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  1. Congrats on your new pupper. Which group are you going through? The only brindle I had was my girl, and I liked her in the more girly colors. Though she did look striking in teal, and a dark teal would look wonderful on a boy.
  2. I think Kristin has this done for one of her greys but I could be wrong.
  3. How long has your son had Shamus? How often does the GF stay over? Girlfriends are replaceable, dogs are not...so I applaud your son for saying that Shamus is here to stay! It could be that he just needs more time to settle in. Or the dog could be cold. Does he use a crate at night? Where does Shamus sleep?
  4. You were all lucky to have found each other. He was a special dog. I especially enjoy the photo of the three pups lined up, going for a walk. Run free, faithful friend. 💔
  5. Gabby, the airedale puppy, had a negative fecal test today. Hurray! We will still do more more dose of panacur next week and test again in about a month just to be sure its really gone.
  6. This is correct. The policy renews based on the date the policy was first opened, even if those dogs are no longer with you. We had an increase on our policy this year, then moved a few miles away to a different zip code and saw a second increase. We have the most expensive plan ($100 deductible with 90% coverage) so we pay $150/mo for our two dogs.
  7. In my situation, ignorance was bliss. I didnt know about Greytalk until after I adopted Grace. I lived in a second floor studio in downtown Seattle. I adopted a dog right off the track who hadnt been fostered. I didnt know how she did with cars, stairs, elevators, noise, small dogs, non-greys, etc. When we got to my apartment, it was just me and Grace. We went to the grass patch a block away to pee, then went to the back door. I said to her -lets go girl- and walked right up. I didnt hesitate, and she went right up. We also had no idea if shed have separation anxiety. She was fine, and turned out to be my heart dog. She was perfect. On the contrary, my brother lived in Manhattan and for the first few weeks he had his grey, he had to carry him up and down three flights of wooden interior stairs. After a few weeks, he decided that he hated being carried so learned to do them on his own. He and his girlfriend had to work as a team at first, one at the bottom and the other at the top...hes only go up unleashed at first. Once he figured them out, he was fine.
  8. If the panacur doesnt clear them up this round, Im going to move Tess to the advantage multi/Drontal plus rotation, every two weeks. Ive been spraying wondercide in the spots where they have pooed, every time I pick up (twice a day or when I see them go - we have a dog door). I hope the panacur worked for the puppy. We will know on Tuesday.
  9. Well this is fun. We have had Tessie since Labor Day of 2017. She had hooks when we got her. Treated with Panacur several times, had two negative fecal tests in December and February. Haven't tested since then, since her bowel movements have been fine and since she had not one, but two negative fecals. We also faced a winter in Denver, plus moved to a new house. I took her in for her annual appointment last week and she tested positive for hooks. Not a huge infestation, but "a handful" (I think maybe 3-4) on the slide....so I think that's maybe a 1+ or 2+??? We also just got an airedale puppy. Gabby was born 7/1/18 and is from a breeder in Arkansas (hot and humid). Her first fecal at 9 weeks old was negative. With Tessie's positive hook test, we took another sample in from Gabby this week and that one was positive. She's now 11 weeks old. We are treating both dogs with two doses of Panacur. If that doesn't work, we will try the Advantage Multi/Drontal protocol and see where that lands us. I also just ordered Wondercide for the yard. With a puppy and a dog door it's impossible to keep them from pooping in the yard, though we will try to reduce it as much as possible and clean up as quickly as possible, with a minimum of twice a day.
  10. We moved three miles to a new zip code and our rates increased by $5 per dog. Ill still keep them insured though.
  11. Fenway battled chronic kidney disease for many years. He ate well up until the last week, and then his appetite really shut off. For a while he ate regular dog food with lower protein amounts, towards the end he ate royal canons prescription diet, both kibble and canned. That last week I could still get him to eat lunch meat, fast food hamburgers, boiled hamburger meat, I cant temeber what else I tried but I spent a lot of money on human food that last week. His body was simply done. Wednesday he was lethargic and not eating. I took him in for blood work and urinalysis on Saturday. His numbers were so bad that they wanted me to hospitalize him. I declined, took him home, and gave sub q fluids. We let him go the next day. Without question, I knew it was time. My friend is an e-vet and was working that day, so we drove him out to see her. He got violently car sick all over the waiting room. It was time. I was afrisid Id have a hard time knowing. I knew.
