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  1. It sounds like it's just not the right time in your life for this. I'm glad you care enough about her to return her.
  2. I agree. You're already overwhelmed and afraid. Talk to your group and return her.
  3. He may have slipped and fallen while you weren't there, causing him to be afraid. They have really long legs and can really hurt themselves falling or doing the splits. I don't feel it's babying them to put rugs out, just to keep them safe. Think of it as childproofing.
  4. Of course she should sleep in your room, she's family.
  5. Her group is Greyhound Adoption Center. www.houndsavers.org There is someone working on setting something up on their site for donations, for a special project in her honor. I can let you know when that happens, or you could go ahead and donate noting her name, and it will go towards it once it's up and running.
  6. I don't think Stephanie posted much lately, but I wanted her friends who aren't on Facebook to know that she passed away Sunday night. She was mom to greyhounds, Brady, Maddi, Penny, Dexter, Jack and Cooper. She loved her dogs fiercely. She and her husband, Steve, recently had an amazing 12th birthday party for Maddi Steve and all of her friends will miss her terribly.
  7. I agree that it's not your fault in any way. It was probably the owner's handling of the beagle that made the beagle react so violently. All fault lies with the owner of the beagle...all of it!
  8. Oh Y, I am so very sorry. A wonderful tribute for a wonderful dog.
  9. This was the first thing I thought as well. It used to happen to my Bailey. Going upstairs doesn't hurt, but going down does.
  10. He got it from playing water games with the hose, which obviously they won't be doing again. He's six years old.
  11. My brother's doberman has this. Has anyone been through this before? He was hospitalized for six days and they now have him at home. They have him on oxygen and are giving him regular nebulizer treatments. The issue right now is breaking up the phlegm. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, he is super constipated, but at this point refused to eat anything but chicken. Is there a liquid stool softener that can be added to his water or something? Or any other remedies? This is quite the roller coaster for all of them. Some days are better than others, and usually after a good day, he will then have a really horrible day... Just trying to find things that will help him breathe easier, and help him cough up that phlegm.
  12. I wouldn't crate a dog that you've been told already hates the crate. Can you babygate her with the other greyhound somewhere? Have the babygate a few inches off the floor so the cats can run under it if she gets overly excited and wants to chase them.
  13. I agree with k9soul. Using aggressive training with a timid dog just seems like a recipe for disaster.
  14. I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Bullitt.
  15. Aww, love the names, Watson and Lilly! I'm not near Vermont, but I think more people will see this if you post it under Everything Else Greyhound vs Introductions.
  16. It was right on the side of her first toe. She is fine now, thanks everyone! It took a couple of hours, but she is back to normal. I just felt so bad...she's a tough girl and it surprised me that it bothered her so much.
  17. Hershey just got stung by a bee. I've given her benedryl, but it really seems to hurt her. It's only been about fifteen minutes and there is no swelling. She's not letting me soak it...honestly, she doesn't want me touching her. I know it was a bee sting because I found the stinger. Any ideas of what I can do for pain?
  18. Can you see through the backs of the stairs? I'm just curious because both of my greys did stairs perfectly...unless you could see through them. I think they end up focusing on stuff behind the stairs and then misstep and freak out. It will definitely take some patience at this point, but hopefully you can work up to actually going up them quickly with him focusing at the top of the stairs and not looking through them. Maybe your daughter can be up at the top with an AMAZING treat and talking to him the whole time you're helping him up. A quick pace is better if you can get him moving. The trick is to get him looking at the top. I'm guessing you can see through them, which is why he does so much better going downstairs... Okay, I quoted myself...doh!
  19. Oops, didn't mean to call Coe a girl...I couldn't see any "bits" in the picture.
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