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  1. Thank you very much for your reply and for telling me this! I was moving too fast and took her only safe space away from her...it´s my fault for not considering that she might not feel secure enough with me and in her new environment. I just wanted to take her for nice walks and spend some time with her but that´s not possible I guess. I´ll have to take her out on a leash right after she finishes eating and hopefully that will prevent her from doing her business in the crate. I´ll try to establish a fitting routine for all of us but it would have been nice to walk both dogs together and n
  2. Alright, I think I get what you mean and it seems like I´m the problem not her...I guess I´m moving too fast and try to get her to do things she doesn´t want to do. I´ll try out the things you told me and it might make a difference. She´ll spend 24/7 in the crate but I think I have to accept the fact that there won´t be any walks or other interactions with her until she´s ready for it. I wanted the crate to be her safe space and I took it from her...I feel super bad right now because I never saw it that way and I was very egoistic. I just wanted to be able to communicate with her normally
  3. Hello you guys I once more need your honest opinion and maybe someone experienced this type of problem with their Greyhound as well Faye has been with us for a month now (whew, time really flies) and overall she´s a wonderful and easygoing girl, very calm and still anixous or scared at times but nothing like in the beginning - it´s already so much better and I can see her change everyday. She sleeps through the night and also got a hang of our daily routine or rather what´s left of it because of the pandemic She lies or sleeps in her crate all day...and this is where the not so fun par
  4. Yes she´s absolutely fine with it but she doesn´t really care if I exist at all I thinkI´ve heard from many people that their Greys are like their shadows as they follow them around everywhere...the only thing I´m useful for Faye right now are food, water, treats, walks and some pets every now and then I had another female Grey called Light for a very short period of time until she´d move into her forever home (only one week or so) and she DID follow me everywhere - even to the toilet and I had no privacy at all It´s just Faye´s character I guess...she´s never had any sort of positive
  5. That´s good to hear!Faye could´ve stolen so much food already if she wanted to (I can be quite forgetful sometimes) but it never happend...she´s so nervous and even runs back to her crate so many times during her meal... I´ve never experienced this behavior before because all dogs I know are super food motivated. She likes food and treats but not enough to be motivated to do anything for them... The dogs are sometimes allowed to lick a bit of joghurt or peanut butter off a spoon when I fill their Kongs but I never feed them leftovers or things like that as it might result in them pesterin
  6. Oh you´re welcome!It all went so smoothly and I was actually quite surprised about that because I worried so much beforehand but both dogs just seemed to tolerate each other, no more and luckily no less either. Awww poor old Kali (I love that name btw)I know how you feel...I wish for them to grow closer too but I´m afraid that won´t happen anytime soon or maybe not at allI hope that Kali and Cleo will become friends in the future - sometimes it just takes a lot of time for the dogs to adjust to each other...at least I keep reading that often. Well where should I start...she´s a handf
  7. So yesterday was finally the big introduction day for us as I came home pretty late on saturday and I didn’t want to stress Faye out even more🙈 I was so worried and nervous because I had to introduce them in my tiny garden...walks are definitely no option for Faye yet as she is the most nervous, scared and skittish dog I’ve ever met. She is scared of nearly every sound etc. inside as well as outside but it’s just like the adoption group described her to be for the first few weeks. It’s a bit exhausting but I hope she’ll settle in soon though☺️. But now to the introduction part: It wa
  8. Oh, what a cute coincidence! So they are distantly related to each other🥰I’m just thinking, that most Greys are in some way related because I read the same names over and over again in the pedigrees of different dogs😅
  9. Oh, thank you so much! It’s great to be able to read all the information about her!😍
  10. Alright, that’s good to know because I think my pinscher won’t interact with my Grey at first either. She can be a bit wary of larger dogs as we’ve had a few questionable incidents with large dogs while being at dog parks (that’s one of the reasons I won’t go to dog parks anymore unless it’s with dogs I know)🙈 Wow, your poodle is 13 years old? That’s amazing! I really hope that you have some time left to enjoy with him/her as no matter how long they stay with us it’s clearly never enough♥️ I can imagine that Cleo could become Alpha pretty quickly but as long as your poodle is fine with it
  11. Hello there!😊👋🏻 I actually am on the same page as you right now...I’m going to get my first Grey this saturday, she’s a 18 month old brindle girl which is described as shy and a bit nervous at first but very lovely. I already have a 4 year old female miniature pinscher at home and I’m pretty nervous about their first meeting even though the Grey is cat friendly and lived in a house with a Jack Russell terrier, other Greys and another large hunting type dog. I was thinking of going for a short walk in a neutral area with them muzzled/leashed before bringing both dogs into my home. So
  12. Firstly hello and welcome!☺️👋🏻 So I personally don’t have my Greyhound with me yet, I’m going to get her this saturday and of course I’m also really happy/nervous/anxious/excited about it because she’s my first Grey. But I can tell you that the first couple of weeks or even moths with a new dog can be very stressful and nerve-racking! And that’s completely normal! I do also have a now 4 year old miniature pinscher and I can ensure you that when I got her as a puppy at 8 weeks old I definitely had a super hard time for the first 3-4 weeks and I had multiple breakdowns...I cried, could
  13. Hello and thank you so much for your advice!☺️Yes, I was thinking of doing it this way because to me it feels more like introducing two dogs to each other because I really want my Grey to recognize my little one as a dog from the start but if it doesn’t work out then of course I’ll try the cat method🙈I know that I can’t be too nervous or anxious about it because they’ll know but I just really want them to be on good terms😅 Oh yes, I already have a name for her - it’s Faye because to me she looks as fragile and delicate as a fairy🧚🏻‍♀️😊even though she actually ain’t that small at all with
  14. That’s alright too of course! Thank you for your kind words, I’m happy to be a part of this great community😁 Really? Oh wow, that sounds so cool! I’m so glad you liked your semester abroad in Salzburg and have lot’s of good memories of Austria, it’s very beautiful here indeed!😊🏔🇦🇹
  15. Thank you so much for telling me this, I truly appreciate it! Honestly I’m also really nervous about the first meeting but I know that I can’t be too nervous around the dogs as they can sense it and it could turn out bad...does your poodle interact with Cleo at all or is she just ignoring her? I think my pinscher will be pretty confused and/or peeved when she realizes that „big thing“ will stay with us forever and isn’t just visiting for a few weeks😅 But anyway it’s great to hear that everything went well between them and it makes me more confident about the three of us living toget
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