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  1. I have had two handsome brindle boys; can't access photos at the moment. But Doc, as a red brindle, looked best I always felt in black with gold or silver, or red. Tiger is paler, described in his adoption papers as a silver brindle; again he is currently wearing a red and black house collar which also has a little blue in the pattern, to go with his plain denim martingale. I like bold patterns for brindle boys - avoid ones which will either disappear into, or clash with, the stripes.
  2. This ties in with what the manager of the greyhound adoption kennels initially told me too: "as a general rule, when it comes to training, the boys just want to please you. The girls on the other hand will be wondering 'What's in it for me?'" I've had three big boys in a small house (consecutively, not together!) and have never found space a particular issue. Just given each a downstairs bed in the living room, and an upstairs bed in the study for night-time, and discouraged them from using the human furniture, at least when I am around! They were all quick to pick up on housetraining to
  3. So very sorry for your loss. He looks such a sweet and handsome chap. Run free Mr Spock, knowing how well you were loved
  4. Sorry you're feeling overwhelmed! I would rethink the sleeping in your room thing, just for now. It need only be for a week or so and it will help him bond with you. You will all get a better night's sleep and frankly you sound pretty frazzled right now - he will be picking up on that, worrying himself, round and round it all goes and into a downward spiral.... This link has some helpful downloads, see especially the ones on "The first night at home" and "spending time alone." My guys all slept in my room for the first couple of weeks and then happily migrated to a bed in the back bedroom
  5. It does sound as if it has become a habit, but also - could he be feeling cold at night? I would try the effect of a housecoat, or even just an extra blanket. Or could he be hearing noises that he wants to investigate - e.g. foxes/ milk float/ cats outside, central heating clicking on inside? When you let him out, is he really needing the loo break? Or is it more of a pleasure trip, as it were? Also, when you let him out, how much attention do you pay to him? Again that can reinforce the habit - you need to be robotic about it, just let him out, loo stop, in again, no pats or
  6. Probably just "greyhound yoga" - they like to relax and stretch their muscles, often in funny looking ways - but 'm not sure what she's doing from your description. If you can capture it in a video and post it here, I am sure members can advise. And if you are concerned, the video would also be helpful to show to a vet.
  7. I think you have the ears the wrong way round - that's surely his left ear in the first photo. It's HIS left not yours, i.e. what he sees looking forward not what you see when you look at his face from in front! My chaps who have all been Irish have always had the two letters in the right ear, the three in the left. I did an earmark search on Greyhound Data for you. Nothing comes up under those letters, but their records aren't complete - dogs who haven't raced often don't get added. But go to that link and you will find an address and a phone no. for the Irish Coursing Club, who hold the stu
  8. I am so sorry for your loss. What a special, beautiful girl she was - and how fortunate you both were to find each other. Run free lovely Lila
  9. Tiger's day: 7.15 a.m. alarm clock goes off. Tiger like his two predecessors sleeps in the back bedroom, I in the front one. Doc and then Ken liked to come running in to greet me when the alarm sounded, then come downstairs with me wanting a loo break in the garden. Tiger prefers to stay put until: 7.50 or so, morning walk time! 30-60 minutes depending on what else we have on. He will hang on and save his peeing and pooing for the park. On return: quick daily grooming session, with a slicker and then a silk scarf. Brush teeth. Breakfast. He is a greedy chap who really loves his
  10. I agree with greysmom's advice and would also suggest that you may find a slip leash helps with getting her out of her bed. Something like this. Here in the UK at any rate it would be what is used in greyhound kennels to move dogs from the kennel to the paddock, or whatever. It was what my adoption group suggested for Tiger, who had been returned from one home for bed guarding, and then bit me too, a week in. (I had failed to read his body language and realise how nervous and insecure he was feeling about beds, following life in a small and rather chaotic home where he wasn't given the space h
  11. What lovely news! Wishing you all many happy years together!
  12. Rather than leaving his collar and lead on I would invest in an inexpensive slip lead, like this. That's what the greyhound kennels advised me to do with Tiger, who came to me with a reputation for bed guarding. The kennels explained that it was something already familiar for him, as it's what they use in greyhound kennels for turnouts, etc. It worked very well, though I haven't had to use it for a while - advice was to form a large loop, approach in a confident manner, drop over dog's head and tighten which talking in a cheery tone: "let's go, Tiger!" It worked a treat for us, while he w
  13. It's also a "blue moon," according to this article, i.e. the second full moon in a calendar month! Who knows what we might see tonight? Tiger says he really doesn't care, provided it doesn't try and get between him and his dinner!
  14. Just to say, the OP may even find that the group can offer holiday kennelling themselves - this is standard for the Greyhound Trust and some other UK greyhound adoption centres. Of course, Covid may have changed that. But do ask; the suggested donation is normally very reasonable, and my guys have always loved being back with their own kind, even if the conditions are more spartan than at home! And for me it's very reassuring to know that my dog's being cared for by people who know and love greyhounds so well. Re the nipping: my first dog Doc would nip when he played, and we also had the
  15. Looks like a greyt break, Tiger and I feel quite envious!
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