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  1. celbee


    Leo, we cannot believe you are gone, either. You and Henry stayed with us over Christmas... you were such a snuggler. Please find a way to let Henry and your humans know that you are ok. You just left too soon. We are sad.
  2. Trudy is correct-- there are a bunch of free ones out there... Here is one: https://www.secretsantaorganizer.com So you may need our real email addresses in order to use one of these-- so you could send us PMs to send that info to you? I always look forward to this... as do my hounds.... we usually have THREE hounds (currently three boys) but only one of them gets to be the Secret Santa recipient each year.... Carol
  3. celbee


  4. I am so sorry for your losses. Finn and Lora are now together again. Finn and Lora, please find a way to let your dog-mom know that you are ok. She misses you both so much. Please take care. We're out here if you need us. Carol
  5. Checking for an update.... will there be a sign up? I recall that Jeff said they were delaying new something for this site because the Secret Santa software (?) would not work with the new platform.... so would certainly not want this delay to have been without a purpose.... Can any of us do something to help?
  6. Still hoping we can do a small version this year? We don't do much in the way of family holiday gifts -- because the joy had gone out of it and it had become just another (expensive) obligation. (Obviously, no small children involved... can't opt out when children are involved!) But I always had great fun (and joy) in putting together the Secret Santa package and trying to think of things that the human and recipient hound would enjoy.... and we rotated which greyhound got to be the Secret Santa recipient each year. This year we have a new boy who has never had a Secret Santa before... I like the GT Card Exchange (because it is a deadline that I can meet) and I like the Secret Santa because it represents the spirit of the season to me. There you have it. If we can't make the sheer numbers, how about a small group who want to do it because they find it fun and an important part of the season....
  7. Sorry-- just now saw the survey (had to have time to look for it). (it was hard to find) A lot of people seem to read the Facebook Greytalk version... could an "are you interested" thread be posted there? It's a part of the holiday season for me... I would miss it and my pups would miss being the Dog of the Year to receive the magic box. Is there a way to contact previous participants? (apologies if you already said this...) If we have a few who want to participate, then maybe we don't need complicated software? (drawing out of a hat).
  8. Yes, also been there, done that. They degrade (even if not in a hot car in the desert).. And especially the ones that say they are biodegradable. Saving poop bags for a poopy days is not a good strategy... Thanks for the reminder... Carol
  9. What a special tribute to a special and lucky boy. Run free, Percy. The amount of space they occupy in our hearts has nothing to do with how long they are with us.
  10. I like the name Stu (much better than his full racing name). Congratulations to everyone! He is a very handsome boy. Carol
  11. Congratulations from the (Wilmington, Delaware) River Road pack to River and her new family! Wishing all of you much happiness- Carol and Mark Murray, Navarre, and Festus
  12. I remember making Florida Gators jackets for all three of the pups- but especially for Bam Bam. Run free, special boy! Carol
  13. I am so sorry for your loss. He was a very special boy who found the right home. Your love for Murray, Bea, and Holly - and their love for you- has always come through in your photos of them. Run free, Murray, and please let Tricia, Burke, and Holly know that you are ok. Carol
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