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  1. This is one of my favourite necklaces, Winnie. It's a great memorial for a hound, to wear the tattoo number like this. I treasure it!
  2. Might have been, but those ones aren't the same as the ones I have. Has she changed her style? I'd really like to add one for Jessie to the same necklace. This is what mine are like. As you can see, the way the top of each pendant twists makes them lie nicely against each other.
  3. Hi Alicia! Nice to see some of the old names pop up, and good to see how well you're doing. That's such a beautiful photo of your family! I don't know if you remember me ... I've had a long hiatus from GT too. I've been busy with my own little greyhound group here in England. A few years ago I got involved with supporting a local branch of the Greyhound Trust and now manage their website and a very active Facebook group for them. Getting new photos for the website is like getting blood out of a stone, but it still brings in a good number of people to adopt and Brambleberry Greyhounds h
  4. Must be a misprint, Duckie. I've just looked up the site I normally use and the amount in the large dog size is 57mg. And over here it's £15.76 (GBP) for 6 of of the large tabs, which translates to just over $3 US per tablet.
  5. Yes, a lot of coats are made of fleece, but flannel is usually a lot less likely to build up a static charge and there are people who make fleece coats with a flannel lining. Also be aware that anything made with synthetic fibres can potentially build up a charge, including knitted jumpers. BTW, I had a dog once who would do this from time to time, and it turned out that it was the fault of a crocheted 'Granny' blanket I'd given him. He would catch a claw in the holes and panic!
  6. Of my six, none. Not to the extent of growling, snapping or biting. I've had two who - just at first - would wake with a bit of a start and give me the stink-eye .. the worst Jack did was give a little squeak a couple of times when he was really new. I'm not sure I'd even really call that 'sleep startle' in the true sense of the word, it was more a 'where am I, who are you? Oh yes, I live here now, don't I?'
  7. True. Our first greyhound, Jim, was also our first dog. We made a lot of mistakes with him, but he was a great dog, very intelligent, and very forgiving. One mistake I made was to walk him through a field of bullocks before his recall was solid. He took off chasing them - just for fun, but still not acceptable of course. One kicked him, and he never again took off after any large animal. Instead, he'd take a wide detour around them or stick very close to me as we walked through. We don't have many sheep around here, but when I discovered that he also wanted to chase sheep to make them run, I t
  8. Bear in mind that I don't know you and I can't see what you have been doing with him or how you're doing it, but by what you have written it sounds as if you've been fairly confrontational with him from the outset. IMHO, taking food or treats or toys away to test a dog is going to result in one thing, and one thing only; stress to the dog. Many dogs cope with these small stresses without batting an eyelid. Many do not. Repeated small stresses can result in a dog who is looking for confrontational behaviour from you and fearing he is going to get it, which does not make for a happy relatio
  9. If there is no definite good reason I would refuse a 'preventative' op on a twelve year old. As MP 4 Pack says, a second opinion never hurts. As to the whining, well it might and might not be dementia (CCD). Jeffie had it, and did whine a bit more than usual, but mostly his dementia showed in confusion and ... well, not really lack of bowel control but lack of realising that when poop was coming he actually needed to get up and do something about it! Vivitonin helped him a lot, so it's worth discussing with the vet.
  10. So pleased to hear it's benign! Can't see the pictures though .. maybe you need to set permissions to public or something? I don't know much about Dropbox. I'm sure she'll recover beautifully now and do well. I have a very similar story to tell about Sid, who had a huge mass removed from his spleen last Feb/Mar. It weighed 2.5kg/5.5lb and was full of blood chambers, but also came back negative for cancer. I had been thinking he was getting fat (like Jaina, he was losing his tuck) and I was cutting back on his food, poor guy, but he wasn't getting any thinner and was very hungry. Two
  11. That bone was never pinned, was it? poor Throp! Good to hear it's not cancer, anyway - so pleased for you! Where did he go for his referral?
  12. This is a couple of weeks old now, but I wanted to add my experience. Our first dog, Jim, was totally small-dog safe. He would play with the little ones off lead and if they fell/rolled over/etc he'd stand back and wait for them to get up and they'd carry on playing. He was great! He was even scared of cats. He'd chase and kill rabbits though, and I'm absolutely certain that prey-drive had nothing to do with our one-off incident. We used to walk a certain route at night for the last pee break. As we live on the edge of a village, the choices of route are limited and this was th
  13. Let us know what they say! Fingers and paws crossed here. x
  14. Oh no - so sorry to hear about Throp's issues! Osteoarthritis doesn't usually cause progressive bone loss. If anything, you might get extra bone laid down around the joint as a result of the disease - not helpful bone, but not as catastrophic as the changes you get with bone cancer. It's explained very simply here. Rheumatoid arthritis is different - I believe you can get osteoporosis with that. Hoping for the best. All fingers crossed here!
  15. Leaving aside the other concerns about using sick animals in pet food (traces of antibiotics etc, for instance) flu is a virus and would be very easily killed by the cooking process. There wouldn't be any risk of infection to dogs eating the food. Rendered carcases are not exactly high quality pet food though, are they?
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