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  1. What a lovely girl - many congratulations!
  2. Truly an excellent adventure, Aiden! Nice to see you enjoying your nap, too.
  3. Yes, the cable car ride is only a few minutes - it would have to be the London Eye if you want a champagne experience, MerseyGrey. I have been up in that at sunset and it was sensational, even without champagne. No dogs allowed however, except assistance dogs. Our three were all very chilled about the various modes of transport, with Tiger in particular wanting to lie down and stretch out whenever there was an opportunity. All of them were tired by the end of the day - when the smallest dog happily jumped into her owner's bike basket for a ride home!
  4. Yes! I lead walks for my local Women's Institute - with Tiger, and before him Ken, as mascot - and a while back we did a lovely one from Paddington Basin along the towpath of the Regent's Canal to end up in Regent's Park, with a couple of other dogs coming along too. It's a beautiful park with a very nice cafe, though dogs aren't allowed in the formal parts such as the stunning Queen Mary's Rose Garden. We are really lucky in London, with good public transport links to lots of wonderful parks and more and more nice walking trails too - it makes arranging the WI outings a lot of fun! With Covid we have faced restrictions - no group outings, no non-essential travel on public transport - but now happily things are opening up again. For the next one we're going to walk a section of the Wandle Trail and then explore Beddington Park, which is big and beautiful, and includes a Tudor manor house (now a school), an eighteenth-century dovecote, and a Victorianised medieval parish church. So dog-friendly is it that when I went to check it out Tiger was even allowed inside the church with me to check out the William Morris screen! Volunteers were running a cafe with tables in the pretty churchyard which will make a nice coffee stop at the end of our walk. For the time being I'm happy sublimating my travel urges into arranging day outings like this. We are lucky to have so much on our doorsteps to explore, and it feels too much of a hassle to arrange anything longer/further away when as MerseyGrey says I could well end up needing to cancel/ reschedule. PS TIger wants you to know that last month on one especially exciting recent WI outing he and two other adventurous dog friends rode on a train, inspected art installations along The Line walk, flew high above the Thames in a cable car, and finally caught a Thames Clipper boat home!
  5. A spoonful of raw porridge oat flakes (straight from the packet) sprinkled on top of a meal works well here. Beet pulp (a byproduct from sugar beet processing) is also helpful - and included in many dry kibbles. Both are a good source of fibre, and liquid-absorbent. But I would always expect a second poo on a walk to be a bit runnier, because exercise gets everything moving.
  6. It's your day, sweet Jagger - celebrate it however you want!
  7. It's early days, but it sounds as if she is settling in really well with you. As time goes on, this behaviour may well die away - having her very own human is a novelty for her, and she is also still learning to feel secure within your household routines. My Tiger from early on chose to take himself off to another room for some quiet time quite regularly, from early on. Ken and Doc, his predecessors would do so more occasionally. They are all different characters!
  8. The Kew greyhound I'd say looks rather like Popeye, in that photo - it's partly the angle, showing off his big chest. I remember taking a front-on snap of his twin at Hampton Court together with Doc, both managing to look quite dignified! They're very 1950s, I agree they look a bit cartoonish now but really rather endearing.
  9. Just released by the UK's Royal Mint - a commemorative coin featuring all the Queen's Beasts, shown below in a rather monstrous 10-kilo gold version. That's already sold, but smaller versions can be had. More details in this article from today's Guardian. I've always been very fond of the Queen's Beasts, a set of sculptures designed by James Woodford to stand outside Westminster Abbey at Elisabeth II's coronation in 1953. The originals are in Canada, but there are sets at Hampton Court and Kew - view of the Greyhound of York at Kew below.
  10. Shouldn't be a problem, but you may need to teach your adoptee how to 'do stairs,' if s/he hasn't encountered them during kennel life. Mine have always cottoned on very quickly, with the aid of a few treats, but you should find more detailed advice if you search for 'stairs' within the training and behaviour section of Greytalk.
  11. I agree with the advice to take any food change slowly; a spoonful of porridge oats (straight from the packet) sprinkled over each meal is another good way of firming things up. But it is normal for poos to get softer as a walk continues, as others have said. Exercise loosens things up! I expect the Dogs Trust wormed him prior to adoption but it might be worth checking - worms are one of the things that can make a dog skinny and his poos loose. Tiger eats Autarky White Fish and Potato, a grain-free food made by Dodson & Horrell. He had had a bout of pancreatitis prior to me adopting him and so the kennels asked me to keep him on a grain-free food. He does well on it, anyway. My first greyhound did very well on Gusto, the Dodson and Horrell economy range. Their digestions differ, just like ours, so be prepared to experiment a little. You could also add a little extra protein to help put weight on - a raw whole egg, a small tin of sardines once or twice a week. That would be instead of the tinned dog food.
  12. Agree with MerseyGrey, make an appointment to get it checked out next week, because there are lots of things it could be, and try not to worry too much meanwhile! One thing she didn't mention was thyroid glands - he will have two of these, symmetrically placed either side of his throat. I'm sorry to say that when my old greyhound, Ken, developed a lump on one of these it turned out to be a thyroid tumour. These are not always bad news, some are benign but again something you want to get checked out (usually via a needle biopsy) swiftly. Ken's alas was an aggressive one and though we whipped it off as swiftly as possible, the cancer had already got into his bloodstream and we only had a few more months together. I find UK vets are usually in fact quite greyhound-savvy - apart from anything else they are usually exposed to a fair few in vet school - but you will find some handy greyhound-specific health information here
  13. Thanks Robin! It's now almost a year since he came here, and he's well settled in, see below!
  14. I have had two handsome brindle boys; can't access photos at the moment. But Doc, as a red brindle, looked best I always felt in black with gold or silver, or red. Tiger is paler, described in his adoption papers as a silver brindle; again he is currently wearing a red and black house collar which also has a little blue in the pattern, to go with his plain denim martingale. I like bold patterns for brindle boys - avoid ones which will either disappear into, or clash with, the stripes.
  15. This ties in with what the manager of the greyhound adoption kennels initially told me too: "as a general rule, when it comes to training, the boys just want to please you. The girls on the other hand will be wondering 'What's in it for me?'" I've had three big boys in a small house (consecutively, not together!) and have never found space a particular issue. Just given each a downstairs bed in the living room, and an upstairs bed in the study for night-time, and discouraged them from using the human furniture, at least when I am around! They were all quick to pick up on housetraining too, though I admit I do have a small garden for loo breaks first and last thing.
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