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  1. Check out www.sueshappytails.com Sue makes excellent coats and very reasonable in price.
  2. I use to always carry a riding crop. They are light weight and sting like heck when hit by one. Tucked it in my back pocket.
  3. Check out surefit.net they have a deluxe pet cover with silicone Paw prints that prevent slipping. They wear well and wash up nicely.
  4. I have had 2 females and a male. The girls were more independent and aloof, nothing ever bothered them. Both of them were sweet hearts, both are now at the bridge. I now have a male and he is very sweet and laid back. He is a momma's boy, always has to be where ever I am and is a little bit of a whiner if he can't see me I love both the girls and the boys. What really depends is a good fit with your family whether it's a girl or boy that picks you.
  5. I use the stress free calmplex chewables from Springtime for Abel, they seem to take the edge off during storms. Not a cure all, but they do help. I give 2 chewable before the storm starts.
  6. Do you fast your dog before the ACTH test?
  7. I'm so sorry to hear this:( Hugs to both of you.
  8. I was trying to qoute the post above but couldn't. Please do not feed Himalayan treats, dogfoodadvisor.com just posted a recall on these treats.
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