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Aquitaine's Day At The Emergency Vet

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I took Aquitaine out for her morning walk. She wandered the park and headed for the dog run. Two of her pup friends were leaving so we visited for a while and then went in to the small run. I unhooked her leash, walked about 10 feet ahead and turned around. At that point I noticed a gaping hole in her back left leg between the bend (bone) and her foot. She hadn't made a sound. Neither dog went near there. The only thing I can think is that she somehow scraped the fence. I got her out of there and home. On my way through the lobby I asked my doorman to call a friend upstairs to help me. She came down and held her while I cleaned the wound with water. Then I cleaned the wound with saline. It was bleeding but not at all badly.


I threw her couch/bed cushion onto the floor and called my vet while my friend sat with her. While I was leaving him a message she took a photo and we sent that to him. He called back in about 5 minutes. He said he wanted the wound looked at and told me where to take her. We got her to the first vet who looked at her and said they would have to do a full out surgery to do sutures. I was begging for a local and a light sedative. (I lost Morgaine suddenly 3 years ago this month and the thought of surgery completely terrified me.) The vet nicely asked me to wait a few minutes, went and called my vet and another hospital. The other hospital said they could do it with the local if she was calm enough and the wound would bear it. We walked her quickly through the rain for 12 blocks and met with the new vets. She was looked at by 2 doctors, both of whom were amazed at how calm she was. They took her off to do the blood tests and get her ready. They brought her back in an hour all finished. They had me wait there with her for another 45 minutes to keep her awake while the sedative wore off. They wanted to check her heart before releasing us. They released us after the 45 minutes. My friend who went with me (and paid for this since I'm broke) tried to get a cab but getting a cab in a snowfall on a Manhattan Saturday night with a large dog is nearly impossible. It took close to an hour and two avenues. None of the pet taxi services had cars, nor the regular car services, my friends with cars were carless for the moment. Finally, we started seeing cabs and Carolyn ran outside and one wonderful driver said yes.


So, we are home. She is resting. She is not thrilled that I keep waking her up every so often but that is what they told me to do. I'm sleeping on the floor on my seriously fat yoga pad (think bedroll) with her tonight. My vet will come over on Wednesday to change/remove the bandage and then 10 days later he will remove the sutures.


I sure hope the insurance people are feeling generous!


I am so thankful to have good friends who will stay with me at times like this. Today was supposed to be a lazy day hanging out with Aquitaine and finishing the decorating of my Christmas tree. Maybe tomorrow...


Please say a prayer that my girl heals well and without any complications.



Aquitaine slept well through the night. Me a little less so on the yoga mat but at least I could feel/hear her breathing and be sure she was okay.


She ate her bacon and breakfast this morning and a few cookies.


I tried a brief walk to the park across the street but she was more interested in visiting than in doing her business. She does not like the plastic bag over her bandage or her tall snowboot. So far, no poop. I know that will change but I'm sure she would feel better if she pooped!


The evet sent us home with Tramadol and instructions to take 1 every 8 hours. When I spoke to my vet he said I only needed to give her one if she showed any stress or pain. So far there has been no panting, no circling, no indication of any pain. She is sleeping a lot which seems fair. If anyone has any suggestions about the Tramadol, please feel free to weigh in.


Poor girl missed her NYC greyhound Meet-Up party in Central Park this morning. She does love to see her friends.


Thank you all so much for your good thoughts for my girl.




I am doing my very best not to panic.


Today Aquitaine's front leg/ankle swelled up. I have let her vet know this and he says it has to be seen. They told me at the hospital to watch the cathether leg but didn't tell me why. Can someone, anyone, please let me know the "why" of this. I really am doing my best not panic but I am jumping out of my skin.


I will work remotely tomorrow so that I can be home with her. I've canceled my plans for tomorrow night. For at least 72 hours she will not be alone at all.


I am trying desperately to tell myself that the front leg is swollen because it is taking extra weight to compensate for the bag leg being sore but the vet's email saying "that needs to be seen" has me very frightened.


Any prayers and good thoughts for my darling girl are greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much.

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What a brave girl!


I hope she heals quickly and well.

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so sorry to hear about this adventure with aquitaine. i hope that she is on the mend soon and that your sunday is uneventful. thinking about both of you.



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Egad! Glad she is home with you and doing well.

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Rough day. :( Sending prayers for quick healing and extra kisses for your baby girl. :hope:kiss2

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Sorry to hear about Aquitaine's injury and she heals fast.

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Guest FullMetalFrank

Sorry she got hurt; but glad you were able to find a vet who could do the sutures without full on anesthesia. Must have been quite some adventure trying to get a cab home!

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So sorry to hear about Aquitaines accident and surgery. What a horrible experience this all seems to have been. Heal well little one. Hugs to the both of you.

"Then God sent the Greyhound to live among man and remember. And when the day comes God will call the Greyhound to give Testament, and God will pass judgment on man."

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Wow! For a moment I thought your story was going to be one of those medical/vet nightmares, so I was relieved when the first Vet actually used some common sense! I'm sure you're exhausted, and I am praying that Aquitaine recovers with no lingering problems! Sending healing prayers.

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Wow, the tear was bad enough, but getting her to and from the vet for treatment, that's a whole other nightmare. I'm glad she's doing well and you are both safe and sound at home.


Any updates?

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I hope your girl is feeling well today. I'm sure all the NYC hounds missed seeing her too, especially William!

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Don't be afraid to use the tramadol. It is not narcotic.

It sounds like she is doing well and should be fine. You need to rest too.

It is always a nightmare to get a cab in NYC; with or without a dog.

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Please don't panic. I KNOW it's easier said than done. But the reason the vet wants to see her is that things have changed so now they want to see where things are at for reference.


STOP THINKING the worst! When is your appointment?


Keeping you and your girl in my prayers.





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The appointment should be at some point tomorrow. Andy just answered my email right before 9 pm. He is a homecare vet with two small kids so I truly don't expect him to sit around monitoring his email waiting to hear from me. I just wish I knew WHY they said to monitor the catheter leg.


I am petrified to walk her at this point. If only my good girl would pee in the house but she won't. If I get her outside on my own and she goes down I can't get her back inside. This would be a really good time to have a boyfriend.


Of course, she just lapped up a bowl of yogurt and some cookies with no clue that I am hyperventilating. I am so glad my parents paid for theater school. I'm doing my very best performance as a sane, not leaping about the room with panic human being that I have ever done...

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