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  1. Probably the most common question is what type of dog they are. Ned is over 100 lbs and his head is waist high on me so people often ask if he is a great Dane.
  2. When I had my basenji mix I found the Fat Cat brand of toys stood up to her yet were soft enough the greys liked them. Target used to carry the brand and probably Tractor Supply.
  3. I am planning to attend Winter Hounds this year. I have attended the summer version of Grapehounds but this will be my first year at Winter Hounds. My new boy needs a coat and Maggie needs jammies so we will be visiting Kris' Coats. Not sure yet whether I will arrive Friday evening for the evening social or drive over Saturday morning and stay Saturday night.
  4. He was with the group Maggie came from. I saw his photo and profile and fell in love. I drove 2 hours Saturday morning to get to his first meet and greet early before anyone else could snatch him up. Maggie had veto power but did not exercise it so he came home with us.
  5. Thank you. His medical records list him at 93 pounds and the rescue group said 102 pounds so curios what my vet will weigh him at.
  6. What vendors will be at Winterhounds? I just adopted a HUGE boy and need some coats and jammies to fit him. Can drive over for the day from Syracuse area.

  7. Ned 2 by paulette carey, on Flickr This is my new boy. He is huge - his write up said 102 pounds but his foster mom said he had lost a few pounds. He definitely needs to gain a bit of weight. He just turned 2 on December 23 so is still a baby but is so sweet and gentle.
  8. I am curious about my new boy Home Run Frank. I see on the data base that he only ran 10 races and finished dead last in 5 of those. Most of the comments say that he was blocked in the first turn. I am curious how that happens and why it would so often be an issue for him.
  9. Well I guess I answered my own question. A 2:15 hr drive to Albany each way today with Maggie and now all 102 pounds of "Home Run Frank" is currently sprawled out in my living room. Will post in introductions tomorrow when I get a good photo and finalize a new name.
  10. His photos do not look overweight. I think he is just a big boy. Maggie is 70 pounds which I thought was pretty big for a female.
  11. I was browsing adoptable hounds for the group I adopted Maggie from. They have a male that is 102 pounds. My boy Andy was slightly under 90 pounds and I thought that was big. Is a 100 pound hound unusual? He is only 2 years old so I am guessing he never raced. I am tempted to drive down with Maggie to see if she approves....
  12. I wonder if you could comment on my girl XT PISTOL. She ran 53 races then broke her hock in October 2018. I adopted her in late December 2018. She still loves to run in my yard but does favor that leg.
  13. So I have had Maggie since late December. She is house broken, doesn't need a crate anymore and has been through basic obedience so has better impulse control. On the other hand she has some naughty behavior which includes inappropriate chewing (couch arm, window sill etc.) so I muzzle her when I go out. She also gets a bit whiney on our walks. I attribute a lot of this behavior to boredom and have been considering adopting a companion for her. The group Maggie came from has an adoptable male with SA. According to his bio he needs at least one other dog or a home with someone around all th
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