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  1. Thanks everyone. Based upon the answers in this thread I called my vet office and asked for an explanation. It turned out the second set of charges were an admin error. The total should have been $580 which is more in line with what I expected. They credited $151.80 back to my credit card and I reimbursed the woman whose dog caused the injury.
  2. Yes, well when I was trying ing to dose him for hookworms I learned that I needed to up my game so now I just default to liverwurst and skip the intermediate steps.
  3. Thank you. He is doing well; the stitches are self dissolving so another 8 days or so. In the interim he is wearing his muzzle and a t shirt to keep him away from the stitches. He is on a course of antibiotics, or, as we like to say, he gets liverwurst twice a day.
  4. Thanks to the comments on this thread I called my vet office this morning and asked for an explanation. I am waiting for a response and will update this thread. If it was an error I expect they will credit my account and I will send the other dog owner the difference.
  5. I was billed for two sets of tests. The bill seems list items in the order they were performed which is why I guessed at the timing. It was something of an emergency as Ned had been bitten by another dog. I did not initially look at invoice very closely. The owner of the other dog already reimbursed the costs but now I am wondering about the double tests. Based on surgeries he performed on my pointer I expected the bill to be between $400 and $500 for cleaning and suturing the wound, anesthesia, antibiotics,pain med etc. The double tests added $300 making the final bill $732.
  6. So when Ned had surgery the other day the invoice shows that my vet tested the CBC, General Panel and Electrolyte Test twice. It looks as though the tests were done after anesthesia was started and again after the surgery was complete. Is that normal or was my vet being extra cautious? He had done surgeries on my pointer and never did these types of tests with her so pretty sure it is breed specific. I know hounds have different blood values that other breeds, just wondering if other hound owners have experienced the same type of duplicate test with surgery or maybe he thought the results were wonky and redid them.
  7. Ooh. I like the waterproof patch idea. At the moment he is wearing two t shirts and his muzzle. Will see if I can figure out a patch before bedtime when I cannot monitor him constantly.
  8. So, Ned was attacked by a small dog (corgi mix). He has a row of stitches below his rib cage near the last few ribs. I put a t shirt on him and muzzled him for overnight. I put duct tape over the muzzle but he managed to scrape the tape off and licked at the stitches through the t shirt all night apparently. The stitches are still in place but the area looks irritated and a bit swollen. I need ideas on how to keep him from irritating the stitches. I am thinking a second t shirt over the first but we are expecting record temperatures and high humidity over the next few days .As it is, the poor boy will not be happy he can't go in the lake with Maggie and I. Any suggestions are appreciated. A cone won't really work because we are at my lake cabin which is a small space.
  9. Probably the most common question is what type of dog they are. Ned is over 100 lbs and his head is waist high on me so people often ask if he is a great Dane.
  10. When I had my basenji mix I found the Fat Cat brand of toys stood up to her yet were soft enough the greys liked them. Target used to carry the brand and probably Tractor Supply.
  11. I am planning to attend Winter Hounds this year. I have attended the summer version of Grapehounds but this will be my first year at Winter Hounds. My new boy needs a coat and Maggie needs jammies so we will be visiting Kris' Coats. Not sure yet whether I will arrive Friday evening for the evening social or drive over Saturday morning and stay Saturday night.
  12. He was with the group Maggie came from. I saw his photo and profile and fell in love. I drove 2 hours Saturday morning to get to his first meet and greet early before anyone else could snatch him up. Maggie had veto power but did not exercise it so he came home with us.
  13. Thank you. His medical records list him at 93 pounds and the rescue group said 102 pounds so curios what my vet will weigh him at.
  14. What vendors will be at Winterhounds? I just adopted a HUGE boy and need some coats and jammies to fit him. Can drive over for the day from Syracuse area.

  15. Ned 2 by paulette carey, on Flickr This is my new boy. He is huge - his write up said 102 pounds but his foster mom said he had lost a few pounds. He definitely needs to gain a bit of weight. He just turned 2 on December 23 so is still a baby but is so sweet and gentle.
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