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  1. Most of the people I know feed Taste of the wild. I think I've heard Acana/Orijen can be too rich. I can't recall who told me that though. I feed raw only.
  2. I need to look for that pic- I think I have it burned on a CD. She's wearing her crabby collar in it too. lol
  3. Passion 10/16/17-5/25/17 My beautiful baby raced over the rainbow bridge yesterday. I had her 13 years. I have so many things I want to share but how do I do that in just a few sentences and a few pictures? 13 years of memories- many happy, many, many frustrating and lots of laughs. This is actually the 2nd post I've typed. Stupid Fb poofed the first one. Not sure I have the heart to re-write it all. I'm trying to type this through tears. There will never be another greyhound like Passion! I would love it if you would post memories of her, even if you never met her but knew her through my posts. Thank you! Here's some pictures- I tried to find a few from each year. https://www.facebook.com/kari.keller/media_set?set=a.450181547582.242422.527687582&type=3
  4. I sent a text to his owner. He said he had an ankle injury.
  5. I know McGraw He was in the kennel I worked in for a few months at PB. He's a big boy, right?
  6. I'm having such a hard time with him gone. It sucks
  7. My beautiful boy is running pain free. Lucky was the sweetest dog. He was my heart dog. He arrived as a foster in September 2008 & after a few hours, I knew he wasn't leaving. He loved to sing & was always the first to throw his head back & belt out a rooooooo. I will miss him so much. We decided not to do X-rays. When it was time to leave for the vet, he couldn't get up. I knew it was time. We did it in the parking lot at the vet. Lucky loved car rides so it was the perfect send off. I whispered how much I loved him as he slipped away. Right after he took his last breath, the sun burst through the clouds & shined down on us. Lucky loved laying in the sun so he did it one last time.
  8. Just picked up 200 lbs of beef last night. On the 19th, I'll get 100 lbs of chicken.
  9. I have 5 hounds. Thunder has seizures so I started him on raw July 2013. A few weeks later, I started Passion who is 11.5. Around Sept/Oct, I started the rest. I will never go back to kibble. I don't even like to feed treats now and would rather feed dried meat instead. Lucky was a picky eater. Now he body slams me when it's time to eat. He loves it. When I first started, I thawed out all the meat, weighed and put a days worth in ziplock bags. It was too time consuming & messy so I stopped. Now I just thaw out 10 lbs of beef and 10 lbs of chicken and weigh out each pups meal at night so it's ready for breakfast the next day. I'm not awake enough in the morning to do it otherwise I would just wait until morning. NO regrets other than I didn't start sooner.
  10. I have been selling it so let me know if you want to buy any.
  11. Liver gives Lena the squirts no matter how little I give her. The others love it. No advice. Maybe mix it with the other meat so they can't tell?
  12. They only need a tiny, tiny bit of liver a day. It's not a meal.
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