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  1. Thank you! We are in a very small village, so aside from really beautiful days with lots of bikers and tourists, its never busy haha. He's generally a bit slow to go up to someone, but once he does and you give him good scratches and pets (and treats of course), he's pretty easily won over. Even with men, he is a lot more wary around them still, but we had a few of my boyfriend's friends over and he was pretty quick to come up and sniff them once they were sitting down!
  2. Thank you guys! I'm looking forward to all the fun times ahead with him!
  3. Hi everyone, my name's Jill and I'm an American living in the Netherlands with my boyfriend (now going on a little over 3 years of being here!) In april we got our first dog together, which was a huge excitement from me, since all of my life, I've only ever had small pets like hamsters and hermit crabs. He's had dogs with his family all his life, in fact, I believe all of them have been either german pointers or griffons of some sort (the medium size dogs), so he's had that experience, but we're both new to having a greyhound, specifically a galgo. We rescued him in April from Spain, so he was a hunting dog and not a racing one, though we really don't know much about his actual history, aside from that he was neglected with signs of small scars and being very unsure, especially of men. But now, to our surprise, he's doing quite well at adjusting and trusting us. We were just shocked at how quickly he opened up, and while we still have a lot to work on, namely just getting him into learning commands, it's been an amazing experience. Anyways, without further adeu, meet Deero (pronounced Der-ro) https://imgur.com/a/WXnlIAR
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