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  1. If you are in Ontario you are in the perfect place! In the U.S. many of us that need the type of food you describe import it down here from Canada! It is very good food, high calorie, and dogs love it. It is safe as it is NOT one of the grain free varieties that have been linked to heart trouble. And it is very reasonably priced. It is used mostly by professional canine owners and trainers that have hard working dogs that need the best in nutrition and energy and maintaining weight etc. Check it out-here is the link: https://www.inukshukpro.com/
  2. I am sorry that happened and stressed you like that. If you continue with dogs in your life you will get used to it. You should not feel any guilt whatsoever. It is sad the little dogs owner didn't think enough of him to keep him safe but there sadly are a lot of owners out there who just don't care enough about their dog to keep it restrained and safe. Most likely it gets no vet attention either which makes it a health threat to the healthy dogs in the neighborhood. Nor is it surprising there was no info on the microchip. I was an Animal Control Officer in a large city-Louisville, KY- and I can tell you there is nothing for you to worry about. He came into your yard-end of story. And no, you cannot train out prey drive. Prey drive is a good thing. It is genetics. Your guy just did what dogs do-thats how they stayed alive and obtained food. And just so you can be prepared for other possibilities a muzzle will NOT protect 'prey' no matter what it is. Greyhounds know to MASH the prey to kill it when muzzled since they can't bite/grab it. They will catch it and then mash it into the ground until it is dead so a muzzle won't protect you from seeing the kill. It is still thankfully pretty quick also. Now if you can catch up to the dog as soon as he makes contact you might be able to pull him back off and the prey escape before it gets mashed but that is a definite longshot. Just put it behind you and don't worry about it. You had, and have, no control over such acts of nature. Dogs are dogs and prey is prey and nature is nature. If you continue to have dogs-especially dogs like greyhounds with good prey drive- then most likely this won't be the last time something like this happens. In fact you should be watchful your guy doesn't bite off more than he can chew as sometimes the prey can hurt and kill the dog. For e.g. racoons are extremely dangerous, have been known to kill even greyhound sized dogs, and often carry distemper. Possums carry lepto so you wouldn't want them to get a hold of them either.
  3. Aiden is a lucky dog! Homemade treats! Quite a delicacy Generally speaking nobody (not even me) gets anything homemade at our house. All store bought stuff. The only saving grace is that they are raw fed and my processed food is so UNappetizing I don't eat enough of it to get fat hehe.
  4. I'd get a second opinion but thats just me based on my experience. I presented my greyhound to an evet one day drop dead lame and in significant pain on his right rear. Evet did NOT even do an exam or take xray or anything but told me "I watched you bring him in and it is his knee. I will need to refer you to an orthopedist." It was obvious to me there was something far more sinister than a bad knee with the pain level he was enduring etc so I begged the orthopedist to see him early and thankfully he was a caring vet and did! When I presented the dog to him it took him all of a minute to do a quick exam in the waiting room and tell me that there was nothing the wrong with his knee, but he would find out what the problem was. Less than 10 minutes later he rushed into the waiting room and told me HIS LEG WAS BROKEN!!!!! I shudder to think what could have happened if I would have trusted that 1st vet and let him have a broken leg untreated for the weeks required before being able to see the specialist. I was further advised that it is extremely rare for a greyhound to have knee issues because of their excellent muscling etc. and the evet should have known that. So I have learned ( through even sadder experience as well) to NEVER trust a vet-especially just one. People get 2nd opinions for a reason to and I figure my dogs deserve the same consideration-especially in view of some of the horrid experiences I have had with vets.
  5. What a wonderful-and powerful- picture!!!! "For love is as strong as death.... Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it. If a man would give for love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly despised." -Song of Solomon 8:6-7 "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." -Helen Keller
  6. Give him some scritches and love from us after he gets home and gets settled. .
  7. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR CELEBRATING ROCKETS SPOIL YOUR HOUND FRENCH FRY DAY! It was so much fun and so nice to enjoy a little extra hound spoiling and to remember our bridge angel french fry lovers who have crossed. GTalkers are the greatest. Thanks again and love to all the houndies and their peeps PS- God willing we'll meet here again next year
  8. Mario thanks for joining the international spoil your hound french fry day extravaganza! OhCanada French Fries sound YUMMY!
  9. Rocket I lOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of you mesmerized by that french fry! Thats a million dollar picture
  10. I love it to! I love everything about it. Rocket picked a hit when he selected french fries as the spoil your hound delicacy of choice!
  11. Look at his mouth watering when he sees them! Greyt video and pictures!!!!!
  12. SPOIL YOUR HOUND ON FRENCH FRY DAY IN HONOR OF ROCKET IS HERE!!!!!!!TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!! I will be going to the store on the way home and getting Octane, and honorary houndies (though not by blood) K9 REBA & Turbo, a more than sufficient quantity for a french fry feast . Love and kisses to all the french fry eating happy houndies!
  13. How precious . I truly love French Fry Houndie Day. Couldn't tell you exactly why but there is so much love and happiness associated with it maybe thats it. I love taking time to remember Rocket & Lexie and all our old friends. They will never be forgotten. Anyway give my love to all the fry hounds I know the Rocket Man will be happy to.
  14. Rockets mom said Phoenix has a French Fry Festival on April 20. In a previous post about that, it was decided by several GT'ers that April 20 would be a good day to buy your greyhound some French Fries and share them in honor of Rocket and his obsession with French Fries. Well I keep missing his official day but since he would want any excuse to spoil your hounds more some of us have also been celebrating on Nat'l French Fry Day on July 13th. So its that time again! Another greyt excuse to spoil your hounds and honor Rocket who remains a much loved presence here on GT. Recently in fact a beautiful houndie at Camp Broodie has enjoyed her first french fry and is now in the cult with the rest of us: So be sure and not miss the chance to spoil your hounds again in honor of Rocket. Many places including McDonalds are even giving away fries that day. Lucky dogs! Lucky dogs! Yum
  15. Prayers going up from KY for your sweet girl! Sending love and positive energy and scritches and gentle hugs as well.
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