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  1. Matt (Kelsos Metaphor) was a Oswald Cobblepot son. He passed away at 13.5, not from cancer.
  2. Leo and I received ours ... but I haven't opened it yet.
  3. Santa came today. I picked the package up on my way to work. I did sneak a peak ... since the card says I can wait until Christmas to open ... that's what I'm going to do. Thanks Secret Santa! Will post pictures when I / we open them.
  4. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. Yes Leo is a very playful boy. He loves all toys, he doesn't seem to have a favorite one. Any one will do. He loves treats of all kinds. He's really not a very complicated dog. Thanks for asking. As for me, out of that list chocolate is my favorite. I don't drink coffee or tea. I would say blue is my favorite color.
  5. Thanks! That looks familiar. Was there only a picture? What search words did you use? It doesn't look like there is anything on the other leg. I can't figure out how it stays up/what it attached to. Edited: I went to her album and I think I figure out how it attaches. I should be able to make something. She has this full leg bandage on for another week.
  6. Hi all, Many, many years ago a member (I think her name was Sheila) posted a picture and instructions for making a long leg covering to cover a sore/stiches. If memory serves it was made from a childs pair of pants (or something similar). Maybe the crotch was cut out leaving the waist band to make like a pair of suspenders. Each dogs leg went in the pants leg. I thought i had saved it on my computer, but I can't find it right now. That was a few computers ago and I can't remember what I would of called it. Any one here remember and maybe saved it. Thanks. I have a foster here that had a mass removed from the inside of her front leg. Mast cell, waiting for biopsy results. She has a full leg bandage now, but once that comes off, looking for a way to cover the incision without the dread cone of shame.
  7. I have a foster who wants to go for a ride in the car, but stands and pants the whole time. He has also pooped a couple of times recently, even though I make sure he has gone just before I leave. I was thinking of trying some Benadril to take the edge off. What would the dosage be and how long does it usually take for effects to show up. Thanks.
  8. Hi, We have a couple adopting their first GH. They live in Lawerence MA, but are also close tp Andover MA. Does anynone have any recomendations for a gH savy vet in that area. Thanks.
  9. http://prisongreyhounds.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Hookworm.pdf There are many of them out there.
  10. My GH Sonny was like this the last several months. They don't seem to know that they are pooping in their sleep. You could get mattress pads to cover the dog beds, they are washable. You could get several and attach them like a pillow case, with clips , velcro; etc.
  11. Thanks. He does have a vet appt. later this week.
  12. We have a new dog in the program. Whie with red. Very thin hair on belly;etc. I received a text from the foster home that he has a patch of ski peeling on his chest. I haven't seen it. Almost sounds like a sunburn peeling. I have tried to contact her, but she's away from her phone. No mention of blood, I have left a message to ask about that. Is there a sunscreen safe for dogs? He is able to go outside in the fenced yard whenever he wants.
  13. Hooks can be very hard to get rid of as others have said. Our group never had much luck with the 3 day, wait 21 days and 3 more days. We had better luck with 5 days, 21 days then 5 more days. We have never tried Strongid T. That still needs a vet prescription or purchase it at the vets. However you can by Panacur over the counter labeled as Safe-Guard. It's the same, but individually packaged. Depending on the dogs weight, you might need to mix and match a couple of different sizes to get the correct amount. https://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=a981a331-83e0-42f5-bf86-0a5b069cc1f0 You can usually buy this at PetSmart, Petco, etc.
  14. I have a very odd schedule. Once in a while a new foster might have an accident in the crate (when I'm working) the first night or two. I've really never had an issue with them catching on to my schedule quickly.
  15. I was sorry to hear about Hester. I always loved your adventures. One day I will have a cow doggie. Archer is very handsome. Between my own that were fresh off the track and just over 30 fosters ... they will get excited with anything that is within their line of sight. It doesn't matter the size. I've had a few that would almost do back flips the first few sightings. I don't have a fenced yard, so we are walking the streets (quiet village). Most will after repeated sightings will calm down when walking. I don't let them pull me and there are a lot of NO's in the beginning. What may also help me is that I am usually walking one or two others that are not reactive to other animals. It can take some time, but most of the time it will work out.
  16. I would say so. I've never had any problems getting them to eat the granules mixed in with their food.
  17. From what I know, Drontal is not the usual medicine of choice for hooks. Repeated rounds of panacur works better. Our group does 5 days, wait 21 days, then 5 more days. Some groups will even wait another 21 days then do a 3rd. 5 day dose. Hooks can be difficult to get rid of. Also while you may take in a large fecal sample, they actually only test a small amount. it is literally a crap shoot if the sample they look at will actually show any worms. The initial dosing will only work on adult worms. The repeated doses work on the worms that have hatched since the previous dose. Panacur is expensive, but you can buy Safeguard over the counter yourself. Petco; on line pet stores; etc. sell it. It is dosed by weight, so you may need to buy a couple of different size packages to get the correct dose. It is also sold by 3 dose, so to do the 5 days you would have to buy 2 of each weight.
  18. She had been feeding him twice a day when she feeds her own dog. After his episode getting into the dog food and the resulting "D", per the vets recomendation she fed him 3 smaller meals and some metronidazole. I will pass along the suggestions.
  19. She just said he's always hungry. It may be that it's been a while since she's had a young dog. Her own GH is in his early teens and the last couple of fosters she had were older returns. I've had a couple that I had to get out the handy mans secret weapon and tape the top down on the food bin... for a while. He came off the track @ 1 month ago. So I would say he's used to regular meals.
  20. .... to fill him up without adding a lot of weight, TK Zee Zee Top ; "T" isn't my foster, but his foster home says he's always hungry. Very clever as well. He figured out how to open the louver doors where the dog food is kept and had quite a feast. Followed by a bout of the "Big D". She's feeding him 3 times a day with rice. I suggested apples which he will eat. He wasn't a fan of sweet potatoes. Anyone have any suggestions on what might keep the hunger pains away?
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