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Gracie Progress Update And Pictures

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As some of you may remember, Gracie had a stroke 2 months ago. She pulled through suspected DIC, suspected cerebral edema, status ellipticus, and many other concerning medical issues. She was completely blind and was laterally recumbent for about 2 weeks. ( Gracie's first thread; Gracie's update thread) Since then she has made a miraculous recovery. She still is blind (or at least partially blind) in her left eye. Her coordination is wacky some times. She needs supervision on the stairs because of her coordination and compromised vision. However, she is doing GREYT!


Last week Gracie attended her first post-stroke meet and greet. She did great! People meeting her were surprised she had a stroke as they said you couldn't tell it. She was wiped out by the end of the 2 hours, but she loved all of the attention and petting. (You'd think we never gave this girl any attention!)


On Thursday, my friend Renee came over with her dog Lexy. Lexy and Gracie are best of buds. (In fact, Renee came to visit with Lexy during Gracie's recovery. When Lexy got in the door, Gracie tried to stand to get to Lexy. She stumbled forward and I caught her, but you could tell she was happy to see her friend.) So, anyway, Lexy and Gracie got to play in our yard together on Thursday. We finally finished our new fence (old one came down in May) and this is the first time Gracie got to enjoy the fenced yard since her stroke. We weren't sure if she would be able to run considering her vision, but she did great! She wasn't able to turn on a dime like she used to be able to, but WOW! To think that less than 2 months ago we thought we were going to lose here. WOW!


Thank you to everyone on GT who lit a candle for my girl, said a prayer, or just kept her/us in your thoughts. The support I received here helped me make it through this ordeal. On to the pictures!


A picture of Gracie in the hospital, unable to lift even her head



First day standing without assistance



A surprise package of healing Burpdog Biskies and "Red Hat Attitude" pillow from her friends Rainey and Nube



Running with Lexy on Thursday



My girl has got her groove back!





Gracie and her buddy Lexy, a couple of years ago


Lisa, Matt, Travis, and Kathryn

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Guest Energy11

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you guys!!! Curfew had a stroke (they think) a year ago this Sept. NO ONE really knows what is wrong with him, except he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He is doing well, too!


Guess lots of prayers DO WORK! Gracie looks a lot like my Goldie, and what GREYT photos of her!


Love and hugs from here! Keep up the good work, Gracie!!!! :wub::wub::wub:

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Incredible! :gmark Your girl is a survivor. :yay:yay She looks terrific! :wub:

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Oh my gosh! Look at her go! Those pictures brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful for you all. Your little girl is definitely a fighter and it paid off, just look at her!

Judy, mom to Darth Vader, Bandita, And Angel

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Guest longdoglady

Amazing Gracie, what a fighter, she knew you were with her all the way. Brought joyful tears to my eyes seeing those photos, she is one gorgeous girl. :wub:

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The running pictures are amazing! :confetti:yay:confetti


Gracie looks beautiful, please give her a big kiss for me!

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WOW - look at Gracie running! Fantastic update. This just made my day. Gracie is amazing.


:yay :yay :yay :yay



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The pictures of her running are simply wonderful.


In humans, natural healing after a stroke seems to occur for at least six months afterward. (And beyond, with therapy.) I hope Gracie continues to make even more greyt strides.

Edited by EllenEveBaz


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Lisa and Matt -- SOOOOOOOO happy to see how well she is doing!!!! :yay :yay :yay :yay


she's a tough girl, and the love of her mom and dad was what helped her to get better!!!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:


really looking forward to seeing her (and you guys! :D) at the Gala!!!! :D :D :D :D


please give Gracie some more kissies from her Aunt Kim :kiss2 :kiss2

Edited by RaineysMom

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:yay Gracie! :yay


Look at her go! Way to run Gracie. :)


Aside: She looks surprisingly like my Cora (especially the pattern of grey in her face) who had an FCE two months ago. :eek

Edited by GreyPoopon

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