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  1. Kerry, I am so incredibly sorry, Merlin was one of my favorites on GT and I had a huge crush on him. Grieving the losses of both Sagan and Merlin so close together must be devastating for you, your video brought tears to my eyes . So many of us have travelled this journey of grief and it is authentic to each loss. I have not been on GT in some time as I have lost all 3 of my Greyhounds, Flower only 9 months ago. I have joined a group on FB for grief called Greyhound Grief Support and now am an Administrator on the Forum, I joined when my 1st Grey Max passed, I felt devastated by his loss and this group has truly helped. I am of the belief that we will see our loved ones again when we pass. Sending huge hugs and healing energy for your heart
  2. So sorry, I love Potatoe's story, you certainly gave her a wonderful life, short but filled with love!!!
  3. Oh Jordan, You have been on my mind lately and now I see why. First let me say I am truly sorry for your loss of beautiful Gigi, hugs my friend. And now with 2 special girls coming to you, congratulations. Would love to meet them soon! We are so empty here with the loss of Flower on 6/15, now we have only Simon, my Ig mix and the cat, not quite ready yet but have considered a Galgo puppy or Greyhound girl.
  4. So very sorry for your loss, what a sweet soul. Thanks for sharing her with us on GT, love her pictures and tribute, hugs
  5. I am so sorry for your loss Ken, Clifford was blessed to have you. I echo Racingdog's sentiments, when it is time for them to pass over, regardless of our efforts, they leave this earth. My thoughts are that they only leave us in body, their spirit remains and you will feel his presence as I am sure Piper will too, animals are on a special energy level that us humans aren't and are so intuitive. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time, I too am going through the grief process after losing my girl Flower on the 15th, some moments and days are filled with raw emotion, allow yourself the tears and be gentle with your soul.
  6. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul, such love and devotion. I am so sorry
  7. We are so very heartbroken over the loss of Flower, after a week long battle and many tears, Flower crossed over on June 15th around 12:15. I posted in Health and Medical the day before that she had a bleeding mass in her abdomen, Splenic that turned out to be Hemangiosarcoma, we opted to operate -remove the Spleen and buy her some time, she barely made it through surgery/ her body was so weakened by the blood loss, 1400 ml of blood removed from abdomen, 2 transfusions, heart erythmia. She fluctuated between being able to barely get up to collapse, we brought her home for 2 days and she declined, we spent over $10,000 hoping to give her some quality of time as her numbers were stable and she was walking before procedure.... She passed peacefully in a beautiful surrounding with me and my husband there, I was able to do Reiki on her one last time and she slept, she watched us with her soulful eyes, she was wrapped in love and blankets. We adopted Flower May 2013, a year after we lost Sara to Hemangiosarcoma. She was returned to WAG in CT by her family, they were having a baby and did not want her anymore. She was afraid of men, children, new people yet she came here and looked into my face and loved me instantly, she liked Max and he was fine with her. She even liked the cat! She was the easiest going Grey girl, sweet, submissive, good on leash and loved riding in the van, she and Max walked perfect together and ran around the back like they always knew each other. She was almost 7 when we got her and we only had her for 4 years, not enough time ever!! She trusted and loved my husband and she became his girl, always waiting for the night walk with him and weekend adventures at Mine Falls in Nashua. It was my soul that connected with her over these 4 years, she eased the pain of the loss of Sara and rode all over the place with me in the van, she greeted my Reiki clients this past year and comforted many who came here looking for peace. She helped us through the devastating decline and loss of Max, my 1st Grey on 12/3/15 and welcomed Simon, brother from a different mother, Chi/italian Grey mix last fathers day. Her 11th birthday is tomorrow and I cannot believe she is not here in body to celebrate it. It is the 1st time in 13 years that we are without a Greyhound in our home. All the pillows are put away, coats and jammies washed and stored, it is so very empty :brokenheart
