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Harmony Is Very Sick - **final Update** Post 1

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Guest KennelMom

1/12 PM: After a heartfelt talk with her doctor, we decided it was time to let Harmony be at peace. She fought bravely and with all she had, but her body was just not strong enough to beat whatever was making her sick. After 5 days of treatment, Harmony was not making any new red blood cells and she was shredding any that were transfused to her. Today, her tail stopped wagging and we all agreed that a third transfusion would just be delaying the inevitable. They will be doing a post-mortem exam and trying to figure out what took our baby. Hopefully we will get some answers...if for no other reason then to help them help the next dog that comes in with symptoms like hers. I will post a follow up if we get any definitive answers. Thank you all so much for all the support and prayers over the last week. We will post a rememberance thread when we are able. I think Ken and I are still numb and in disbelief that Harmony won't be coming home :cry1


1/12 AM: just heard from the doctor. the news is not good. her pcv has dropped down to 17. kidney values are getting worse. :weep She is not making any of her own red blood cells and Dr. Presley says that she's starting to feel really bad. We're heading to the hospital now with very heavy hearts.


1/11 PM: The on call doc just called with a positive report...FINALLY! Harmony's PCV value has held steady at 20-21% all day, which means she hasn't shredded through the red blood cells from her second transfusion, like she did with the first. So, while she hasn't improved per se, she hasn't gotten worse. And I'm counting that as GOOD news through tears of joy. They are prepared to give her a third transfusion, but she hasn't needed it. Please God, let Harmony have turned the corner...let her start to improve! :hope


She hasn't wanted to eat, but the poor girl has been through so much and she's on so much medication. She's still wagging that tail.


Update: 1/11 The On Call doctor just called. The fluid in Harmony's belly has been re-absorbed, which is good. However, her PCV has dropped to 21% this morning from 24% last night after her transfusion (normal for greyhounds is 55-65). She's also a little bit more jaundiced today, as her bilirubin is up. Her kidney values have gone up, probably either because she's slightly dehydrated (they've increased fluids) or the treatments are just taking their toll on her kidneys. But, her spirits are still up and she trotted out for her morning potty break.


The doctor said she anticipates Harmony will need another (third) transfusion today, but they will monitor her bloodwork and call if they feel they need to do a transfusion. A third transfusion will give the meds another day to start turning things around for her.


In a nutshell: Harmony seems to be continuing to decline despite everyone's best efforts. :cry1 Her body is just shredding through any red blood cells in her body.


Update 1.10

I'm heading to Birmingham shortly to pick up a few adoption hounds...Ken is staying here in case something happens with Harmony. I'll probably be gone when the doctor calls with an update this morning, so just keep those prayers coming and I'll update things as soon as I can. Ken will probably update our website, but may not update the GT thread.


Second update 1/9: I spoke to Dr. Vilar at OSU and our vet will fax them everything they have. Hopefully they will be able to provide some insight. Dr. Vilar was wonderful and I got a call back from him in less than 2 hours from sending my original email and within an hour of leaving a message. Amazing to have such an incredible resource for our greys. :bow2


So, now we are in a holding pattern until Dr. Vilar has a chance to review her info and our primary vet here gives them a call to discuss. Hopefully we will know something or have an idea of the best way to move forward this afternoon.


Update 1/9:Just spoke to Harmony's doctor and she has taken a turn for the worse. She's vomitted and her PCV has dropped to 20%. I just emailed Dr. Couto to see if he can/will do a consult. They are switching up some of her meds and adding another immunosuppressant to try to keep her from killing her RBCs.




Update 1/8:The doc just called and said Harmony ate a little bit, but not much. She seems to be enjoying the belly rubs from the staff, but you can tell she's not feeling well. Her PCV is 28%, so it's holding steady from last night when it ws 27%. Her protein is low, so they're trying to figure out why she's losing protein. They'll get a first-pee catch this morning. Her platelets are low, but not totally in the toilet. He's still treating for IMHA and TBD, but b/c of the protein loss he's not sure that's really what it is.


Update:OK, I'm finally home and have the dogs and the humans fed. What a long day! Spent quite a bit of time with the internal medicine doc. He's a new one for us - though we've worked with several of the doctors at Upstate and they have an excellent staff there. I really liked him and he was very knowledgeable about greyhounds, tick disease and even talked at length with me over my concerns with prednisone.


Anyhoo...she's on supportive care for the anemia while the docs try to figure out what is causing the anemia. The options are:

1) Tick Disease. The blood has been sent off to NC State and they've begun treatment as a 'just in case.'

2) Cancer or other internal disease process. She had a chest and abdominal xray as well as ultrasound, and while her spleen looks slightly enlarged and a bit angry, the doc does not believe we are looking at cancer

3) Auto-Immune. This would be the least desirable, as treatment can be tricky and dogs can be unresponsive to it.


I can't believe I'm actually hoping for a TBD, but of the three options it's probably the most treatable. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, advice and prayers...Pam, I got swamped today but I WILL call you! Harmony is staying at the vet tonight and they should have the report from the pathologist at NC State tomorrow...the tick panel will take a bit longer. She may come home depending on how she's responding to treatment and the outcome of more bloodwork and the pathology report.



Harmony skipped two meals in the last two days and sloooooowly ate her breakfast this morning. She's also seemed a little off and being lazy. With the rain and bad weather, we almost thought it might just be a little thing she was going thing she was going through, but this morning her gums were very pale. Off to the vet first thing this morning.


Her bloodwork was very alarming, with PCV value of 23. Her last bloodwork over a year ago was wnl at 59. So, she's at our vet right now because the specialist can't take her until 2:30 and with her PCV so low, our vet was concerned she might crash, though she seems to be handling things pretty well at this point.


Preliminary diagnosisis Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia with an underlying cause of babeseosis (possibly). They will start treating her at Upstate Vet Hospital here where she can have access to specialists and 24/7 care.


Please pray for her. I'm very scared and was not expecting anything this severe when I took her in this morning. Goes to show a very sick dog doesn't necessarily have to look sick and I should always listen to my mommy radar when one of my pups is off, even just a little.


Any advice, thoughts, experience is also welcome. If you've been through this before anything you can share will help me greatly...I'm leaving here soon to transport her to the other vet, but will be checking in on my phone.





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Sending loads of prayers and white light.

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Sending good healing thoughts to your Harmony. Upstate Veterinary has done a good job each of the "too many" times I've needed to use them so she should be in good hands.



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Sending positive prayers for Harmony. I do so agree that our pups can be very ill sometimes without our seeing clear physical signs.

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Many healing prayers for Melody and hugs for you.



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Sending prayers.

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Someone on the GAA board has a two year old aussie with the same issue and the dog has been having transfusions for a week. I hope this works for you and you can read the thread.


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Guest kaotic1

My heart just dropped, Jordan had this. They never found the cause(they suspected cancer). She became VERY sick VERY FAST. You have all the prayers I can give you. :candle:hope:candle:hope:candle:hope

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