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  1. No worries! Been feeding raw for years-all kinds-and never a problem. Use common sense preparation for e.g. I clean the counters with Chlorox clean up after I fix their food etc. but that is pretty much it. Their bowls get washed in my dishwasher with my regular dishes. I don't feed chicken raw though because I really don't trust chicken. Feed everything else though including lots of turkey. One thing to be careful of is to make sure you feed the raw and the dry in separate feedings a couple hours apart. Raw goes through their system pretty quick. It is supposed to. That is why they don't get sick from it. It is pooped out before it can hurt them. On the other hand the dry food is designed to stay in their system in order to give them the opportunity to extract as many nutrients as possible from it because it is so much less nutritious than the raw among other things. If you feed it together it could cause an issue by slowing down the digestive process for the raw food and keeping any pathogens in their system long enough to maybe cause something. Now honestly- you might be able to feed it together forever with no problems. Or you might not. I just know that when this info was presented to me I thought it sounded reasonable and adopted the practice and in ~20 years of raw feeding have never had a problem. Raw is clearly the best IMO. You should see how beautiful my dogs teeth are! But anyway you can bring them right back in your home and they will not contaminate it.
  2. Great! I would say she is well on her way to her best life thanks to you. That is wonderful that you are treating her with the flower essences because they are effective for many dogs(and people). I would think that perhaps just time will be the thing that can help most now. Of course there is always a chance that her genetics may keep her frightful but I would not believe that at this point. You should have seen Goldie, that little male I adopted that was sooo terrified- it was sad. And slowly and surely he just improved and improved and ultimately was super stable and out going with a lot of confidence. So you just never know but one thing is sure they deserve the best chance we can give them to move past their current issues and it sounds like she is progressing slowly and surely and is quite blessed to have landed in your care. Don't know if you have ever read any of Patricia McConnell's (PhD) books but they are certainly enjoyable and I am pretty certain that would be a super good source of info for you on this. She is highly respected on a worldwide level. "The other end of the Leash" is a classic and there are booklets addressing specific topics as well. One that would probably be useful to you is "The Cautious Canine." I think Amazon carries them to. The website has videos and articles that would probably be helpful as well. http://www.patriciamcconnell.com/ As far as the harness I have not used a spook harness so I'm not sure what would work best for you. I would probably get this one because I have purchased from Majestic before and I know them to have very good products of very high quality: http://www.majesticcollars.com/harness.htm Keep in touch. We would love to hear how she progresses. I'm thinking she is really very special!
  3. I would be extremely concerned that it might be an abscessed tooth and would have that ruled out first and immediately. Teeth roots are close to the brain and abscessed teeth have killed humans and animals. The level of pain she was in is concerning as abscessed teeth are extremely painful. I also know from personal dental experience with my teeth that sometimes the antibiotics cannot clear certain dental infections because of poor blood supply to the infected area. Perhaps it was abscessed and the infection has 'moved' to somewhere the antibiotics can't be effective? I don't know. I do know however that an abscessed tooth is extremely serious-they can kill quickly. I would be consulting with a bonafide dental specialist(see links) immediately by phone or email and seeing what THEIR recommendation was for proceeding. One of them will help even if not in your area. I know some and the legitimate certified ones are are caring professionals. Be careful you don't fall victim to one of the general practice vets that claim to be dog dentists as there are quite a few that do. This is problematic for many reasons. Your pictures are excellent and maybe you could email them for them to look at. Whatever you do do it asap IMO. Also, admittedly, I would perhaps be over reacting but I am like a mother hen when it comes to my dogs and that attitude has served me well. https://www.avdc-dms.org/dms/list/diplomates-map.cfm#US_NC https://www.avdc-dms.org/dms/list/fellows.cfm
  4. First do whatever you have to in order to insure that she doesn't get away because that could be a death sentence. They make special harnesses called spook harnesses that they can't slip out of. I had one hound that I used to use TWO collars & TWO leashes with when I took him for walks so I could be sure he never got free. Second she most likely is behaving that way from genetics and lack of experience in the real world and not mistreatment of any kind. It is classic behavior and not uncommon. You didn't mention her age but she sounds like a young lady and that could be part of it too. I adopted a young male once that was so terrified but I also had a very calm and confident and outgoing male too. The nervous one steadily improved until years later he was outgoing and confident as well! Never would have thought it could have happened but with love and time it absolutely did. Even his bark changed from a little high pitched squeak to a big dog low wolf. I also gave him a few drops of Bach's Rescue Remedy everyday until he got a lot better. Bach's Rescue Remedy is a flower essence that is safe and has been effective in my experience for helping them get their energy balanced so they can become more stable. If it was me I would just make my objective for every walk to be something the dog associates good things with. Carry lots of really good treats and randomly feed them to her at different times during the walks if she'll eat them. And reward her when you pick up her harness