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  1. i am sitting here bawling. I never got to meet Wabi in person but reading about her made me feel like I did. My heart goes out to you and your dh. I will forever remember your wabi the dandilion lover
  2. I never look at the dates of origonal post...and I always get sucked into them. Thanks for the heads up
  3. continued prayers for continued great sucess
  4. she is a beauty..enjoy your times and make lots of memories
  5. Agreed Water therapy does wonders. I third this advice....we had a grey in our group and h2o therapy is what worked for him.
  6. jamngrey


    I am so sorry for your loss. Oscar man u will be missed here but your memories will always be with us. Run fast and painfree at the bridge
  7. glad he is feeling better. hope Roo is all healed soon
  8. Hugs to you. Hope Frazzle is enjoying pain free days at the bridge
  9. jamngrey


    Run fast and have fun at the bridge "tasha" babe.
  10. i saw your other post bout getting rid of "wallys stains"..sorry late but welcome home wally....
  11. hum reminds me of the things my old boy (dont tell him that) who is 13. They are usually pretty small. If i pick they bleed like nothing elce but leave them alone with in 2 wks gone. they come up from no where. my vet said no issue but not sure if yours are the same
  12. oh DeVon i cant believe i missed this topic. I sure hope Raven was able to keep pill/food down. Give the girl a hug for me and then give yourself one. It must be hard but bless u for loving all your babys soooooo much. prayers
  13. we will never be sick of updates...I just wish they were stating he was eating...hugs to you and rusty
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