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  1. Peeing in the house is definitely not normal for a dog at his age. There's something going on here. I've had several dogs into the 13+ age group where they could not hold it anymore (poo and pee) so I certainly sympathize with your situation. It's difficult. Have you noticed a difference since giving the Antibiotics? Did they culture the urine? Did they check his prostate? Since he must have some anxiety issues (being on prozac), I wouldn't completely rule out this being behavioral either. Has anything changed that could cause an increase in anxiety? Is there more construction near
  2. I've been making bone broth for about six months. A batch lasts me about a month (I freeze most of it so it doesn't go bad). It's actually super easy in the slow cooker... fill your slow cooker with raw bones. I usually use beef rib, leg, back, joint bones... or whatever rmb is handy works. I found that chicken feet weren't that great in it, but some folks swear by them. Toss in about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar (never measure it, just pour). Add herbs of your choosing.. I like thyme, or rosemary, or dill.. just for flavor. Add several heaping tablespoons each of Kelp Meal an
  3. I have no advice, but can only offer my sympathies and warm, comforting thoughts. I've lost two pack members and a foster in the past six months.. it hurts terribly. I know what you're going through :'(
  4. How do I write a farewell about such a wonderful soul? I could not imagine my life without her, but yet, here we are. She was born Windy Bear and called Wendy in her first home. Through tragic circumstances, she joined our home in August 2008. She was a foster for all of ten minutes, maybe less. She immediately bonded with my hubby and angel Uber. Hubby donned her with the name Mojito because she was sweet but without warning she'd knock you on your behind. Most of the time we called her Mo, Mojo, Mimosa or Mosa. But she was always our little Windy. She had been through so
  5. Yup, I'd run bloodwork. Have them look at her total protein, globulin and albumin. Ultrasound may be necessary as well. The reason: Miss Mojito developed lymphangiectasia in 2012 and her belly filled with fluid (protein dumping), she was 9 at the time. At first, this was the only symptom! Her body could not process fat so it was dumping all of her protein into her abdomen. Truthfully, the treatment nearly killed her (high dose prednisone), but here we are 4 years later and she's doing just fine on a low fat, high protein diet and low dose prednisone. Sending white light!
  6. I'm so very sorry Corinna had to leave. Run free sweet girlie. May you find peace in her memories.
  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words. Uber's urn is ready to come home. I know I'll feel so much better to have him home to join the vowels. <3 My house is so incredibly quiet. He sent me a sign a few nights ago. We were driving into town for a walk and a beautiful bright rainbow shone in the sky. It was so bright that it's shadow was brighter than the rest of the sky. I felt him in that moment. Of course, I forgot my camera at home, but it was very reminiscent of the rainbow that Icarus sent me after he passed in 2007.
  8. I've been struggling the past few months on whether to make the decision for Uber. My usual techniques for quality of life didn't fit him. For years, we saw a gradual decline but he never seemed unhappy. He still yelled at us for everything: food, bed, boredom, outside. His anxiety prevented him from leaving our yard, but he still ran like a damn fool from the back of the yard. Legs flailing in all directions. About a year ago, we noticed that his back end would fall asleep when he'd be laying down for any length of time and gradually, he lost all feeling in one of his legs and we were deal
  9. Uber does this. For him it typically means he has an upset tummy, but he will also do it when he's in pain for any reason (teeth, back, legs...) I'd be concerned with your vet's lack of concern. If he's in pain, the vet should at least check his soundness. Sending scritches to Iker.
  10. Urinalysis is fairly cheap and it's better to know that her kidneys are functioning well, then to bypass this if you're considering dental work and anaesthesia. We recently ran routine blood work on Uber (age 13), and found his creatinine and urea were both elevated. His urinalysis, however, showed no issues, so we're chalking it up to a normal read for him since he's raw fed. Cost of the urinalysis was $60 and a wet hand. As MaryJane said, make sure it's a morning sample in a sterile container so they can check concentration.
  11. Dissolvable sutures sometimes take a long time. This does have to do with body chemistry and the "moistness" of the area. Essentially to dissolve, they need water, so if the area isn't "wet" all the time (like on the outside), then they take that much longer. If they're securely under the skin with nothing poking through, then I'd just leave them be. When Mojito had sutures on the inside of her leg, the spot kept opening and weeping after the sutures were pulled. I couldn't figure out why it refused to stay closed, until I found the tiniest piece of dissolvable suture in the wound. Once t
  12. NeylasMom reminded me of another local Vet who does alternative therapies.. Dr. Leslie Woodcock: http://www.paws4dogs.ca/ She's located just off the 401 at the Guelph exit 299... not too far from Brampton.
  13. All of my 12 + year olds have had hind end weakness, you can fend it off, but ultimately, it does progress. We've done everything from chiro to acupuncture to medication to injections. In all of them, we had some level of bowel incontinence which was fun.. not LOL but we grinned and bore it. You have to take the good with the bad and as they get older, they just need a bit more patience in dealing with their aging. Orion was the worst sleep-pooper! and Mojito didn't help because she'd bury it in the blankets and completely smear poop everywhere. Uber who just turned 13, is starting t
  14. Bloat is one of those things that they really can't pin down. Yes, you can take precautions, but it doesn't mean that it couldn't be spontaneously initiated. I've known dogs to bloat over nothing. I saw a story on TV of a husky who bloated spontaneously (the people were at work all day and he was at home tied out; when she arrived, they suspect his excitement caused his stomach to flip because he would have been empty). Beamish likes to do a run after he eats (or before sometimes). We just watch him closely and try to push his after-food potty out for a bit of time, depending on how badly h
  15. @Hollis: That's not bad. I've never paid less than $900 CDN for a dental (between bloodwork, pretests, extractions, cleaning, anaesthetic...)
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