  8. Flower declined further last evening, I called around 10:00 to see if they were able to get her to eat or get her out to potty. She was too weak to get up and even with assistance she could not walk, needed to be carried. Her right rear leg had been dragging and for the 2 days she was here post op, it was cold, no circulation, last night the blood pooled into it, edema and by morning the other one was also swollen, she got more Amicar last night to help clot. I spent the whole night crying and awake and knew she was losing this battle, she never really had one good day since the surgery last Thursday. The Doctor told me this AM that she was not responding to treatment and that the blood pooling in places in her body was most likely the Hemangio. It was confirmed by Biopsy after mass was removed and we waited a week to get those results. MY plan was to bring her here to pass with in home euthanasia but she was in too much pain and too weak to handle a one hour ride home so we helped her cross over at the Hospital in a quiet room that was like a living room. I brought her pillow and my bathrobe and her favorite toy. We spent an hour with her beforehand, she was brought in on a gurney wrapped up in several comforters, she was lifted onto the bed and she never moved,she was relaxed on Buprenorphine and Gabapentin, she slept while we stroked her and I was able to do Reiki on her. She gave me one more smile before they injected her and was gone after 1st injection. I know it was the right thing to do, we all gave it our best, she lost so much blood and heroic efforts made but her body could not take anymore. I am so empty and crushed by her passing, we only had her for 4 years, she was given up by her 1st family at age 7 and although I feel blessed for this short time, it was not enough, she was a beautiful black girl with a sweet gentle nature. Will write a tribute when I can. Thanks for all your well wishes.
  9. It has been awhile since posting here and it is with horrible news. Flower, our almost 11 yr old(birthday is Fathers Day) Greyhound has just gone through a devastating week with diagnosis of bleeding Splenic mass last weds to emergency surgery the following day which revealed 1400 ml of blood in her abdomen and a ruptured mass. She barely made it off the table needing 2 Plasma transfusions and then Amicar, heart meds (Tachacardia) to keep her alive. She seemed to rally a bit but she was so weak that she declined when she came home 48 hours later and we had to bring her back on Monday. WE were not surprised it was Hemangio but her numbers were stable when she went in for procedure, she was running 2 days before, we are shocked and devastated. She is stable and able to walk now that she is off opiods and heart med but her appetite is not great, when she was admitted back in to intensive care she could not get up and had bloody discharge from her nose, we thought she needed transfusion but her numbers are low but stable, her platelets are low but have remained the same. Any chemo treatment is off table as she is too weak, we are taking her home tomorrow if she is strong enough and will give her a little more time at home. I have called the in home euthanization Vet to give heads up as my gut tells me we have a short time. She is my 2nd Greyhound to be given this lousy diagnosis and I have only had 3 Greys. I just needed to tell everyone here as many of you have been through this and know this pain. Any prayers are welcome.
  10. I am so very sorry for your loss of Beatrix, beautiful soul, you gave her a wonderful life that she would not have had in Spain, she is pain free now, rooing on the other side
  11. Anytime after 6:30 is usually good, wide open tonight, tomorrow I have commitment from 6:30 - 8:30. wide open Thursday eve (603)289-2552
  12. Wow ticks already, they will be out here soon too despite the 2 + feet of snow we just got, its getting mild this week. Nexguard works great here for dogs and ticks are bad in NH, I use Seresto collar on cat and he is tick and flea free(works 8 months too)
  13. I use Nexguard now on my Greyhound Flower and my little Chi/Ig mix and a Seresto collar on my cat. She was on Frontline before that for 2 years and last year she contracted Anaplasmosis which is worse than Lyme as it affects the Platelets as well as Kidneys and other organs, she was so sick that we almost lost her, took 6 weeks of Antibiotics to kill it and now she tests positive for it, her Immune system is compromised now. Ticks are really bad here and we walk in the woods daily, all the snow is melting, they will be out soon!
  14. Hi there, just noticed that you are in Alabama, are you thinking of a Distant Healing Treatment( I am in NH) for your new Foster? Feel free to PM me or call and I can explain how that works. I have had animals that took(received) 45 minutes - hour the 1st time and others 15 or 20 minutes. Every session is unique to the Animals comfort in what they allow. The 1st Greyhound I did Reiki on at a shelter laid down in front of me for over an hour, he absolutely loved it and was so relaxed afterward.
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