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  1. Do you have to walk him (versus doing turnouts in the yard)? What equipment are you using to walk him? Have you tried training sessions (separate from walks) outside with him unmuzzled so it's easier to feed him? Consulted a trainer? Taken a group class? You haven't had him that long and there are a number of things you could try from both training and management perspectives. I don't think you're anywhere near exhausting options and determining it's not workable but there's also no shame in returning him if you don't feel it's the best match By the way, your nervousness i
  2. Well I randomly took a stab at hulling it today and it took a good bit of gentle work because the one side was well attached, but I got it out!! We're about to go for a mini hike so we'll see how she does. I'll still out boots on her since her paw pad is likely to be tender.
  3. I'm in the DC metro area and this doesn't sound right to me. I think others may be on the right track with the tick nest. I also second contacting the manufacturer. Possible something is wrong with the collar and they should at least know, or may replace it. Regardless, what you are describing is not normal for a dog going on walks in our area, with or without a collar imo.
  4. Thanks! Does it seem like the nail polish is working better than the duct tape? Or just easier to apply? I looked on the group briefly and saw a mention of one dogs corn likely being from nails that were too long. We did go through a phase recently where I wasn't on the ball with her nail trims. We're back on it, but hoping maybe that's all it was that prompted this and if we can get rid of it, it won't return. Probably wishful thinking.
  5. Thanks, I submitted my request to join and was approved this morning. I will try to dig in soon. By the way, I highly doubt the surgery is an option for us given her other issues and this is her first corn (at age 11) so we'll try other alternatives first.
  6. So Violet has been noticeably lame in her back left leg. Both I and her PT thought this was just a progression of her disc issue, but today I found this! It explains so much assuming it's a corn like I think. While this is my first corn in a grey, I used to read the posts about them. Is there anything new these days or should we just try duct tape? Doesn't seem ready for hulling. We do have a therapaw and I am working on getting a second one so she can hopefully walk normally, but she did fairly well with just the one today.
  7. I just got mine. Last year I got the notice of a massive rate hike and then mysteriously I got an email saying it had been a mistake and my premium wasn't changing. It was around the time they were having the issues in Washington so I thought maybe they were backtracking for fear of getting in trouble, but then others didn't get the same notice. I guess they're making up for lost time because now it's going from $108 to $148 a month, a 37% increase. I'm glad to see the lawsuit. I figured it was only a matter of time and I will happily jump on the class action lawsuit bandwagon.
  8. We've been using the Assisi Loop for a couple of years now and while I love them and do believe they really help Violet, they have their downsides. I've been coveting a Loop Lounge since they developed them, and when they were recently on sale for 15% off I bit the bullet and ordered one in the hopes that Healthy Paws would cover it since they've been covering the loops. It took some work on my part, including an appeal process, but after 2 months of the Lounge sitting unopened in its box, I got word that the claim was approved!! Since I pay 20% it's still costing me $260, but that's a sm
  9. Do you have a friend or family member nearby who could care for her while you continued to pay for her care? That would allow you to continue to see her and not take up a space in a home that might otherwise take an elderly grey in need. Also suggest you try another method of contact for your group (check their website for a general info email, phone number, or possible a FB page) and reach out that way. It's possibly the person you spoke with is no longer involved with the group, is on vacation, etc. I'm sorry you're in this situation. When I got to this point with my female greyho
  10. Ohhh, thanks for these suggestions! The K&H bed looks perfect other than being $$. Will check out the Orvis too.
  11. Canceled my trip for this reason. I would have been there by now. Instead I did yoga, replaced electrical outlets, and picked up my CSA in this horrific heat and humidity.
  12. Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't see that.
  13. Thanks for the update. Glad it's helping Bea.
  14. Glad she's recovering well overall. Did OSU stop their free chemo? I'm also curious, did the vet tell you those are the survival numbers without chemo? Those seem more like what I would expect with chemo, but I'm admittedly a bit out of the loop as it's been a few years since I've dealt with an osteo dx. Of course I hope you have multiple happy years together.
