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  1. Tricia and Burke, I am so sorry to (belatedly) read of Murray's passing. Such a beautiful love story you all shared, first with Bee Wiseman and then Holly. I hope your hearts are healing...
  2. Oh, I am so sorry and shocked to hear about Beth's passing. She was such a doll...I hope you are doing okay.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this - George was such a big character. and I always enjoyed reading about his antics. Thank you for sharing him with us...
  4. I remember, all the time. Your precious boy and the love you shared, won't ever be forgotten :f_red
  5. Gosh - two years...so jarring to look back and consider how time marches on. He was such a strong, happy boy. Hope there are lots of happy memories today...
  6. Today he would have been 16. I miss my boy - he was the perfect boy. Even after his 13th birthday, he was still active and happy, running around the yard. For 9 years, he was our fur baby... First day home: http:// Snoozing with a little ETS: http:// Look of love With his daddy -man Sleep well, my baby boy:
  7. Me and my bridge boy, Max...he did not like looking at the camera... :-)
  8. If your houndie is generally relaxed in the car, they should be okay. Max was very relaxed and settled in the car, and hated rain and thunderstorms but could care less about the car wash.
  9. Two years - already?! I remember meeting him for the first time - he was so overwhelmed.Love seeing the pics of him so relaxed and content...happy gotcha day to both of you!
  10. You look like a genie on your magic carpet, Otis! Hope you have some genie magic to bring that spring you're hoping for! (That is one determined sun worshipper). Edited to add: love the toy carnage behind him! He's earned his rest!
  11. "Oh hai - when did you get home?" Sooper cute face - btw, what colour is he/she? Almost looks solid brown...
  12. And he is looking super handsome in red! :beatheart
  13. Robin, I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss of Sasha - will be especially hard for your mom. I am sure Sasha and your dad did have a wonderful reunion, I hope your mom is doing okay.
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