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  1. Hey! I gots ma toes chopped off dis morning too! And dis time Mama dis KNOT quick even one of dem! Score for Mama! Afferwords I gets a chewy stick for being a somewhat good girl and only squirming a little bit! So far da hurricane wif da hard to say name has only sent us some rain bands and a headache for Mama. Yep, my Mama's head is like a weather fourcast tool! Abby I hope you is getting lots of lub. Molly McPoodle.
  2. Sherrie I am so sorry that Abby needs to leave you. You have given her a wonderful life and she knows how much you love her. Giving her this final gift of freeing her from pain is a selfless act and one showing just how much you love her. Fly free sweet Abby. Your friends will be waiting for your arrival. Hugs and Love, Carol Ann & Molly McPoodle.
  3. Hi to all ma friends. Sorry I hab knot been around berry much lately. Lots of crappy worrying stuff at ma house. Good news is Mama is back to being MY Mama and knot shutting herself in da bedroom all alone and den shutting da door in ma face! Dat was an awful four days for me. Probably sucked for her too! But she failed her test and apparently dat is good news for dis kind of test. Granny had to wait until Sunday to hab her hip fixing surgery. Da operating guy said dat her hip was broken in four places and looked like she had fallen down a flight of stairs, when really she fell from standing up putting on her slipper. It took a rod, plate, pins and wire to fix it. Doctor says dat da medicine she hab been taking for years and years to help make her bones stronger, sometimes causes dem to gets weaker and BREAK! She's knot gunna take dat drug anymores. She is one berry unhappy camper right now, and doesn't fully grasped just how long she is gunna be in da horsepiddle. She will do rehab in da same horsepiddle where she is right now. Da good news is dat her daughter and granddaughter are both nurses der, so she gets to see family more den udder peoples. De rules is a list of only two people, and den only one of dose two peoples can visit for one hour every other day. Dis virus stuff is making life awful for people who is sick or in a old people place. Dat is all I gots about me. Lub to all ma friends. Molly McPoodle.
  4. Well, this has been an interesting week. You all know that Dan and I have been incredibly careful about preventing Covid exposure - especially for him. Dan has literally stayed home since March 15th. Only trips out were to the dentist and for a blood test. So .... I dropped off a huge train table to a co-workers house a week ago yesterday. I was in her house for less than 5 minutes, and we both wore masks and did not get close to one another. That was Friday night. Tuesday morning she texts me to say that her husband - a paramedic firefighter has Covid. Now due to his unusual schedule she had not seen him since the previous Tuesday, and he was quarantined Thursday morning and got sick on Saturday. His entire crew came down with it. So out of an abundance of caution, I had a Covid test on Wednesday, and I have been isolating myself in our master bedroom for the last four and a half days. Just got my tests results and I AM NEGATIVE! Huge relief. So that is good, but the bad part is now Dan's Mom (Molly's Granny) has fallen and broken her hip. So one worry ended but another just beginning. If anyone would like to add Margaret to their prayers it would be sincerely appreciated. Carol Ann. P.S. Molly was SO unhappy to have to stay away from me this past week! Even the vet said that we had to do that until my test came back. P.P.S. Giant Q-tips up your nose to tickle your brain are knot fun!
  5. Lucy I have found great carpet runners at Costco. They only cost $10, and are about two feet wide and five or six feet long. They have rubberized backs that are safe for floors and prevent slippage. Carol Ann.
  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! I had no idea dat it was time for Christmas again! Strange dough, dey didn't put up da special tree, and we didn't gets any presents, but we DID get Christmas Dinner tonight!! I gots fresh turkey on ma kibble tonight for dinner!! What's dat Mama? It's only at OUR house dat we are celebrating Christmas today? Oh. And it is only Christmas DINNER? Oh. Why Mama? Molly McConfused. We have had a 22 pound turkey taking up a lot of room in our garage freezer, so Dan decided that he would cook it up today to make space. Then he thought as long as he was cooking a turkey, he might as well make sides to go with it! So he made scalloped potatoes, biscuits, fruit, gravy, stuffin' muffins, veggies. I made the cranberries and brownies for dessert! Had the kids over and had a true Christmas in July feast! Carol Ann.
