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  1. I Zoom in a school logo shirt and shorts for me Elizabeth! I have also made a virtual background of our school logo so the students can’t see inside my house. Carol Ann P. S. Sometimes Molly McPoodle makes a quick appearance!
  2. Hi friends! Today Mama and Daddy wented back to work, so I am back to spending my days napping in da family room. Mama raised her voice at one point dis morning! !!! She is knot da kind of teacher dat yells so I was berry surprised and so were her students! She said dat da one class was just out of control and she had to ‘admonish’ dem to quiet down and get back to work. Shocking I say, shocking dat teenage boys wood be rambunctious after 17 days of vacation! Molly McPoodle.
  3. I surbibed da nite of boomers. I don't freak out too bad, but der was no way in H - E - Double Hockey Sticks I was sleeping in ma own bed on da floor next to Mama. No way no how, she couldn't get ma off da big bed! So I slept da hole entire night right between Mama and Daddy. I woodn't eben go out for last potties. Molly McGirlcanholdit!
  4. Happy New Year's Eve to all ma friends. It wood be a much better Eve if all da idiots around ma house wood STOP lighting off fireworks dat scare me. I missed out on going for a walk tonight wif da 'rents to look at da luminaries in our neighborhood cause I was all scared of da bangs and dey didn't want to risk me freaking out. Apparently ebbery house in our neighborhood had 7 or 8 paperbags in front of dem on da sidewalk wif sand in da bottom and a candle lit inside so da bags glowed! Dey were supposed to be put out on Christmas Eve, but it was too windy and rainy dat night so dey did it tonig
  5. Congrats to Wiki for getting an awesome new home!! Nuttin new around here in Ore-Land-O except dat it was berry cold on Christmas! One morning it was only 33 fair-en-height degrees when Daddy took me out for first potty! Dat may seem warm to sum of youse guys, but around here dat is SUPER cold!!! Ma new blue Christmas dog still has three out of four legs, and ma new rat is intact and can still sing! Mama and Daddy did KNOT get out of der pajaymas today! Molly McPoodle.
  6. Thank you Mr. Jeff. I yam so berry happy to be back home. Lub, Molly McPoodle P.S. Here is one of ma two new Christmas toys! Dis one still has all four legs in dis here photo. In real life he is now down to three. Whoops!
  7. Lila I yam berry sorry dat your time has come to leave your Mama. Be brave and soon you will be in heaven and your body will be perfect again - no pain, just fun and bacon. Lub, Molly McPoodle.
  8. Well that is a very sad story Mama. How about you share a happy photo of ME to cheer the mood in here up again? Molly McHappy.
  9. I have used Costco for my Christmas cards for years. Their prices are excellent and they mail them to you quickly.
  10. Wow Battle! You is getting famous in da prancing around ting! We here in da club are berry proud of youse!! Molly McStarstruck!
  11. Our Thanksgibbing yesserday was good. I gots sum broccoli and sum turkey in ma dinner bowl! Yummy!
  12. Tinking of you Balti. Hope you gets lots of treats and fun stuff for da rest of your time. Molly McSad.
  13. Do you know what day it is today? It's TANKSGIBBING!!! At least it is a ma house. We is doing da holiday a day early dis year. I yam dreaming of sum turkey on ma kibble for dinner tonight! Molly McHopefull.
  14. Look! Itty Bitty little buds! Spirit maybe sum day our buds will be a big and beautiful as your buds!!
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