  15. Thanks for the feedback so far. To be a little more specific, pond would have water that moves. I don't know a lot about ponds, but I am interested in the type that recirculates the water with a pump. Actually saw a neighbor's that is on a bit of an incline and the water runs down over some rocks before landing in the pool of water. I don't know how much that affects things like algae, etc (presumably better?), But that's what I'm thinking of. Highly unlikely I would put fish in it. More am extension of my garden so irises, etc growing in it.
  16. I haven't decided yet. Will be fairly game day decision wise. I do need to reach out to my sitter to see if she wants to stay here with Skye. If not, that makes things a lot less likely. But yes, if we go, things will be different. Violet can't do as much these days anyway so we will likely spend a lot more time at our home base at Seneca Lodge, but that's fine with me
  17. Two outdoor related questions for you: Does anyone have a non-elevated bed (not interested in the coolaroo type, we have those and Violet doesn't love them) that is suitable for leaving outdoors all of the time (completely waterproof) and thick enough for an older grey who needs an orthopedic bed? Bonus if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And does anyone have a man-made pond in their yard that the dogs have access to? Have you had any issues? Do you worry about or have to monitor for blue-green algae in the summer? Thanks!
  18. Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like we should continue to explore it as an option.
  19. You might want to search H&M as well as there's been some discussion in osteo threads. My experience, 0/2. I tried it with both Neyla and Zuri when they had osteo, but didn't see much if any improvement from it. But worth keeping in mind that in both cases that was later on when it was getting more difficult to manage their pain. And on the other hand, I didn't see noticeable side effects from it so I would try it again in the future. Also, you may know this, but it supposedly doesn't relieve pain itself, but enhances the pain relieving abilities of an NSAID so you give them tog
  20. Has anyone had a vulvoplasty done on their dog? I'm pretty convinced we're at the point where it needs to be done, but I'd love to hear about people's experiences. Honestly, the scariest part might be the 2 week recovery period of inactivity (this is for Skye, not Violet). In all seriousness, any type of anesthesia/surgery always scares the crap out of me, but I think it will give her relief. The specialty place I like has a surgical group so I'm thinking about reaching out to them. It's probably overkill, but I feel better because they have an ER on site, can consult with a vet anesthesi
  21. Glad you were able to get in! Please keep us posted. I chose the same route as you for Zuri though his radiation treatments were 2 total on consecutive days. Unfortunately we were one of the about 20% that don't see a benefit from the radiation, but the Zoledronate did help. Hoping you have fantastic results!
  22. Fwiw, the palliative specialist we worked with was the one who guided us to increase the Gabapentin dosage to manage Zuri's osteo pain as a first line of defense (NSAID was already at max dose). I think the benefit is the general lack of side effects and it does seem to manage osteo pain quite well. I've never had luck with Tylenol/codeine or Amantadine, unpleasant side effects with the former and completely useless with the latter, but obviously that's an n of 2 and just anecdotal. It's worthwhile to try different things and see what works best, but I think Gabapentin can be quite effec
  23. Gabapentin has a huge safety range so that amount is not out of the question, but if you jump from 400 to 800 you're going to have horrible side effects. I wrote a long post before about how to increase Gaba, will have to check back later to find it or explain again, but quick version, change one dose at a time, not all three, by 100 mg, wait for any side effects to subside, change another dose. When all 3 are increased by 100 mg, and side effects have subsided, start again if needed. Fyi, dogs can build up a tolerance to Gabapentin so another reason increasing the dose is reasonable.
  24. Not enough information to know. Do you have video? That would be easiest.
  25. I'm sorry you haven't been able to get am earlier appt. That is beyond frustrating. Is that vet your only option without driving 3 hours? If so, my suggestion would be to really read up on the palliative options and consider whether you would really want to do them. None of these treatments are without risks. Zoledronate still has a risk of kidney issues, both palliative and stereotactic radiation can weaken the bone and increase the risk of a break. All of the radiation treatments require multiple sedations, though it's a very light, quick sedation for the palliative version. Stereotactic req
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