  7. Elizabeth this is probably due to the Covid-19 virus. I know Costco no longer hands out individual samples of food or drink. If they are sampling granola bars they hand out the entire granola bar. Not like the winery can hand out entire bottles. I doubt their goal is pi$$ing customers off.
  8. Battle guess what? Mama read your post whilst I was outside in da potty yard wif Daddy. He was getting a couple of bare spots ready for sum new grass and I was run, run, running around. Mama comed out and was shocked to see dat I was filthy! I even had dirt all ober ma tongue! SO guess what I gots? A BATH! Just like you Battle! Molly McClean.
  9. Holding my breath. Good things might be happening! Texts from my boss look promising!
  10. Had my meeting with my boss. She is aware of my needs, but until she knows exactly how many kids will chose virtual she cannot commit to anything. We did discuss about making mask wearing mandatory for the students instead of 'highly recommended'. She agreed that this would be possible, especially since our county public schools are requiring this. (Staff are already required to wear masks per county rules.) She also told me that at this point my largest class assigned is 5 students. She is looking in to seeing if there is a way that I only have to come on campus for half my classes and do the rest on Zoom from home. She doesn't want to lose me - especially since I run the entire program on my own, but she totally gets that family safety has to come first. She also agreed that I could wear a face shield in addition to a mask for extra protection. She reassured me that I am only teaching Edmentum online learning this year and will not have any of the functional kids for math. Those are the students that are more likely to sneeze without covering! We are doing temperature checks before the kids get out of their cars, hand sanitizer before entering any classroom, cleaning the desks in between each class, one direction traffic in the hallways (all hallways are outdoors), sanitizing each classroom overnight, eliminating student backpacks, and not allowing any sharing of materials. So at this point I just have to wait and see what solutions she can offer me.
  11. Many years ago I came home one afternoon and let our pack out into the backyard. They all ran to the far corner and gathered around 'something' on the grass. I went over to see what they were looking at, and it was a HUGE turtle! This thing was the size of a dinner plate or larger! No idea of where he came from as the nearest water was two houses down and everyone had fences. So I picked him up and carried him back to the retention pond. Fun fact! Turtles pee all over you when they are pi$$ed at you! COLD PEE!
  12. Thanks everyone. Sincerely. Our county voted last night to delay the start of school until August 17th - one week. They are offering parents four different choices of how their kids will do school this year. They all have issues since there is no perfect solution available. Already a high school football team doing summer workout has 33 people quarantined, and a summer educational program has 17 out. Any guesses on how many people will be quarantined by the end of the first month? Especially since here in the Orlando area we have not one, not two, but SEVEN huge theme parks now open! Yeah! Cindy - if you can cut fabric with scissors, sew a straight seam on a sewing machine, and sew two pieces of fabric together with a needle and thread, then you too can make cushion covers and pillows! Literally the easiest project ever! If it didn't currently feel like 102 degrees right now, I would be out there sitting on the new couch reading! LOL!
  13. Well friends tomorrow Mama is gunna go in and talk to her big boss about either working frum home or knot going back to school next month. She just cannot risk bringing da bad virus home to Daddy. She is berry sad about dis cause she really lubs her job, and it is so good for her being mental. No, not quite rite, for her health. Nope, still know right - for her mental health! Dat's it! BUT, while all da teachers will be wearing masks, da kidlets are A) Sum of dem is exempt cause dey gots da disable-a-ties, and B ) Dey is kids and you cannot count on kids to always follow da rules when so much is at steak. She really, REALLY hopes dat der will be work she can do frum home, but if not den it is what it is. In happier news, Mama finished her sewing project dis morning. We gots a nice new bright blue sofa seating area for outside on da lani. Den Mama boughts a million pillows for it. Den she decided dat da chairs cushions for our patio dining chairs looked berry old and sad (dey is like 15 years old!) and so she decided to buy new ones. WHOA! Dose cost a LOT of money. So den she decided to just buy new covers for dem. WHOA! Dose still cost quite a bit of money! Like $60 for one outdoor fabric cober, and we gots six chairs! SO DEN, she boughts a big loooooooooong piece of outdoor fabric dat only cost $60 for da hole entire piece. It was enough to make six chair cushion cobers, two bar stool seat cobers, plus four pillows! She tinks she gots her money worth! Molly McDesignhelper.
  14. The P. J.’s WERE ordered from Amazon Canada! That’s what made their journey extra crazy!!
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