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  1. Welcome! And what a handsome boy!! Our Jeramie wishes he was still that black!!
  2. I am so very very sad to hear of this loss. Hugs to you. Run free Paddy Mayhem
  3. I am so very sorry. Run free sweet Taylor.
  4. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. Run free lofty Princess.
  5. Oh your poor June. How upsetting for you. Hoping she gets through this quickly and is back to being herself.
  6. Oh what a handsome boy! I'm so sorry for your loss. Run free sweet Charley.
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. Looks like Fenway had an incredible life with you. Run free sweet Fenway.
  8. I am so sorry you lost your sweet pup. Run free Manley.
  9. Oh what an emotional time for you. I am so very sorry for your losses.
  10. Oh how heartbreaking. I am so very sorry. Run free beautiful Sophie.
  11. Raven - what a beautiful girl! I'm so sorry for your loss. Run free sweet Raven.
  12. What a wonderful life Sunny had with you!! Run free sweet boy.
  13. We had to say goodbye to our sweet Nikki. The dreaded bone cancer was found in an xray. We miss her terribly. Run free my little Ms Nikker Doodle.
  14. I am so very sorry. Run free sweet Murray.
  15. Our non grey, Cirrus, had this when she was a young dog. Her hematocrit dropped to 10% and they had to do a blood transfusion. It took some time, but she did recover! Sending healing thoughts for Jeff and a full recovery.
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