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Harmony Is Very Sick - **final Update** Post 1

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Heather - so sorry to hear about Harmony! Sounds as if she is in the right place to get help, though. Many good thoughts and prayers coming over the Pond for her! :hope


I'm curious ... and this is just a random thought. I know you wouldn't feed your dogs onions! But whenever I hear the words 'haemolytic anaemia', I remember that that is what onions do to dogs. Do the vets ever ask 'Did your dog get hold of onions?' It's one of the standard 'no-nos' (like chocolate) for a dog's diet, but (unlike chocolate) I've yet to hear a diagnosis of onion toxicity being made.


I can only pray that for Harmony, the vets find a nice, simple solution to her problems, and she's feeling better very soon.



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Hoping for a good update. :hope

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No experience to share. :( Sending lots of prayers and light to your baby girl. :hope:getwell

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I am with you, hoping for TBD! Big hugs for humans and hounds, I hope she feels better soon!

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Continued prayers for your sweet girl.



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More good thoughts for Harmony. I hope things improve for her today.

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This sounds exactly like what happened with my Maxx - off his food, the protein loss, low red count, "angry spleen", etc. We spent nearly 4 weeks with our vet testing for everything. In desperation, I emailed Dr. Couto at Ohio State. They sent the babesia test to NC State, but decided they didn't have time to wait for a definitive result and removed the spleen after 2 transfusions on Monday. Maxx's red count rebounded almost immediately, even with the post-surgical blood loss.


If you don't get an answer soon, try contacting the Greyhound Health and Wellness Program at Ohio State - they provide free consultations for retired racers.


Thinking good thoughts for your pup.

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Sending more prayers and hugs this afternoon. :grouphug


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:hope:candle:hope:candle:hope:candle ...for Harmony.

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