  12. Yes, thoroughly check for compromised kidney function. We ultimately had to get a dog door for Fenway once his kidney disease progressed.
  13. The letter idea is cute. Keep doing what youre doing. Archie sounds like a sweet old man. Thats quite a bit of activity for an old guy, too! Just make sure its not too much, as he could be sore and painful.
  14. Im so sorry for your tragic loss, Pam. What horrible people to do that to a dog.
  15. I have read that you need two negative fecals to consider a dog hookworm free. I would recommend waiting three weeks and taking in another sample, just to be sure. I am glad they are gone, they are nasty!
  16. Following along in case the negative fecal we got in December was a false negative. Heard one of the other dogs from this haul still has hooks, so dropped off another fecal yesterday just to be sure. Im hoping that with the winter, anything in the yard will be dead now.
  17. Tessie had a nasty case of hooks too but no diarrhea. My Grace had nasty bowel movements when she first arrived. She tested positive for babesia, a tick born disease. After treatment, her stools got better almost instantly. Have you done blood work for your pup? Id likely do blood work and have the vet send a sample off to be tested for TBDs. When Fen was sick, over cooked pasta and boiled lean ground beef helped. Chicken and rice never worked for him.
  18. Tessie is getting two pumps of grizzly salmon oil and 1 1/2 teaspoons of missing link with each meal. I called her snowflake then she got here, her dandruff was so bad. Its gotten much, much better.
  19. The webmaster wont work for us, unfortunately. He needs the back end support. I might order the less expensive Solvit harness and then it it looks like hes going to need support more often and for longer periods in the future, will add the Help Em Up. That is me looks awesome!
  20. This is the one that DH liked too, but I worry about whether it offers enough back end support. This one looks great! I hesitate to spend that much money on something that we might not ever use though. I want to have it on hand in case he gets to the point where he loses mobility. Because if it happens, Murphys laws says it will happen when we really need a harness and dont have one. Thanks. Hes doing pretty well, but hes pretty old for a big dog. Bless his heart, he still wants to chase cats and demands to get up on the bed every night. We hoist him up there now. He wont use stairs.
  21. Hi Greytalk. We have a 12 year old 100lb Airedale terrier who is starting to experience some mobility challenges. His back end is the weakest, but a lot of his weight is in his chest. Do you have any recommendations on harnesses that might help? Id like to get one now before we really need it. I also know the towel trick that will work in a pinch. I found this one that looks pretty supportive: https://www.chewy.com/solvit-carelift-full-front-back/dp/53761#pdpGallery What style have you had good luck with?
  22. I got even more curious about numbers so I added up how much weve paid healthy paws since insuring Jackson in 2014. Assuming $75 a month, which is our current rate (its gone up so this total is going to be higher than we have actually paid) we have paid HP $3375. The total we have received in reimbursements is $8600.
  23. Good choice! I was just going to post a bill for you to see how wonderful they are but I dont need to. Jackson had surgery to remove a cancerous lump. The surgery bill was $4,100. They paid $3,700. We will always have Healthy Paws. And like Jen said, their app is awesome.
  24. Pay attention to the temperature of the surfaces you walk them on! Sidewalks, asphalt and sand all heat up FAST!
  25. Tessie and Jackson love my four year old nephew, and he wants to be very involved with them and their care. When we walked Tessie on thanksgiving, I held the leash attached to the martingale and nephew held the leash attached to the tag collar. When we walked Jackson, I held the leash attached to the harness and nephew held the leash attached to his collar. Lots of gentle petting and throwing toy for them. And lots of good treats too. They think hes a really fun tiny human who brings lots of great stuff. My SIL has a 20 lb mix whomis not good with kids. To get him use to children, hes learning that lots of good things happen when kids are near and the good things stop when kids go away. As kids approach, he gets flooded with the tastiest treat they can find. When kids back away, treats stop. They are trying to reframe his brain so that kids equal awesome stuff.
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