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  1. We've had 4 retired racing greyhounds and 3 galgos. Current pack is 2 galgos. In general, I think galgos are healthier. They have better teeth than any of our retired racers and less digestive issues. Statistically, they are less prone to osteosarcoma, although that is what our first galgo died from. As for personalities, our galgos are smarter than our retired racers. That's not meant as an insult to greyhounds. It's just that galgos think three dimensionally and are a bit more "street savvy" thank their cousins. They're not always as well-trained and well-mannered as greyhounds either. With that said, I've come to prefer our galgos. They're more like a regular dog, but just as good looking as a greyhound.
  2. SAGE posted this on Facebook... Yo Galgo, the documentary is now available to watch for free on : https://skinnydogfilms.com/yo-galgo-documentary Please keep in mind, this is only for this weekend, so make sure you make a good hour free to see the documentary. We highly suggest seeing it if you have adopted, plan to adopt or want to learn and get a bit of understanding about the background of the galgo Español.
  3. Galgo Encarna makes for an excellent ergonomic chair support.
  4. It's available from NGA. The breeders/trainers are discouraged from working with anti-racing groups. https://www.ngagreyhounds.com/Adopt
  5. The group we adopted our greyhounds from (GPA-NoVA) folded last year. I’d imagine that others might get more involved with rescuing galgos or greyhounds from overseas, but that may beyond the capacity and budget for some of the smaller groups. And yes, those dogs did not have the same upbringing as what many US greyhound adopters are used to. I consider our galgos to be more like regular dogs that you’d find at a shelter.
  6. We lost two to osteo - a retired racing greyhound and a Spanish galgo. We chose palliative care, but it's a very personal decision and whatever you choose will be the right decision for your family. I'm very sorry regardless.
  7. Saw this in another e-mail... Mountain Hounds (May 28-31, 2020) Use this link to check the Mountain Hounds website for reservations information: https://www.greyhoundfriends.com/event/mountain-hounds-2019/
  8. We’re booked Friday-Sunday. Like everything since this past August, whether we go or not depends on my husband’s job situation.
  9. Hoping all goes well for Skye. I'm sure she'll do great and feel much better tomorrow!
  10. Black Friday from our crew, past and present. Faye Oops (RIP 12/2011). Darcy (RIP 12/2015), Beatrix (RIP 5/2017) and Encarna
  11. Hummm.... not sure. This Alicia doesn’t make jewelry - she makes awesome collars and clothing (https://www.etsy.com/shop/WetherbyMartingaleCo?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=674535711&ga_search_query=wetherby martingale). I’m not sure who might have made those, but they are pretty cool!
  12. That was probably Beth Wade - https://www.etsy.com/listing/130916145/personalized-greyhound-necklace?ref=shop_home_active_13
  13. Welcome back! Although since I see you at greyhound events, I forget that you haven’t been on GT in awhile.
  14. I’m so sorry for your loss. Holly was a sweet soul and will be missed.
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