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  1. Sorry, follow up question here about my new adoptee's protocol, as I do not think it is sufficient after reading so many threads here. Is this enough? Vet seems open to trying new things, but I want to be clear and also see if there is documentation on it (she sent me home with "Hookworms and Racing Greyhounds" data Oct 2019 by Dr Ng) to share with her. The Prison Protocol link I saw in previous threads is a dead link now. We have 3 days of Panacur granules (started today) Today we also gave her Strongid (only got one vial of this) Today we also applied Advantage Multi - we are to app
  2. Was wondering about how I can best prevent hookworm infestation in my two older greyhounds since we just found out today that new adoptee has them. She's on Dr. Ng's "triple combination" protocol and I've been reading a lot here about treatments and issues (very disheartening, I must say) - but my bigger questions are around how to protect my two negative greyhounds. Unfortunately we weren't aware this was even an issue, so they ran around the yard together for almost two weeks - we have someone clean the yard once per week, and they often "go" on walks, so the yard has never been an iss
  3. Thanks so much everyone! She started eating again the next day, we simply "ignored" her and let her settle down - didn't approach her, let her come to us - and she was eating again the next morning. Right now, it's only chicken & rice - but we added a couple TBL of kibble this morning and we'll work towards a more normal diet soon. Bad news - she tested positive for hookworm this afternoon and our vet put her on Dr. Ng's "triple combination" protocol. We have all the meds here and will start them right away - hopefully that will help her feel better and eat normally. We're also going
  4. Ugh, I didn't know about hookworms - just asked the adoption group and I guess they don't specifically test for them, but they do deworm regularly. I had no idea, wish they would've told us about the risk. I'm not online much these days (here or anywhere) and we've had our current two for over 5 years and we've never had any worms on any greys for almost 20 years - now I'm concerned they will get hookworms. Our boy is 9 years old, has a sensitive stomach and will not take meds. We've always been worried that if he ever got sick, we wouldn't have any idea how we'd give him oral meds. Dangit.
  5. Hiya - yeah, we had her in the crate last night and this morning (3x) and left her food (increasingly tasty, lol) with her and she didn't touch it. She was eating her food "okay" up to this point, but last night - nothing. Today - nothing (except about a teaspoon of peanut butter we got on the roof of her mouth w/ Pepcid and about 1/5 of a piece of string cheese). Her other meals she "picks" - but now, nothing. Essentially at this point, she hasn't eaten anything other than a teaspoon of peanut butter & a tiny piece of cheese in 24 hours. Yeah, we're stressed, but we aren't freaking out. H
  6. Hi all - we're experienced with greyhounds and just adopted our 7th (currently she's our 3rd) the Sunday before last (April 4). Obviously she is quite new and she's a nervous little thing - I don't think she's a spook, but she is very skittish. Our direct issue is that she will not eat and her stomach is going crazy. It's a vicious cycle - won't eat, stomach goes nuts and she doesn't want to eat, so she continues to not eat. We've managed to get her on our normal schedule (breakfast at 6am & then go out - walk around 8'ish - out again after a few treats at lunch time - dinner at 5 &a
  7. Hi Junebuggy - and congrats on your new pup! Ex-racers truly are a different breed of dog in pretty much every way, which is why so many of us adore them. We've been adopting since 2004 and just adopted our 7th (we have 3 now!). We do not have kids and never will, so no advice there - but I wanted to also say - and I'm not trying to be a downer, only trying to inject a dose of reality... If you aren't planning on kids for another 3-4 years, and babies typically start crawling around, what - 9'ish months - you're looking at 4-5 years down the road? Number one, your greyhound will be a ve
  8. Hi both - thanks for the replies! We haven't seen a specialist yet because Finn is SO scared of vets that we're trying to treat this to see if it gets better before moving to a more drastic setting. To my knowledge, the only tests performed were the physical exams (poking, pulling, etc.) and an x-ray (upon my insistence to check for cancer and breaks). The girl we lost to osteo 4 years ago went lame like this also and after numerous vet visits, x-rays, exams, medications, etc. - we were told she had a stroke and we should get her into rehab and a specialist immediately. We took her
  9. Our 8-year-old was diagnosed with an iliopsoas strain in April. He's very sensitive to meds, so we've had a tough time finding anything to give him any relief and his x-rays haven't shown anything abnormal - even though he "screamed bloody murder" during his last exam when the vet checked his right-side groin, he couldn't recreate the response - so I'm not 100% convinced it's an iliopsoas strain. I'm sure I'm overly sensitive since we lost our last greyhound to osteo and she also started limping, then not using her leg at all - much like what Finn is doing. Anywho, the vet suggested we "
  10. Since I'm in data analytics, I ran the numbers a couple years back (after losing our 4th greyhound and racking up some huge medical bills) as to how much we'd pay out for insurance each month, what copays would be based on x-number of visits (I got this data looking at past info for all 4 previous dogs), max pay-backs, deductibles and how much the insurance would cover. I compared that to what we paid out for each dog, including huge medical bills for major surgeries, MRIs, broken bones, chronic medications for heart issues (and all the testing we had to have done for him), chemo treatments, r
  11. Thanks, all! His x-rays showed nothing abnormal and the only response the vet got was the one time he screamed when he pushed on that right side of his groin. He couldn't re-create it and I asked that he not be too aggressive, as Finn is pretty sensitive. So, we are going with the initial diagnosis - if I don't see improvement in 4-6 weeks, I'll check about getting an MRI done. I hate even thinking about it, because Finn really doesn't do well in clinical environments - he gets so stressed out. Vet gave us 5 days worth of Galliprant (60mg) and Methocarbamol (500mg). The Galli
  12. Congrats!! We lasted only about 2.5 months as a single greyhound family.
  13. Unfortunately, I can attest to this also. We've had some critter kills in our backyard and the dogs have almost always killed and brought them back to us. The only difference we see from EllenEveBaz is that our "presents" have sometimes been pretty bloody. I won't go into gory details, but the bigger prey (opossums, specifically) tend to be pretty bloody - but the smaller prey (chipmunks, squirrels, bunnies) seem to have broken necks/spines. I think they get more excited with the bigger prey and would try and tear it away from the other one. FYI - after the 3rd opossum kill, they had to
  14. Our almost-8-year-old boy, Finn, started limping 2.5 weeks ago. It was clearly his back right leg, but he was still eating, playing, happy and running around - also wasn't showing any crankiness when we poked & prodded. Also noticed the limp was more pronounced on hard surfaces and improved on carpet/grass. We took him to the vet when it didn't improve after a week - the vet couldn't find anything (though my husband didn't insist, as I requested, on x-rays). However, we were told to "rest" him and give him Rimadyl. He had 1 dose that Monday afternoon at the vet, then 2 doses on Tuesday and
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