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  1. Welcome. What a cutie pie! We used to live in Nogales. DH and I both used to work for US Customs.
  2. Seldom Told just keeps on keeping on. BTW, Pippi from the same kennel and he both have six straight wins. Need My MoneyNow runs tonight. Hope he does well also.
  3. http://www.trackinfo.com/video-box.jsp Need My Moneynow ran a good race.
  4. What is the track record at Orange Park? Another annihilation by my big guy.
  5. My dad used that stuff on me for everything when I was kid. Reeked.
  6. What a wonderful perspective and well-written paper. Thanks for sharing. Yeppers. Surprising to see NMMN close.
  7. Both of 'em won. ST won by several lengths. Need My Moneynow actually closed to win his race.
  8. I saw the schooling races. Need My Moneynow got edged out in his and Seldom Told won his. ST has such a long closing stride. He's a big guy, too, 82 pounds.Love the chart writer's comment ' Lightning Paws.' Strange that neither has run a sub-30 since leaving Gulf. D.Q. Williams has an awesome stable of doggies. D.Q. Williams has an awesome stable of doggies.
  9. Ultimately, we need to decide whose quality of life is more important - theirs or ours. This is such a sucky decision to have to make.
  10. Not from me. We had wonderful results with an animal communicator. Totally agree. The only time we had to use them was if we travelled and left the dogs in the motel. Nary a peep. Passed out every time we got back to the room.
  11. Tomorrow night is the last night for live racing at Gulf Greyhound Park.
  12. Gidge was an atypical greyhound - not friendly with strangers and a real snob with non-greys. She would get in bed with me and was fine unless I moved a toe, breathed, sneezed, coughed - you name it, she didn't like it. You could hear the deep breath, see the eye roll, and the tsk. Then she would get off the bed and get on her own.
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