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  1. We're feeling the love, friends. Thank you. It's great to see so many familiar people names but I'm also very saddened to find many of the pups that I used to read about in this very section of GT. It's a sobering reminder that they (and we!) continue on in life and get, dare I say it, older every year. Bumper had a wonderful birthday today and was spoiled with liver treats, chicken feet, and even a bit of whipped cream. Thank you for all the kind words. I have a lot of catching up to do on your pups and peeps!!
  2. With an absence from GT for some time, I return to share the news of Brucie's passing, feeling a sense of responsibility to honour his memory with this community that at one point got to hear about a fair bit! Over a 2 day period at the end of September, Brucie went from running in the yard to losing a battle with large mass hidden under his ribcage. While it was sudden, we take comfort in the fact he did not suffer too long and that he lived life to the fullest right to the end. We have 3 remaining hounds and the deafening silence from Brucie's absence is unmistakable. It was clear to us, mostly only a result of his passing, that he was responsible for 80% of the noise in the house!! What a record to achieve! His littermate Bumper is still with us, though his lifetime of spinal troubles are catching up to him. We nevertheless are thrilled to celebrate his 10th birthday today though it's obviously bittersweet. Please share in the celebration of Brucie's life with our family. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUZENbVmAME&list=UU2VVmDR29VBXTk12ETymojg
  3. Bumper had a full cast, like yours. Padding between the toes, etc. I had the wrap changed every 5-6 days or so and I'm glad I did because one of the changes (different vet) wrapped it differently and not as well done - a pressure sore developed. From then on, only the 1 vet tech I trusted did it and no more issues. Bumper broke the outside toe on his left foot. A radial type fracture that didn't displace but he ended up developing arthritis in the joint and limps even to this day because of it. I had wanted to do a toe amp originally but the vet said we should try the splint route first. Just make sure the changes are done right and often enough and you should be ok. About 2 weeks into the recovery, we demanded a shorter wrap so the boy could at least walk a little better. Good luck.
  4. Well said, Jan. Good luck OP! Haven't seen pics yet....post away and show her off!!
  5. I'm sorry I don't have any great advice. My 4 will roo together several times a day just to hear themselves communicate and for the sheer pleasure of it. Sounds like you need to find a trigger (if it is her) and then work on that. Might be SA, might be another dog setting her off? The webcam idea recording sound might be helpful. Good luck.
  6. Yes, a few times. 1) Brucie's first time while camping. Slipped his tight collar. Bombed up and down the beach, tore around some cabins, jumped a creek, had a blast, came back to me and peed on a rock and I grabbed him. Phew. 2) Twice at home - gate not closed both times. Brucie goes on a walkabout (everyone has 2-3 acre lots here) and visits neighbors. We find him within minutes schmoozing it up both times. 3) All dog alert with an unclosed gate (this winter). Bumper stayed home, Squirt and Omie came running when I called them, Brucie went to our front door. Incidents occurred over 4 years, even though it sounds like it may be more frequent. Even one time is too many, though.
  7. Totally agree. It sounds like you need a little more time around the breed via meet and greets or volunteering at an adoption group kennel, or something like that. With additional experience, you will be a more confident owner and that will in turn set your 'hound' relationship up for success. Good luck.
  8. Our 4th dog was cat tested in our home, literally. We got him from his kennel owner and knew very little about him, other than he was a "good dog". Our group backed us up so if there was a problem, we would have considered the 20 hour 2 day trip to get him our "contribution" to his retirement and then handed him over to our group. So, he was as fresh of a racing dog as you could find and with 85 races in his career, he was no stranger to the chase. His muzzle was off within half an hour after arriving as it was very clear he had no interest in the cats, no matter how fast they ran. Almost a year later, he is still not caring much about them!! Every dog is different but you'll figure it out. You can also reinforce to the dog that kitty is off limits....while some greyhounds have very high prey drives, some have none at all, but they may still love to chase a lure. I think our dogs see the cats as part of their pack....and us too.
  9. I suspect you will get a ton of advice and you can take from it what you wish. My thoughts on your post --> people come to GT for help and so the board often has pages and pages of advice when people need it. The overwhelming other majority of folks who don't need advice, aren't posting about it and asking questions. So, you are only reading about the challenges and very rarely about the easy successes. Your post makes greyhounds sound problematic and I can guarantee you anyone with more than 1 GH (which is a TON of people) wouldn't have them if they were that much trouble. Sure some dogs can be a pain, but that is not breed specific. We have 4 hounds and only 2 will willingly get on the couch with us. There is no growling. We can lie on the floor with any 4 at any time. We can take whatever we want from them whenever we want. They follow us around the house so much it's sometimes hard to get ready. We have 2 cats and they often sleep on the dog beds with the dogs. 2 of the 4 dogs will sleep with my kids (now 7, 9). They all travel well, I can take them anywhere. In fact, we drive 2.5 hours every weekend away 6 months a year with them and the kids to go skiing. No problems. It's just coordination and logistics. We don't crate any of them, they don't wear muzzles at home. They lounge outside with the cats all the time in our fenced yard. See? Boring update!! All that said, they can be pains in the butt sometimes....but then again, we all are as humans, too. Be positive, roll with stuff, fix stuff you need to, and it'll work out. If it doesn't, you have a safety net in your group and you'll always have tons of support. Any one of my dogs would be great with a grad student. But you can't have them . Gather your wits and go meet that hound! If they aren't right for you, then don't adopt just yet. Take your time, be thoughtful, and enjoy the experience. Welcome to GT.
  10. Wow! He is one stunning dog! You are very lucky to have been picked!! Edited to add...just read your post about the tag collar on the way - that's great!! As it sounds like you know, martingales can be problematic inside the house with the risk of the D ring catching on everyday items. Enjoy your boy - he sounds and looks fantastic!
  11. At least in our experience, vet bills overshadow everything else and we (and Bumper) got unlucky in year 1. Actually, within 4 months, we had a $6K bill. Ouch. Of the 4 dogs, he's the only one (touch wood) with any material expenses. But from a budgetary point of view, we try to prepare for the big bills versus the everyday. Thankfully, we've been pretty steady with the hounds last 3 years.
  12. We have 4 - two sets of littermates. The second arrived 3 weeks after the first and immediately calmed the nerves of #1. We added the dogs mostly blindly (only knew they were cat safe) and figured we could handle whatever came with them. And it's true. You've raised 6 children. 2 dogs will be a walk in the park! Literally. Go for it and enjoy the experience. Don't think too much but cover the basics - crates to start (we gave ours away after month 2 with the first two and did not crate dogs 3, 4. Good leash manners. The rest will work itself out! Can't wait for some updates!!
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