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  1. What a handsome chap! And settling in so quickly. I wish you many happy times together.
  2. You might have a greyhound if, as the pair of you take a walk, passers-by call out "where's his jockey?"
  3. Greyt story! This picture in particular of Lewis crashed out on board with his toy is just
  4. Ouch - that must have been quite a shock to both your systems, as well as your wallet! Hope she is feeling fully recovered this morning.
  5. I am so sorry for your sudden loss. She was clearly a very sweet, very special girl. Run free dear Rosie!
  6. If you Google 'lady greyhound brooch' and/ or 'lady greyhound pin' and then click on 'images' many many different designs will be shown as photos, with links to the webpages those come from. I hope you will be able to identify your design, and maybe even somewhere to buy a new one!
  7. I am so very sorry for your loss of your sweet boy. Run free, dear Aiden!
  8. I am so sorry for your sudden loss. She was clearly a very special girl, who enjoyed a wonderful life with you. Run free sweet Petunia!
  9. At two weeks your home is still very new to him, he is learning about his new life and what's expected of him; with mine I've found it takes a month or so for them to realise "I am home!" (and then, usually, feel confident enough try a bit of boundary testing - e.g. jumping on the furniture....). It could take longer than that if he is a shy boy, and even if he isn't you can expect to see new aspects of his character emerging as he settles in and develops a bond with you. I would continue to work on the alone training, taking care to be as calm as you can yourself as you come and go because he will pick up on your stress otherwise. It sounds good to me that you have outdoor space available as an alternative, if need be, and that he enjoys hanging out there. It's not usual to leave a greyhound out of doors in the UK or the USA, but your climate is different! And your adoption group suggested that solution, after all. As I understand it, many Australian racing greyhounds spend much of their time out of doors so it may be that he feels most comfortable right now sticking with what he is used to. Just make sure it is secure, as well as the precautions you mention - you wouldn't want him jumping out, after a passing cat, or someone coming and letting him out by accident, or even stealing him. That said - as he settles in he will probably become more comfortable with being inside, with or without you. So again, work on the alone training, and also on encouraging him to enjoy indoors when you are around - set him up a nice comfy bed where he is at no risk of being stepped on, but can observe what's going on, and reward him for staying there with kindly talk ('Are you liking that bed now? That's right! Good boy!') and the odd treat. I expect sooner rather than later he will realise what a much nicer and more interesting place indoors is to be!
  10. I am sorry you are having to deal with this, it must feel very worrisome. If you are in England or Wales (Scottish legal system is separate, and rather different) check out a solicitor called Trevor Cooper who is a specialist in dog law and often mentioned on rescue forums. There is lots of information on his website, or if you don't find an answer there you can contact him.
  11. What a good idea! And the photos both of the walks and of Buddy are lovely. I wish you much fun and lots of success with this project It is nice and practical too, with the information about steps, loos, route lengths etc. The only suggestion I'd make is that it'd be nice to have the map show the walking route as well as the location. This *is* possible to do, using Google My Maps - not sure about Mapbox.
  12. What a lovely girl - many congratulations!
  13. Truly an excellent adventure, Aiden! Nice to see you enjoying your nap, too.
  14. Yes, the cable car ride is only a few minutes - it would have to be the London Eye if you want a champagne experience, MerseyGrey. I have been up in that at sunset and it was sensational, even without champagne. No dogs allowed however, except assistance dogs. Our three were all very chilled about the various modes of transport, with Tiger in particular wanting to lie down and stretch out whenever there was an opportunity. All of them were tired by the end of the day - when the smallest dog happily jumped into her owner's bike basket for a ride home!
  15. Yes! I lead walks for my local Women's Institute - with Tiger, and before him Ken, as mascot - and a while back we did a lovely one from Paddington Basin along the towpath of the Regent's Canal to end up in Regent's Park, with a couple of other dogs coming along too. It's a beautiful park with a very nice cafe, though dogs aren't allowed in the formal parts such as the stunning Queen Mary's Rose Garden. We are really lucky in London, with good public transport links to lots of wonderful parks and more and more nice walking trails too - it makes arranging the WI outings a lot of fun! With Covid we have faced restrictions - no group outings, no non-essential travel on public transport - but now happily things are opening up again. For the next one we're going to walk a section of the Wandle Trail and then explore Beddington Park, which is big and beautiful, and includes a Tudor manor house (now a school), an eighteenth-century dovecote, and a Victorianised medieval parish church. So dog-friendly is it that when I went to check it out Tiger was even allowed inside the church with me to check out the William Morris screen! Volunteers were running a cafe with tables in the pretty churchyard which will make a nice coffee stop at the end of our walk. For the time being I'm happy sublimating my travel urges into arranging day outings like this. We are lucky to have so much on our doorsteps to explore, and it feels too much of a hassle to arrange anything longer/further away when as MerseyGrey says I could well end up needing to cancel/ reschedule. PS TIger wants you to know that last month on one especially exciting recent WI outing he and two other adventurous dog friends rode on a train, inspected art installations along The Line walk, flew high above the Thames in a cable car, and finally caught a Thames Clipper boat home!
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