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  1. I am planning to attend Winter Hounds this year. I have attended the summer version of Grapehounds but this will be my first year at Winter Hounds. My new boy needs a coat and Maggie needs jammies so we will be visiting Kris' Coats. Not sure yet whether I will arrive Friday evening for the evening social or drive over Saturday morning and stay Saturday night.
  2. He was with the group Maggie came from. I saw his photo and profile and fell in love. I drove 2 hours Saturday morning to get to his first meet and greet early before anyone else could snatch him up. Maggie had veto power but did not exercise it so he came home with us.
  3. Thank you. His medical records list him at 93 pounds and the rescue group said 102 pounds so curios what my vet will weigh him at.
  4. What vendors will be at Winterhounds? I just adopted a HUGE boy and need some coats and jammies to fit him. Can drive over for the day from Syracuse area.

  5. Ned 2 by paulette carey, on Flickr This is my new boy. He is huge - his write up said 102 pounds but his foster mom said he had lost a few pounds. He definitely needs to gain a bit of weight. He just turned 2 on December 23 so is still a baby but is so sweet and gentle.
  6. test Ned 2 by paulette carey, on Flickr
  7. I am curious about my new boy Home Run Frank. I see on the data base that he only ran 10 races and finished dead last in 5 of those. Most of the comments say that he was blocked in the first turn. I am curious how that happens and why it would so often be an issue for him.
  8. Well I guess I answered my own question. A 2:15 hr drive to Albany each way today with Maggie and now all 102 pounds of "Home Run Frank" is currently sprawled out in my living room. Will post in introductions tomorrow when I get a good photo and finalize a new name.
  9. His photos do not look overweight. I think he is just a big boy. Maggie is 70 pounds which I thought was pretty big for a female.
  10. I was browsing adoptable hounds for the group I adopted Maggie from. They have a male that is 102 pounds. My boy Andy was slightly under 90 pounds and I thought that was big. Is a 100 pound hound unusual? He is only 2 years old so I am guessing he never raced. I am tempted to drive down with Maggie to see if she approves....
  11. I wonder if you could comment on my girl XT PISTOL. She ran 53 races then broke her hock in October 2018. I adopted her in late December 2018. She still loves to run in my yard but does favor that leg.
  12. So I have had Maggie since late December. She is house broken, doesn't need a crate anymore and has been through basic obedience so has better impulse control. On the other hand she has some naughty behavior which includes inappropriate chewing (couch arm, window sill etc.) so I muzzle her when I go out. She also gets a bit whiney on our walks. I attribute a lot of this behavior to boredom and have been considering adopting a companion for her. The group Maggie came from has an adoptable male with SA. According to his bio he needs at least one other dog or a home with someone around all the time. I am semi retired and work from home but usually go out for 2 or 3 hours each day. I am wondering whether the combination would work for both dogs. Would a companion help keep Maggie out of trouble? More importantly, would such a small pack be enough for a dog which has already exhibited SA?
  13. Amazon sells "THE COMFY CONE". I got one for my pointer however they sell a medium x-tra long that works for greyhounds' needle nose . https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/vc/c8fbc922-db91-4326-9162-ec3dd61fd795.jpg
  14. Thanks everyone. I am going to try the prison protocol for the next several months and then retest.
  15. Sooo, like every other hound from Florida, Maggie has hooks. I had been using Pyrantel every two weeks, per the the rescue group's recommendation; however, the poops were always soft and Tuesday she refused breakfast. Our vet gave me two dosages of Drontal Plus and her first dosage was Tuesday night. She is feeling much better this morning; however, here is my question: The vet said to give the second dose in 2 months. That sounds like a long time between dosages. My understanding is that, any medication only kills the adults and the dog can be infested again in about 3 weeks once the eggs hatch. Does anyone have experience with using Drontal for hooks?
  16. My previous dogs never cared for antlers; however, my new hound Maggie has been chewing on one occasionally. Maggie has also chewed the leg of a wooden chair while I was sitting in it and has chewed up several slippers so she seems to have more of a chewing need than my previous dogs. They do not have any smell that I can detect.
  17. I just adopted a 2 1/2 year old grey from the track. She is exhibiting many of the same behavior. I second what everone else said. Consistency is important; even the children must make sure they enforce the training. Maggie and I start obedience classes this Saturday to get some rules in place. How much exercise is the dog getting? A busy family with three children probably has a lot of other things going on; however, excercising the dog must be a priority. A tired puppy is a good puppy.
  18. Maggie has been here about 2 weeks. She still loves to collect my shoes but has also discovered the toy basket. Obviously, collecting is hard work. toys
  19. Can't edit the title but I am starting to think the tattoo/racing name the rescue gave me is not correct. The dog they identified just raced on Friday so I could not have adopted her in central NY on Saturday (also my girl broke her hock in early October) . The tattoos are hard to read but I think my girl may be XT Pistol. The tattoos are one number off and Pistol last finished a race on 9/27 and my girl had surgery for the break on 10/6 so the timing seems to fit. Doesn't matter other than idle curiousity...
  20. After losing my pointer I returned to the greyhound breed. Yesterday I brought home Maggie from Forever Greyhounds. She broke her hock in October and retired to my couch. Her foster mom did a great job. She whines when she has to go out and crated herself last night while I was locking up downstairs. She is a champion counter surfer but I was trained by Fiona not to leave food on the counter. And she loves shoes IMG_20181229_1543445 shoes
  21. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. How do you apply the anti biotics/honey? I am thinking apply it to a gauze pad and place over wound with a gauze wrap holding it in place?
  22. Sooo, on Sunday some of the stitches on Nessa's hock popped open again. The open area is now about the size of a silver dollar. The vet can't suture again so we are managing the wound. I have been cleaning it twice a day with a mild cleaning solution and applying a powder containing anti biotics and an astringent. I am using a baby diaper to cover the wound and securing that with vet tape. The vet wants to give it a few days before I bring her in again. When I remove the bandage I am seeing less blood but still a fair amount of weeping. I am hoping that less bleeding means that the tissue is starting to form over the area. I am hoping that someone with experience in this type of wound management can confirm this is the natural progression. Meanwhile Nessa seems to be doing well. She eats well as long as I add some mix ins and she wants her treats and her walk. Last night she climbed on my lap for the first time since we did the initial surgery.
  23. Thank you. I live in a rural area so the vet does a lot of large animal work, He gave me a cleaning solution used for cow teats...
  24. Not yet but the other night I searched the Greytalk topics about it. May order some and see if it helps.
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