and say some key word and banter in a squeaky voice and then when she gets back as well. Hopefully she will eventually make the connection that good things happen on walks and that will really help her moto and stress level. It takes TIME though. Don't rush things, placate her by talking to her in a squeaky voice and work on getting her as engaged with you as she can by feeding treats to her etc. If you can keep her properly engaged with you she won't see or react to a lot of the things that may scare her now. Three months is not that long and I wouldn't necessarily expect to have good engagement in such a short time. You want to get her to FOCUS on you; to learn that focusing on you brings treats and rewards and good things. And she will learn in so doing this that she doesn't need to be concerned with other things going on in the environment as long as you're there and that will really help. She will learn, if you develop good engagement, to almost be oblivious to other things in the immediate environment. Keep the dog focused on you and they won't see something to get upset about. All the stuff in her world is new to her; she hasn't been exposed to it all before so just give her some time. Three months is not long. I really believe things will work out for you two because she is lucky to have such a caring owner and love always wins! Enjoy your girl. Watching her grow and mature will be like watching a beautiful flower bloom. It is priceless. And since you are her foster once she improves and learns these things it will be easier for her to transfer them to a different human as well. BTW it goes without saying do NOT reward her for frightened behavior or it will encourage her to be that way and get much worse. You act calm, confident and neutral and show her and lead her through frights. Only reward her when she is NOT reacting to something in fear. Once she overcomes something then reward and celebrate the victory. Walking with you even if apprehensive is rewardable imo as long as she is not trying to flee or is out of control. A lot of dogs won't eat if they are too scared so if she will accept your treats at a reasonably quiet and uneventful time on your walks that is a good sign for sure
  5. Well Jaxson is the most good lookin' Letter Carrier I've ever seen! He looks so dapper in his new outfit!!!!!! Very cool hound!
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! beautiful lady!
  7. According to Dr. Katherine E. Queck, Fellow, Academy of Veterinary Dentistry they should be brushed EVERYDAY and she recommends using Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Dog & Cat Toothpastebecause she said she was aware of a study that showed its effectiveness- that it actually carries oxygen below the gum line. She also likes Ora-Vet gel. I use Ora-Vet gel on 1 dog and brush the other dogs teeth and also squirt on Petz-Life Oral Care spray occasionally because I know from personal experience it surprisingly is also very effective. She also said if you use the Ora-Vet then not to brush afterwards or you would brush it off. This regimen keeps my dogs' teeth beautiful, thank God.
  8. This! Macoduck is spot on. Hope Iggy starts improving rapidly. Let us know how she's doing.
  9. I always believe that 'if it works don't fix it." I am a BIG believer in Springtime's Fresh Factors and other products. THEY WORK. They are also SAFE. I wouldn't even consider switching to an Rx product or any other. There's no need. IMO nothing is better or more effective than the SAFE EFFECTIVE products Springtime offers. And that applies to allergy issues to, not just musculoskeletal stuff. I take Springtime products myself. I do sometimes supplement an older dog with microlactin from Swanson Vitamin company. I have found it to be an effective and safe(its a dairy product) anti-inflammatory that is marketed for dogs as "Duralactin." Much cheaper to get the non-trademark product from Swanson. It is tasteless and I get it in 500mg capsules and just sprinkle the contents from a capsule on their food twice a day when they are fed. The actual Duralactin tabs are kind of big and kind of hard so it might be objectionable to some dogs anyway.
  10. Attended some lectures on dental care by Dr. Queck, a fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry at Mountain Hounds in 2018. In a nutshell her main message was to caution us to take note of who we allowed to treat our dogs. She said that regular vets receive little to no dental education-just a few hours- and as a result they simply cannot provide a high level of care. She said they have no knowledge of how to perform established dental procedures e.g. root canals and that as a result if they see a "problem" tooth or multiple teeth they simply extract them all even when it is not necessary because that is as high as their skill level goes. She also cautioned that the extraction itself was actually a serious procedure that given their lack of dental knowledge could result in problems. I am very grateful for Dr. Queck's honesty because as a result I located a simply wonderful actual veterinary dentist that knows what is BEST for my dogs and knows how to do it so they get the best care possible. There are a number of reasons to seek out an experienced veterinary dentist that is certified by one of the legitimate veterinary dental societies. A word of caution per Dr. Queck: there are vets claiming to be dental specialist that are not just because they decided to call themselves that and focus to some degree on vet dentistry. Dr. Queck said that to actually achieve the established level required for fellowship in the AVD and similar that they actually have to demonstrate their ability and test/train even on a practical level-that it isn't just written. She also said that dental xrays demand a level of quality higher than your typical vets typical xrays and so you could very easily miss issues and not to be mislead by that. So thats another vote for using the bonified dental specialist: The good xrays from the specialist in my experience don't cost anymore than the 'cheap' ones from the general practice vet plus you can certainly have more confidence in their evaluation. https://www.avdc-dms.org/dms/list/fellows.cfm https://www.avdc-dms.org/dms/list/diplomates-map.cfm
