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  1. The nice thing about Paragon is they are wheat free, made from potato fiber and plant fiber. The weirder the shape, the longer they last. We sell the most hedgies and a couple of our big dog customers say they last about 30 minutes. She buys them by the case now.
  2. I haven't been on in a very long time, but I heard that Jilly Bean had passed away and I had to come post and tell you how sorry I am for your loss. She is up there with all the greys giving them what for, and they are all glad the Queen Bean is large and in charge. Run free sweet Jilly.
  3. Thank you for all the positive advice, it helped. Lucy has been resting at night and so have we. She passed away peacefully this afternoon. I think being able to rest gave her the calm she had been looking for.
  4. I appreciate all the input. While digging through the cupboards last night looking for melatonin, I found Diesel's tramadol and we all slept. Amazing what a little rest will do for a person and a dog. We do have a redbone coonhound that is 5 now, so Lucy is not alone at home. She can't stay in the kennel with the hound during the day because Sally will bowl her over and I am afraid she will get hurt. I think in my sleep deprived desperation some of you have the wrong idea about Lucy's condition. For 15 she is great, but she is incontinent which is frustrating and really frustrating when you a
  5. I'm so sorry for your losses. I think we all drift in and out from time to time though. I still have a few puppy pics of the litter when they were young. We have had coonhounds for awhile now also and I loved your puppy pics. Sending hugs...
  6. fritofeet


    I am so sorry for your loss.
  7. It has been awhile since I posted, and a lot has changed. We lost my Diesel to pancreatic cancer in July and it has been a difficult time. I never in a million years would have thought Lucy was close to him, but she can not be left alone at all. So, now my 15 yo girlie goes to work with us everyday. She is incontinent, blind, deaf, and had multiple strokes, weak back end and a vestibular incident and seems to think that she is not ready to go. She recovers from whatever is disturbing her this week and gets it together, and for the most part seems happy. She sleeps part of the day sometimes all
  8. It is a great food, but all formulas contain some form of chicken or fish so it hasn't worked for a few of my allergy customers. They do have a frequent buyer program, so you can figure out which formula works for all of your dogs and you can mix and match to get your free bag. Quite a few of our customers have switched from Taste of the Wild over to NutriSource because of it-but the ones who need a simpler formula have stayed with Taste of the Wild. Your store should be able to get you sample bags to try for your sensitive houndie.
  9. optigest We use and recommend Optigest here.
  10. I have used the Fiproguard plus on my 3 since it came out and have not had a problem with it rolling off. I do work it through the fur in a line with the end and not just one spot though. No fleas here, and I used it after I found fleas when the dogs came back from boarding. Haven't had any problems with customers buying/using it either-but the plus will be scarce shortly as Frontline got a stay on the "plus" formula from other generics. So Fiproguard is "Frontline Top Spot" and Fiproguard Plus is "Frontline Plus." Hope that helps.
  11. I also was going to say add unflavored metamucil to the cans. Poor baby. I hope he's better soon. My allergy dog Hogan could do brown rice, so I always added some to his meals for the extra fiber.
  12. You might try googling Evanger's. If that doesn't come up with anything, add FDA to the string and then decide if you want to feed Evangers.
  13. Sometimes a little hot water on the kibble will get the appetite going. Can you add a tablespoon or so of the Bison canned to the dry? Diesel doesn't have allergies but is having stool issues so I have him on the Synergy mixed with the Bison. It helps, but he wants "extras" so I have to do a little canned & hot water or a raw egg over his kibble or he won't eat it. What treats are you feeding? Do you have him on a good pro or prebiotic?
  14. The Go! Endurance grain free formula is what most of my former EVO chicken formula customers have switched to, and most say their dogs like the formula more.
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