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  1. Thank you for the wonderful presents. Manny likes his grunter squeaky toy, and all the treats. I love the German chocolates.
  2. 2 years ago today I went to the kennel in Woodinville, WA looking for a greyhound. Manny pulled the handler to me and stood over my leg and claimed me as his own. I never have had problems with sleep aggression, food aggression, separation anxiety. He knew he was home. As you can see, he makes himself comfortable. This is after our morning walk today, curled on the couch. happy Gotcha day by Rebecca McLean, on Flickr
  3. Thank you for making the sweater; i was wondering where you got it. It fits very well and goes nicely with his shamrock collar! (He is Irish, came by way of Flying Irish Greyhounds so the green tartan is perfect!)
  4. Thank you for the wonderful gifts Secret Santa Greyluck! Manny opening his presents: Manny opening present from Secret Santa 2018 by Rebecca McLean, on Flickr Beautiful new sweater fits perfectly! He wore it to take a nap as soon as he was done opening the presents. Sweater from Secret Santa 2018 by Rebecca McLean, on Flickr Thank you for all the gifts. I enjoyed the chocolates and am looking forward to enjoying the real Canadian maple syrup. Thank you Secret Santa 2018 by Rebecca McLean, on Flickr
  5. Thank you for helping me get mine fixed. Greytly appreciated.
  6. There actually was another greyhound there who ran with his person, so Manny won the 'dog who had the bestest time' category.
  7. Manny and I went on the 5K Jingle Bell Walk today. He had a great time! He got to sniff lots of bushes and trees he never smelled before. He greeted all the people he could and made friends with several dogs. He is a retired racing greyhound and he saw no reason to hurry. We came in dead last and had a lot of fun. Santa's Elf didn't care that we came in last. Jingle Bell Walk by Rebecca McLean, on Flickr
  8. A neighbor has a 7 month old Samoyed puppy that Manny has become friends with. They play together very nicely. Manny and Sasa running together. Sasa and Manng runnung by Rebecca McLean, on Flickr
  9. Manny is an Irish hound. He came to greyhoundpetsinc in Woodenville, WA through Flying Irish Greyhounds. He's a big, goofy boy.
  10. We had a beautiful day so we went walking along the trail near us, which we haven't done in months. We found some daffodils blooming, so Manny stopped and sniffed them. He actually walked around them through them and stood by them. He loves flowers!
  11. Took several tries, but I finally got the picture uploaded!
  12. I took Manny to get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny. He had a great time, especially because the photo shoot area was by the birds. Manny loves birds! He also loves people, children and other dogs. He had a GREYT time.
  13. they loved him so much they wanted to keep him, but they did let me bring him home and said he is welcome back any time.
  14. Greetings from the opposite end of the country!
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