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  1. I'll be there once again running the American Lurcher Project booth. Please stop by and say hello!
  2. Is there anyone from NE Ohio/Cleveland attending GIG? If so, I need a favor...
  3. Hi Briana, I would guess bacterial or fungal, too. Be sure to let us know what the vet says. If you haven't already, send an email to Corey with the link to this thread. She may have some ideas for you. Do these spots develop on areas that are under pressure as he's lying down? Mary
  4. HI,

    I couldn't believe it when I saw the Lawrence Welk clip of my cousin Genese! Thanks so much for posting it. . .I've never seen it before, and certainly never expected to see it on GT. Ahh, the power of GT!


  5. Hi Raineysmom! It was nice meeting you at the GO Reunion!

    Mary aka Sharpshot

  6. When my boy Scirocco was in his last days, the ONLY food (human food included) I could get him to eat was Gaines Burgers! Remember those awful dried Play-doh looking "hamburger patty" things wrapped in celophane? I used to buy them by the case at Petco (then Petcare) and hope that nobody I knew saw me in the store with them in my shopping cart! Do they still sell those things? I hope people are a little more educated and enlightened about dog food these days!
  7. Since I free-feed, I have no idea how much each dog eats. I go through about 40# of food/week for 6 dogs.
  8. Hi, I'm in NW Illinois, and can grey-sit. I have 6 dogs of my own, a 6-pack and fold down-crates if necessary. I have a fenced dog-yard, which is surrounded by 2-1/2 fenced acres. I also have a run with 6 foot fencing and a dog door. Lots of foster/dog-sitting experience, and medical care experience, too.
  9. Just my 2 cents. . . Be aware that several foods have changed their formulations since this grading system first appeared. For example, Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice (which USED to be Nutro Natural Choice Lamb MEAL and Rice) made significant changes to its formulation when it was bought out by Mars Pet Foods last year. The new formulation will not score nearly as high as the old formulation, for example. I personally look for a dog food that is made in a company-owned plant, rather than by a large co-packer that makes lots of different foods. That's the situation th
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