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  1. We canceled our reservations at the Beach House Dewey yesterday. I'm likely having surgery in October (consult is October 2) and my husband is still unemployed. Hopefully we'll be able to come next year.
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. You're right about age being the most difficult. They do let you know. I'm glad you were willing to listen.
  3. For many years we had 3 or 4 greyhounds/galgos. For the past two years, we've had only 2. We could definitely manage with more, but we'd never go back to that number again. Two is just so much easier. We love to travel with our dogs, but many hotels have a 2 pet limit. When we had 3 or 4 dogs, we'd have to find two homes willing to pet-sit and split up the pack. Not to mention the additional vet, food, and other expenses. When we had multiples, we always had females. Never had an issue, even when we'd dog-sit our friends male dogs. I really don't think gender is a big factor. It's more about personalities.
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy, especially when so young.
  5. We have reservations at the Beach House motel, but DH recently lost his job. So, whether or not we’re able to go completely depends on his job situation.
  6. So sorry, Jen. Both of the above ideas are good ones. We recently had a 6x6 painting done for Tricia & Burke for River. I'm not sure if that is something Dave would appreciate or not, but here is the artist we used - Shamrock Studios
  7. We were very fortunate with the weather this year. Most days were in the upper 70s to low-mid 80s... which for this Virginia girl, was "cool." As Sara mentioned, all the wineries have AC or fans too. If you decide to come back one year, you can join us for a trail ride. We did our second one this year with Painted Bar Stables. Erika and her crew are fantastic!
  8. Fantastic pictures, as always. Encarna was definitely channeling River. She really loved her too. I’m glad we had a good week, especially now that the s**t hit the fan when we got home today.
  9. Our galgo Rhythm gets seasonal allergies resulting in red, itchy paws. He was on Apoquel last year for a few months. Our vet would prescribe it in 30 day increments and required bloodwork before the next refill. They definitely had concerns about its impact on his system, but did not mention cancer. After that experience, we switched them to Fromm Four Star feed and switch out the protein sources with each bag. It hasn’t had a negative impact on their systems and our two galgos seem to appreciate the variety. I can’t say that it helped with Rhythm’s allergies though as they did come back this past month, although not as bad as last year. I’m still holding off on putting him back on Apoquel. We tried adding natural local honey to his feed from a friend’s farm, but that didn’t make any difference. More recently, I started him on this supplement from a company that makes my horse’s supplements. I’ve seen real improvement from the supplement I give my horse, so it was worth a shot. He’s only been on it for a few days now so it’s too early to tell. As of right now, Rhythm will still chew on his feet, but it’s not constant. https://nouvelleresearch.com/index.php/product/cur-ost-sa-total-support
  10. Right?!? We’re staying inside this weekend. The weather next week looks fantastic!
  11. It seems like it always rains on Tuesday... good time to hang out inside and eat meatballs.
  12. Mo & Sean have stayed in one of the A frames before with their hounds.
  13. Two years ago today, we had to say goodbye to our first greyhound Celeste (ICU Celeste). She was 14 y/o. As our first, i wanted to know everything about her. I reached out to her breeder and racing owner, Paula Sholtz, who had an excellent memory of all her dogs. Later, we became Facebook friends and she always "liked" the photos and videos I posted of Celeste. For everyone who ever had an ICU greyhound, they were special because of Paula, Brad and their family. Looking back on a Facebook post about Celeste's passing, I saw a comment from Paula and wondered why I hadn't seen any posts from her lately. I looked on her timeline and saw that she had passed away from cancer earlier this year. RIP Paula and thank you for always caring about the dogs you bred.
  14. Graft is closing on July 27. If you’re there earlier in the week, definitely go. It’s not dog-friendly though. I think the deal with Stonecat is that dogs are welcome on the back deck for lunch only, but must sit off the side of the deck. So yeah, not the best choice if you want to bring the pups. We go for dinner and leave ours in the cabin. Weinery is definitely dog friendly outside.
  15. https://flxwienery.com/ They sell fun T-Shirts too - https://squareup.com/market/flx-wienery
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