  11. My deepest sympathy. All those wonderful pictures said so much about him. He will be with you always.
  12. I can't add anything to this beautiful and very true post. My deepest sympathy on Conner's crossing over. This post sums up something that my boy Gilly Boy taught when he crossed over and that is that 'even in the hell of grief, love wins." Conner & Rocket are indeed having a 'blast' (pun intended) and Gilly Boy is there in the 'mayhem' munchin on Seamie nom noms to. God bless those crazy boy dogs.
  13. (Lexie might not think much of it either.)
  14. Well Slim another year has come and gone since you left. Not a lot seems to have changed. The pain of your sudden crossing over is still fresh- I guess it will always be. And I don’t think of you often; I don’t think of you every day; I think of you constantly-still- after all these years. You have taught me that it is because we are still together-that in fact our spirits are together for eternity. You are the one who taught me long ago that we are spirits- we may live in a body on earth but just because the body dies we don’t-and our relationships with others don’t. The soul inside is what’s important. We continue our journey. That was one of your big lessons this past year. It seemed your ‘signs’ and communication had diminished compared to all the previous years since you left and I was confused and troubled. I needed your presence, your guidance…I needed to know that we had not drifted apart. And here August 15 was upon us again and I was not sure what to say in your remembrance post this year. I decide I will ask you. It’s too personal and many wouldn’t understand so I belay the details here, but wow Slim-what a great surprise and gift and wisdom you shared with me. And the reason you had cut back on your ‘signs’ was to teach me that I don’t need signs to be sure that you are still with me. Now I understand that my spirit and not just yours, but the spirits of all my beloved that has already crossed over will always be together. The love and relationships we have with each other cannot be lost by anything-not even death. Nothing is more powerful than love. And that has brought me even closer to not just you but the others as well. To say thank you for your love, protection and guidance for another year is so inadequate. I will close by promising you I will focus more on looking forward-not remembering the past- because you have taught me that you and the others will still be with me every step of the way. I know it is wrong to think about the past. I know that the right and best and the thing needed is to live only in the present-as you dog’s do! And I know you will help me do just that Slim. Love always!
  15. I am so sorry. My deepest sympathy. She will be with you always. Love never dies. For love is as strong as death, Many waters cannot quench love, Nor can the floods drown it. Song of Solomon 8:6-7
  16. This was my Gable Dodge son and he had 'the eyes' and everything else too-but no ear flip! Minny ( Rj's Minnow) was the most empathetic creature I have ever known and his loyalty was beyond parallel. Thankfully there is a lot of Gable Dodge blood around and so there are many admirers!
  17. I've heard it called a Hunter's Crest before but none of my houndie's has had one. I did foster one that did though named JA's Apopka.
  18. I heard it is wonderful when FIRST used but with long term use actually seriously degrades the dogs health and stops working anyway. For that reason I put it on my personal do not use list. No point in asking a vet because they will simply say it is wonderful and anybody who thinks it isn't is nuts hehe.
  19. NO!!!!!!! Do NOT muzzle Buddy!!!!! Buddy did not do anything wrong. The simple fact is he was out walking minding his own business when the LOOSE dog came after him. If you muzzle Buddy he will have no way to defend himself from such miscreants and will likely get hurt if not killed if attacked again through no fault of his own. The type of dog that came after him is more than capable of this and is a far better "fighter" than Buddy could ever hope to be with his thin greyhound skin and breed. Don't doubt Buddy. Its not his fault he was victimized by a loose dog that should have been on a leash. And don't muzzle him-that would be cruel to take away his only means to defend himself when he is already over matched. I understand the other dog was shorter etc., but don't underestimate it. That breeds jaws are so strong he could break Buddy's skinny little greyhound legs with one easy chomp. I don't know about the laws over there but in the U.S. the other dog owner is at fault. Further I would be taking a club with me or some type of weapon(s) to protect myself and Buddy should the loose dog with the aberrant behavior attempt to confront you again. And absolutely do not offer or pay for any vet bills for the dog that CAUSED all this trouble. You & Buddy are the victims here. BTW I was a sworn Animal Control Officer at one time and this is the way it would go down over here.
  20. My heart is breaking for you. My deepest sympathy.
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