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  1. Mama was busy today working on her project for her bestie friends birfday on Friday. She finally gots da painting of da Suck-you-lents finished. Oh oh. Did I just say a bad word? Da mat color looks weird in dis photo, but it is off white KNOT pink! She hopes her bestie will like da pressie. Molly McCleantongue!
  2. Daddy looked out his office window and saw that we had guests in front of our house! Molly McReporteroflongleggedbirds.
  3. Tank you for da helpful information Andipants! I was sort of considering KNOT wanting to cuddle up wif Mama if she had FLEAS! I mean a girl has to hab standards, right? Molly McPicky.
  4. Ma Mama and Daddy are both "De-Flued" and Boosted! Does dat mean dat dey had FLEAS? I sure hope knot!! Molly McPoodle.
  5. Daddy and Mama were unfaithful! I tink dey were lucky to still hab der ears since dat fellow had HUGE teeth! Molly McGirlwifteethINsidehermouth!
  6. Ivy do you know what? My dear departed sissie Specky once gibbed MY Mama a corney braisin too! She was laying in bed wif Mama and punched her in da eye wif her paw! Mama wented to da eye doctor and she put a bandaid on her eyeball! She had to wear da bandaid (medicated contact lens) for 24 hours and den use drops for like two weeks. She says it hurt a lot! Molly McTattletail.
  7. Has anyone tried Oats OverNight? Maybe they are an acquired taste?
  8. Andipants! Youse guys hab a PINK POODLE!!!! Dat is almost like me, except dat I yam ORANGE!! Molly McPoodle.
  9. If I leave Costco with a $200 bill I am THRILLED! Last week was more than double that!
  10. I am very sorry Ducky. For a wee guy he will certainly leave a large hole in your heart.
  11. As some of you may remember, way back in 2005, our crazy free spirited girl Specky dismantled a Santa Christmas ornament. I have no idea what crime Santa had done to so deeply offend Specky, but she certainly did a first class job of tearing him to bits! Literally! This is what the pieces I could salvage looked like after Specky got through with Santa! Poor Santa was quite the sad case! All of his body parts dismembered, some of them past the point of recognition! So I got out my glue gun, and did my best to reconnect Santa - sort of like putting Humpty Dumpty back together again! I really did try, but alas, my results were less then optimum. I really should have paid more attention in anatomy class! Here we are, 14 years later, celebrating Christmas once again. Specky sadly left us back in 2013. Gosh we miss that crazy girl! She brought so much joy and excitement to our lives! We now live with an almost equally crazy three year old Standard Poodle named Molly. There are times when we swear Specky is whispering in her ear - giving her ideas of new ways to get into mischief! Don't listen Molly!! Ok, maybe listen a little, because every home needs some crazy every once in a while! So let us all again remember the example of Specky. That crazy girl who knew how to live life to the fullest. Who was never afraid to do the unexpected. We can all learn a little from this tiny spark plug who taught us the meaning of fun!
  12. Affiliated Veterinary Specialists - or AVS - are wonderful! This is where GPA-GO has all their complicated ortho cases handled. They also use University Animal Hospital for the more simple ones. Dr. Privitte at University Animal is our own personal vet and we just love him. On a personal note, the specialists at AVS were able to keep our girl Lady alive for almost 3 years after a devastating diagnosis of PLE. I cannot praise them enough.
  13. Oh my. Lucy, you and Momo are in my thoughts and prayers. You are both very brave. Hugs, Carol Ann.
  14. If we had not had Lady on the high dose of Prednisone those first few months, she never would have survived. The pred saved her life. Yes, there were ugly side effects, but we learned to deal with those, and with time and her dose being lowered, they were manageable. When she had diarrhea we used Tyloson Powder. The key to managing this disease is consistency in diet. Do your best to pick a plan and stick with it. Jumping all over the place with different approaches is not a good idea. If it were my dog, I would get the endoscopy and biopsies done. You will never have a correct treatment plan if you don't know for sure what you are treating. Good luck.
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