much anymore.
  7. So very sorry to read this. God speed buddy
  8. God speed buddy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNoLJy68ZcE
  9. I am so sorry Jordan. I bet Ekko was right there as well as Wayne who spent his last few years fighting for the Galgos, who are at the center of our hearts
  10. Ducky, thank you for including Wayne
  11. Did she tell you she was leaving at the end of the month?
  12. We've never had much luck with Flagyl, but the Tylan powder did the trick
  13. I too would insist on them growing a culture. The fact that an antibiotic fixed the issue is a clue in itself. And the culture might just show that the first antibiotic she was on was not the correct one to knock out the bacteria
  14. I have no experience at all with incontinence but what confuses me about that as a dx is, why can Chai hold it all night long with no issues? If she were truly incontinent, would she be able to hold it all night like she does? And the other thing that makes me wonder about the dx is the amount of times she needs to go out to pee and the amount she pees every time.
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