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  1. Basil here! da new grey in town. i lub real lookin toys they’re da best onez around! I lub all da ducks and fur boys dat squeak i squeak em til they bust then Mom can sleep! my favorite snacks have to be long cuz I inhale my food and then they all gone but da bigger da better cuz then I must chew and taste all the flavor even if a stink shoe! we go outside lots and I strut all my clothes I love cozy pjs just not on my toes i would like a new collar but if not it’s no bother i just like
  2. I had to email! Apparently you can’t PM until you’ve made so many posts
  3. Hi! I tried to PM you but it says it can’t deliver. Is there another way I can give you the info?
  4. Thank you! I have her scheduled for the vet!
  5. Hello! I would love to be a part of this for 1 grey!
  6. My grey recently started tucking her tail and not coming for her treat when I wipe her down after being outside. Tonight she snapped at me and was yelping when I would come towards her to dry her off. Once i put the towel on top of her she started yelping like she was hurt even though i wasn’t touching her. She has never done this before. We have dried her off many a times with a towel after the beach or the pool and today she wasn’t even super wet and acted like something was wrong. Now any time I walk by her she tucks her tail and runs into the other room. Any advise on why this may be happe
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