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  1. We lost Faye Oops and Beatrix to osteosarcoma. We lost Bonny in a tragic accident. We lost Darcy to a tumor. We lost Celeste to hemangiosarcoma. I think it’s easier, in a way, when the decision is made for you. It was always very clear to us when our dogs were ready to cross. I’m sorry you’re having to think about this with Bella.
  2. I'm so sorry. Ruby was fortunate to have been loved for so many years by your family.
  3. We will miss you, Jan and Dave. I hope everything is OK.
  4. I just checked the GIG Facebook group. I didn't see mention of the Eisenhower specifically, but it did mention that dogs should be muzzled in hotel corridors. We stay at the Quality Inn and don't have corridors to worry about. Toni Duchi Admin · Yesterday at 11:47 AM igated to pay attention to what your (their) dog is doing. No flexi-leads, no long leads with dogs flying out at the end...there are upwards to 1,000 dogs at this event and it is up to all of us to pay attention and be cautious. This year for the first time, we are asking people to wear muzzles on your dogs in the hotel hallways. There was a serious incident last year where someone had multiple dogs and they literally pulled her to attack another dog...muzzles would have prevented the ultimate damage. Please, please, let's keep this event as safe as possible...
  5. winnie


    Iker was my first introduction to galgos. He was a survivor and a gentle soul. You gave him a great life. Despite what Xavi says, dont pee on Beatrix when you see her over the bridge.
  6. We get our piddle pads from them. Most places don’t carry ones that are large enough for our hounds.
  7. We’ll be there Friday - Sunday. Definitely call the Quality Inn closer to the event for cancellations.
  8. And Robin met Beatrix while volunteering at FBM! She introduced us via Skype.
  9. Congratulations! What a handsome man. Our first galgo, Beatrix, came from FBM. We currently have two galgos, Rhythm and Encarna.
  10. I hope you can figure it out, Nancy! We had to set-up a Vimeo account (free), pay the $7 rental and then played it through out Apple TV. The hardest part was figuring out the captions. Regan went through a bunch and it was finally Italian that showed up in English. It was a bit crazy, but we figured it out! It was excellent. I think the only shelter shown was FBM. Youll have to report back on what you think. Of course, you have first hand experience through your volunteer work. Rhythm is the only one of our three that was tattooed. Here was the explanation Petra provided. https://m.facebook.com/notes/sage-save-a-galgo-español/your-galgo-can-have-a-tattoo/823916964382884/ We suspect that Rhythm was quite good hunter since he was older and treated well by his gualguero, who surrendered him directly to the shelter and told them he was his favorite. Quite a difference from Beatrix, who we really dont know anything about, but had so many scars.
  11. Tonight we watched the documentary Yo Galgo. Its available for rent on Vimeo, which was a bit of a hassle to figure out and get the subtitles correct. It was excellent. It gave us great insight to our galgos lives, especially Rhythm who was tattooed and likely competed in the championships. Beatrixs shelter, Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert, was also featured.
  12. We got ours from Houndstown. Too bad you didn't post this a week ago. They had an awesome sale for Black Friday / Cyber Monday! http://www.houndstown.com/apparel/
  13. Agree. I came to this harsh realization after our first galgo, Beatrix, had osteo in her pelvis. We got into galgos hoping to avoid osteo... and lost.
  14. If anyone is ever interested in horseback riding, make a reservation at Painted Bar Stables in Burdett. A group of 8 of us Grapehounders went yesterday. Erika and her husband Dan were terrific. She did a great job of pairing riders with horses. We were supposed to ride for 1.5 hours, but wound up riding for 2 hours. Terrain was varied and adequately challenging. Loved it!
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