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  1. I want to thank everybody for their kind responses, it means a lot to my wife and I. As to what captured Charley's attention in that photograph we have a large picture window in our living room that is just the right height for a greyhound to look out. There are a lot of people who like to walk their dogs on our street and Charley used to love to stand at the window and watch them go by. When his ears went up in attention like the photo you know he saw a dog walking past his house. Yes, we still have Skyler and she is doing fine. She is camera shy so it is hard to get a good picture of her, but I will work on getting something worthy of posting. Here is one of them together from a few years ago... charley_skyler_4-10-2014 by Craig Brewer, on Flickr
  2. A few more of my favorite pictures of Charley... [/url]Pool Boy. by Craig Brewer, on Flickr">http://Pool Boy. by Craig Brewer, on Flickr [/url] >Wanna play some football? by Craig Brewer, on Flickr">http://Wanna play some football? by Craig Brewer, on Flickr [/url] >At the dog park in El Segundo, California by Craig Brewer, on Flickr">http://At the dog park in El Segundo, California by Craig Brewer, on Flickr [/url] >Charley by Craig Brewer, on Flickr">http://Charley by Craig Brewer, on Flickr
  3. Have not posted in quite a long time, but for those that remember Charley, he passed away yesterday 3/6/2017. He was 14 years old and we have had him for 12 years. What a wonderful dog and companion he was, he followed us from room to room because he wanted to be close all the time. So many good memories we have! This picture is from a few years ago. He was sunning and sleeping on some pavement in the back yard and I arranged some fall leaves around him to take the picture. http://charley_fall_leaves by Craig Brewer, on Flickr
  4. Thanks for the kind comments. Have not been around as much as I used to and miss the community here!
  5. She was in a blue mood this afternoon... oil_paint_skyler_blue by ripsdante, on Flickr
  6. She is so cute, crate her up and send her here for Christmas!
  7. Stylish, what all the girls will be wearing this winter!
  8. Yup- clitoral hypertrophy due to the hormones given during her racing career. Things should normalize in time. Would love to see her otherside please! Of course, here is her beautiful face! Thanks for all the answers everybody!
  9. OK, don't laugh, feel like a perv posting this picture. But we have only had one female dog ever (Brandee) and her "business end" looked totally different from our new dog Skyler. She is about six weeks off the track and we got her at the end of the first week after she had just been spayed. When we picked her up we noticed Charley sniffing about much more than he ever did with Brandee. When we had a look this is pretty much what we saw...see photo. Now Brandee had all her "business" inside tucked away and not visible so we were a bit concerned. The foster lady thought it might be something to do with the spay, and figured it would return to normal. I took this picture today and it still looks the same weeks later. So for you who have female dogs, have you ever seen this before and is this normal or anything to be concerned about?
  10. So sorry to hear about Wabi. I know this is a trying time for you and hope you can get some measure of peace.
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