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  1. Fenix the podenco and Benny the greyhound puppy were photographed at Sachs Covered Bridge during Greyhounds In Gettysburg 2019. Too flippin' cute.
  2. Seven-month-old Benny photographed at Sachs Covered Bridge during GiG 2019. Leash digitally removed.
  3. They are litter mates. Both were whelped in Iowa. On at least two occasions that I've been able to find they ran together in official schooling: once in FL in August 2012, the other in IA about a year later. I haven't had the time to see if they ran together in official starts. What made this search so rewarding was that I was able to find the still-online video replay of their schooling race in FL, despite the fact that happened almost seven years ago and I wouldn't expect there to be any video still online. It was so cool to watch them run together.
  4. Billy Bob (left) and Shazam, photographed together during my recent trip to MN.
  5. Maria (WW Liebe Maria; Aerial Battle-WW's Kuniya) is a three-year-old brindle who was the subject of a name-that-puppy contest held by a local greyhound adoption here in SoCal. She was transported from Birmingham to Solvang, CA during the recent The Solvang Gathering in February. I was asked by her adopters to photograph her and her two pack mates.
  6. Another portrait of Fernie the Guam greyhound (left) and his packmate Dixie:
  7. I'll be outside shooting at the bridge as in past years; I won't be bringing any studio gear with me.
  8. This year at The Solvang Gathering I was offered the chance to photograph inside the Veteran Memorial Hall where the vendors are, rather than at a garden at one of the hotels where I have done mini-sessions in years past. This required a small investment in studio equipment: a more powerful flash, background stands, and a roll of seamless paper. This was my first time offering studio-like sessions at an event. I practiced off-camera flash several times off-and-on in the weeks leading up to the event. To keep myself from being too overwhelmed with too many new things all at once, I went with a bare minimum light setup: a single light stand, one flash, one light modifier. I also did tethered capturing (camera connected to laptop to import directly into my photo software) for the very first time. Tethered capture was a learning and valuable experience, but one big advantage was that I could see my results immediately and adjust exposure settings on-the-fly, so I'll be doing it again in the future. Ellie was my first client on Friday. After taking a few test shots I got this image of this dark brindle girl. I'm very pleased how her mini-session came out.
  9. I think Fernie was four when he arrived in the US.
  10. I took this portrait of Dixie (top) and Fernie during the recent Solvang Gathering in Solvang, CA last month. Fernie is 14 and may be one of the last surviving Guam greyhounds in the US. I carried him up the steps to the Veteran Memorial Hall's stage and tried to be quick about getting some photographs. Once on the stage he had little problem with standing on the black seamless paper I used for a background. Fernie has attended several Solvang Gatherings, and it's always good to see him. Fernie was later crowned "King of Solvang" at the end of Gathering.
  11. I always try to focus on the eyes. I use a DSLR; I can't use a cell phone well enough to do that.
  12. Yes, I plan to arrive on Thursday evening and leaving Sunday afternoon. If you'd like for me to photograph your pod, send me a message or contact me on FB.
  13. A lot of that is how I illuminated his face. Here's a picture of Bean and him from last August:
  14. Thanks; I think they're both beautiful. Not sure about the height at the shoulders, but he does weigh around 80#.
  15. I photographed Bean's brother, Spodee, last weekend using off-camera flash. I wanted to emphasize his musculature, which is nothing short of amazing. He retired last April after an almost-two-year-long racing career of 76 races.
  16. He arrived at FF two weeks after I met him at the track last October. If I remember right, he was reluctant to come out of the hauler. All the commotion that day was a little bit too much for him. He looks great in your signature photos.
  17. I first met Arthur last October in the pet kennel during my first trip to Caliente. He's a striking boy with those tall white socks. The other time I met him was on his retirement day. He was understandably a bit overwhelmed by the change of scenery. I'm glad to hear he's thriving under your guidance.
  18. Alex, our first greyhound, had amelanotic malignant melanoma. It appeared between his lower front two incisors. We went with the mandibulectomy and had those teeth removed plus a small portion of the lower jaw that held those teeth. His lower lip was then pulled back over the surgical site. Other than he drooled a bit more at certain times and if you knew where to look, you'd never know he'd had surgery. This was around 15 years ago, though, so I'd suspect you have more treatment options than we did. Ultimately it was not what took him and that didn't happen until years later. It's very good that you caught it early. My best wishes for his treatment.
  19. Sorry to read this about Twiggy and your job situation, Wendy. Hoping that Twiggy recovers and that you find a suitable job elsewhere.
  20. Happy birthday, Twiggy! I'm so happy to hear you're doing so well.
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