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I am at a loss as to what to even type. Saturday night, Hogan started having serious seizures. Sunday, the vet thinks that he had a stroke, and this morning we let him go.




My sweet silly red hound. I don't know what we ever did without you. Your bulldozed your way into our lives and entered our hearts like a bull in a china shop. You helped us heal and gave us laughter after we lost so much family in such a short time. You kept me warm, protected me, kissed me when I was sick, and loved us unconditionally. You were my bicycle companion, my burglar alarm and my door-to-door salesman repeller. My sweet silly clown, I miss you terribly.




Please forgive me for not letting you go when you told me to.

Run free my sweetheart. You are now pain and itch free.



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Guest KateWantsaGrey
f_yellow Sorry for you loss, it's so hard to let them go, don't feel guilty for waiting. You made the best choice you could. He is a beautiful dog, what type of dog is he?
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My deepest sympathies on the loss of Hogan. I've admired him since you first posted his pics.


Run free, sweet Hogan.


:grouphug :grouphug :grouphug


Tempo (Keep the Tempo), Nora (Road Noise) & Gabe the babe (Gable Habenero), Cooper (Uncle Bud's Coop), Topper (Red Top), & Galgos Lisette & Manolito. Missing our beloved angels Cody (Kiowa My Dodie), Lou (Cantankerous Lou), Romi (FingerRoll), Connie (Devie's Concord), Millie (Djays Overhaul), Bailey (Hallo Forty nine), Andy (Iza Handy Boy, and Rocco (Ripley Rocco), Gracie (VS Megan), Eragon the Longdog, Joey (WJS Flashfire), Roy (Folly and Glory)

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Guest bowiebears

I am sorry to hear about your loss.


Love is such an amazing thing...and the love of our hounds is unspeakably precious.


One day we will all be reunited at The bridge.



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Farewell Hogan. So handsome, so young. :f_red


Freshy (Droopys Fresh), NoAh the podenco orito, Howie the portuguese podengo maneto
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Oh no, I'm so sorry. I saw "Hogan" and thought 'it can't be; he's so young'. Life is just not fair. This really really stinks and I am so terribly sorry for your loss. :grouphug

...............Chase (FTH Smooth Talker), Morgan (Cata), Reggie (Gable Caney), Rufus
(Reward RJ). Fosters check in, but they don't check out.
Forever loved -- Cosmo (System Br Mynoel), March 11, 2002 - October 8, 2009.
Miss Cosmo was a lady. And a lady always knows when to leave.

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Guest GiJenn51

Sue-- I don't know what to say. I'm crying here for you. I never met him, but he was close to my heart. :cry1


God Speed Hogan....


You will always be remembered and loved.

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Guest BlackandBrindle

My heart is broken for you. You know I'm here any time you need me :grouphug You did everything you could and he knew you loved him with all of your heart. :grouphug

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I'm so very sorry. :(

Cynthia, & Cristiano, galgo
Always in my heart: Frostman
Newdawn Frost, Keno Jet Action & Chloe (NGA racing name unknown), Irys (galgo), Hannah (weim), Cruz (galgo), & Carly CW Your Charming

Princess http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=1018857

"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are." -- Unknown

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