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  1. I'm so sorry your pretty momma had to leave you
  2. he takes 3.75mg meloxicam at 6:15am. I am doing the 2 x day, not sure if that's the right way to go some say that, others say once. I give up.
  3. our vet wasn't sure which way would be better as she doesn't prescribe it much so that's why I'm asking for advice here, from anyone that might have used it before. She said I could do either way but didn't know which was was more beneficial
  4. our Larry is doing very badly since Sunday with his LS and other issues and our vet is adding Amantadine to his current gabapentin/tramadol/meloxicam meds. He is to get 200mg every day and my question is, would it be better for him to give the 200mg (2 100mg pills) at one time, once a day, or 1 100mg pill every 12 hours for twice a day? Our vet doesn't Rx it much so wasn't sure which way would be more beneficial to give. I want whatever will be the best for him. He is a big #89 boy and will be 13 on Monday I don't know if he will make it to see his birthday. Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm so very sorry your beautiful girl had to leave you
  6. love the carrots. I make a big batch (like enough for 3 pint deli containers, packed full) and keep them frozen until I need a new container (keep the one I'm using refrigerated).
  7. RaineysMom


    sending hugs.
  8. RaineysMom


    I am so very, very sorry
  9. I'm so very sorry what a lovely tribute to a beautiful girl
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