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  1. There will always be ex-racers to adopt. There is a group in the Chicago area who has started getting them from the China meat market. These are racers that were sent over from Australia and Ireland, I believe.
  2. Wow, how awesome that you tracked all of this. I sure hope they include your information.
  3. It sounds like it's just not the right time in your life for this. I'm glad you care enough about her to return her.
  4. I agree. You're already overwhelmed and afraid. Talk to your group and return her.
  5. He may have slipped and fallen while you weren't there, causing him to be afraid. They have really long legs and can really hurt themselves falling or doing the splits. I don't feel it's babying them to put rugs out, just to keep them safe. Think of it as childproofing.
  6. Both of mine passed within a couple weeks of their 12th birthday.
  7. Of course she should sleep in your room, she's family.
  8. Her group is Greyhound Adoption Center. www.houndsavers.org There is someone working on setting something up on their site for donations, for a special project in her honor. I can let you know when that happens, or you could go ahead and donate noting her name, and it will go towards it once it's up and running.
  9. I don't think Stephanie posted much lately, but I wanted her friends who aren't on Facebook to know that she passed away Sunday night. She was mom to greyhounds, Brady, Maddi, Penny, Dexter, Jack and Cooper. She loved her dogs fiercely. She and her husband, Steve, recently had an amazing 12th birthday party for Maddi Steve and all of her friends will miss her terribly.
  10. Well, I didn't freak out until I got to the arrows. How much of the yards are side by side? Is there any way to put a tall privacy fence down that side?
  11. He is beautiful. I have only had black females, which to a lot of people looked identical. I had people in my neighborhood (I walked my girls twice a day, every day) approach me weeks, months and even years later, thinking that Holly was Bailey and telling me how good she looked still. I must admit, that caught me off guard a few times. However, I can glance at any picture and know which is which immediately. So, it's not that I ended up comparing them, but others did. One thing I did though, was not use Bailey's collars for Holly, because at first I thought I might not be able to tell them apart in pictures.
  12. I had it for a couple of weeks and sent it back. Although I haven't found a replacement yet, either.
  13. When I lost Bailey, I was devastated. There used to be a feature on GT where you could blog, and I would write about her quite often. Day 17. Day 41. Day 320, etc. I didn't adopt another until more than a year after she passed. In the meantime, I was missing greyhounds terribly, so I started babysitting them. In that year, I think I had more than 35 greyhounds come stay with me. I ended up adopting one of the girls that I babysat for. That was my Holly. She was such a wonderful dog. Different than Bailey, but so special. None of them ever replace the one before them. There is room for all of them in your heart. I also think it's ok to adopt a dog just for Truman. Henry doesn't have to pick him...you can trust Truman to choose.
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