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  1. Hi there! I remember you of course. Sad to hear you lost your 'core' pack, who I remember fondly, but that is how it works with time passing, unfortunately. I hope all is well!
  2. Oh, I'm so glad! I'm always a bit nervous when there's no update and it didn't sound good prior to no update. I'm so glad he's doing well. <3
  3. Just seeing this today. Any updates? How is Milo feeling? I hope he's improved?
  4. Wonderful news. Congratulations. I hope she helps to heal your heart.
  5. I am so sad....I had hoped to manage to go this year.....but I will be having knee surgery and will still be in recovery at that time. No Gettysburg for me....it's been a couple of years. I can't wait to go back. Maybe next year....
  6. Yay! Although I prefer them in the post, I guess this will have to do. I feel like something went wrong with photobucket a while back, which stopped me posting so much. Vague memories of something..... hmm..... Anyway, Calvin continues to be my Wild Thing. And Sam is thrilled because even though Calvin can be too rough, he plays with Sam. And likes to chew on his legs and ears. He's such a mean thing. They have become quite a pair since Sam has been here. Here are a few more pictures of the best boys ever. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5uxmi7aqzbqi9kb/2018-09-25%2017.34.18.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/io8bs7ogf7z6eog/2018-12-03%2018.35.41.jpg?dl=0 Thanksgiving Dog Party! https://www.dropbox.com/s/8amjekbh64jmgkx/2018-11-22%2017.54.06.jpg?dl=0 Here's Sam, Calvin, and their galgo friends Iraya and Jordan https://www.dropbox.com/s/98vrvyf6309w1cc/2018-11-21%2013.23.12.jpg?dl=0 Thanks for looking! <3
  7. I'm interested to see if sharing a photo directly via my dropbox will work. Here goes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0z3d1jenf7emgmc/2018-11-25%2014.28.10-1.jpg?dl=0 If you get the link and can see the picture, let me know! The greyhound is my Calvin....the golden retriever is my mom's dog Sam, who has been staying with us on a semi-permanent basis. If this works I will post more. ; )
  8. I got your card today and thought to myself that I didn't remember you losing Trevor. Checked in to see this. I'm so sorry.
  9. Calvin got very sick this past winter. He started out limping, but then became very weak and feverish. Found a UTI, treated with antibiotics, trip to the e-vet, switched antibiotics.... Limping went away, but had very bad back end weakness. Eventually he got better, UTI was gone, etc, but the back end weakness remained. This was in a 4 year old greyhound. We tried a variety of different things, and no effect. Considered spinal infection, all kinds of things. Our vet (possibly the one you went to--extremely greyhound-savvy, friends with Couto, etc.) couldn't get a handle on the neurological aspects because he was presenting differently every time he examined him. Finally, we were at the point of, hopefully this will improve and maybe I should try physical therapy for him, when the vet said, "we haven't tried aspirin on him, have we?" TWO days later....Calvin leaped onto the couch and then that night leaped onto my very high bed. He hadn't been able to even climb on the couch in 6 weeks. He continued to get better and within a week was back to normal. RIDICULOUSLY fast and crazy. He's been fine ever since, thank goodness. Final assumption based on his response to the aspirin is that he is one of the greyhounds they have found that seem to get micro-clots here and there. The clots form, cause lameness, etc, then break up and go away. Then they happen in a different spot. They don't know why, but Dr. Couto has taken note of it. (Although Calvin did not present as they usually do, if I recall. Of course. Apparently they usually throw a clot much more suddenly and have much more dramatic paralysis.) To prevent further ones, I have had Calvin on 1/2 81 mg of aspirin daily since. (We don't know 100% that this is what happened, but I was told that this amount of aspirin is negligible as far as his system goes, so it's pretty much harmless.) Since I worry about this happening again, or worse, I have kept him on it. So far, so good. Interestingly enough, he is also prone to small hemangiomas (little blood blister thingies). He has several, and has had others cauterized. They break open every now and then and bleed like a murder scene. I can't help but think it could be related somehow.....)
  10. I just did. I think "today" is today and I'm in. If not, then I will be sad but I'll manage. It's my own fault for not checking in. Thanks for running this again Wendie!
  11. I just signed up for 2 packages. But they didn't ask for my mailing address, and when I look at them it says "none" for pets, even though I gave the names. Is there a glitch in the matrix, or have report cards and progress reports fried my brain? Never mind, I think I figured it out. My brain IS, in fact, useless. Gonna go to bed.
  12. This. People don't check in as often and could have missed this thread due to a busy week? Maybe I'm just hoping..... I don't have much family at all and the holidays are a sad time. But this is always one of my highlights.
  13. My email address is an old work one, since at that time I couldn't use any free email addresses. Am I reading this right, that we can use those now (what does it mean, that you cleared them)? I have a yahoo and a gmail that I could use, but I don't want to change it yet until I am sure I'm understanding that right. I do, however, know my password, so I can log in fine. But I should probably get an active email in there just in case. Thanks!
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