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  1. Oh, Jay, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you, as I lost my Daisy six months ago, very suddenly as well. I can recall so many times through the years when I would hear about Pretty and Cody through your posts. Take care
  2. My heart is so sad for you tonight as I read of Jilly's passing. I've not been on GT much for the past few years, but she is one honorary 'hound' whose antics I've especially enjoyed. What a special little girl she was. My condolences on her passing
  3. I still can't process that Truman is gone, he was larger than life through his antics, his stories, and through his ever-present self in Em's and your lives. My heartfelt condolences on this most difficult loss
  4. Keeping Lucky in close thought and prayers - I feel for the both of you and am sending an abundance of hugs your way.
  5. jodyksam


    I am so sorry for your loss. He was a special boy and enjoyed a wonderful life with you and Jeff.
  6. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I remember meeting Patrick when Daisy and I went to Dewey Beach. Now they're both romping and playing at the Bridge.
  7. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to your boy - beautifully done
  8. Thank you, Mel. I always lamented that we left RI too early so that Daisy and Payton could have met for a playdate. Perhaps they're enjoying their own now
  9. I wanted to add a couple of more pics to the gallery presented in my initial post. Here is Sammy James, Daisy's other little 'brother'. Sammy and Daisy tolerated each other quite well. He was pretty jealous of the number one status enjoyed by Daisy, but in her last few days, he began to hang out with her a little bit. I always thought that LB (our other little one) would be the one to hang out on Daisy's bed in our bedroom, but it's Sammy. He won't lay down on the portion where Daisy would lay, but only lays down on the far edge, as if in respect. Sammy James Here's one of my
  10. Thanks, Robin and everyone else. Today was a difficult day - seemed that everything I did today had some reminder of Daisy. She is the first dog I've lost and my first greyhound, my first heart-dog. It's hard to turn off a mind that keeps reminding you that 'one week ago...' etc.
  11. Had a good visit with the vet today - a greater sense of peace in knowing that we didn't let her go too soon or too late. Found footage from late May and took a screen capture that truly does 'capture' the essence of Daisy. It's in the swager, in the gleam of her eye as she is heading toward me. I just love how silvery she grew in her senior years...
  12. I'm so sorry about your loss - it's never easy to make the decision, and my heart goes out to you. :bighug
  13. Here are two early pics of Daisy, from when we lived in RI. This probably is in 2003. Our first GT friend, newmommyinri, cheryl and Daisy running in a baseball field in Providence. And me and Daisy, same day ... Knight-Knight and Sandy were Daisy's special friends the two years she lived with me in RI before heading to CA.
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