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  1. One of my favorite things to do!! Steal a Croc and run around the potty yard! Then of course guarding the Croc if I need to take a rest! Ma phil-lost-iffsy is dat if you steal it you protect it!
  2. Susan that is highway robbery on the bank's part. Sucks big time. We watched Haven from the start until the second to last season. It was a very good show. Dan is currently watching The Originals on Netflix. About vampires in New Orleans - very violent and graphic, but he really likes it. Major storyline over multiple seasons. Myka we hope your leg fixin' surgery goes well. I had a groom yesterday dat took off a LOT of fur! Amazing how fast ma fur grows. Granny is coming for a visit on Wednesday and I hab to look ma best! Plus also Mama says dat I hab come back from doggie camp just a teeny tiny bit calmer! Or, I am just still exhausted from running non stop for 20 days! Hope ebberybuddy is doing good. Tings are crazy busy at ma house rite now. VPK Graduation and Dance Recital and High School Graduation last weekend. Molly McPoodle.
  3. Look what Mama and Daddy saw in Bruges, Belgium! Dey were inside a church (Big surprise there for anyone who follows Mama's facebook feed! HaHa!), and when dey comed out, der was a lady holding three leashes in her hand. On da ends of da leashes were a Spanish Galgo, and two whippets! Mama says dat dey were all just as sweet as could be. She pulled out her phone and showed da lady photos of Gizzy, Specky, Riley Roo and Lady. Hey. Wait. A. Minute. Why didn't she pull out her phone and show da lady pictures of ME? Anyways, da whippets were so different in size - one was da size of an iggy and da udder almost da size of a Gizzy! Anyways, tings are getting back to normal around here. I yam still super tired from all ma fun times at camp. Mama is still doing load after load of post cruise laundry! Today Mama was pleased to hear how much her students had missed her whilst she was gone. Dey really liked the four videos she made dem (On Facebook for those who are interested!) and wanted to know where da rest of dem were! Ahhhhh ..... Mama gots busy and only made ones on navigation then and now, The Azores, Paris France and Bruges, Belgium. Since she missed Teacher Appreciation week, a couple of kids even had cards and gift cards waiting to give her! She says dat it was a nice welcome home. You wood tink dat da tons of face kisses I gibbed her wood hab been sufficient! Molly McWelcomehomebandwagon!
  4. Miss Jennie? Look what Mama found on da innerweb! https://people.com/music/brian-may-helps-save-hedgehogs/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-share-article&utm_content=20190514&utm_term=7056855&fbclid=IwAR1jnLHcvCaESKQn5Z9Xy_06lQcPsv2Uv141TSiT-JDXQ5GHzUwtXKi7Ez4
  5. Ma dog sitter Mollie Human posted a vacation photo of me! She calls it "A Trio of Fun!"
  6. I yam HOME!!!! Mama comed and dragged me away frum all ma friends dis affernoon. I was reel happy to see Mama affer three hole weeks, but berry sad to leave Shammy and Murphy and Ruby, and Blitz and Laila and, and, and I forget da rest of dem behind. It will be 109 sleeps until I see ma friends again. I am 100% totally and completely EX-SAUCED-Ded!! I will catch up tomorrow! Lub, Molly McPoodle.
  7. Yeah Atom! We is all so relived to hear dat he is doing better. Molly McCanbeatheagain!
  8. Hoping for an Atom update. It’s almost tomorrow where I am. Carol Ann.
  9. Sending a giant orange furry poodle hug to Atom. And one to his ‘rents too - they must need hugs rite about now. Molly McFriend.
  10. Atom we are sending you all the positive vibes and prayers that we can buddy. Carol Ann & Molly McPoodle.
  11. Well, another year has gone by .... but we still smile when we think of Specky! She truly was a 'one of a kind' girl! Her enthusiasm for life was contagious, and she gave her all in everything she did. Unfortunately, that included her efforts to dismantle poor Santa way back in 2005. He started out as a simple ornament, living quietly on the Christmas tree, minding his own business. Ok, maybe not quite 'minding his own business' as he does have that pesky 'naughty and nice list', and now sends elves to people's homes to spy and report back to him! Perhaps that was why Specky decided that Santa needed to die! I'm guessing that she was on the naughty list! At any rate, I found poor Santa's body parts, and reassembled him as best I could! To this day, Santa comes out every Christmas to once again adorn our tree. Each time, we reflect on our special girl Specky, and relive just a wee bit of the joy she brought us. Specky and Santa on our tree 2018. Santa after the unfortunate incident 2005. Santa after my attempts at reconstruction. Obviously I went to one of those 'off shore' medical schools! So once again I ask you all to remember our sweet girl Specky by throwing caution to the wind. Throw a toy in the air! Make a snow angel. Or a snowball! Have fun and remember that life is short and regrets will get you no where. Live your life like Specky lived hers - always on full throttle and at 100% fun! Love to All, Carol Ann, Dan and Molly McPoodle.
  12. Some of you might remember my original post regarding the unfortunate accident that Santa had at our house back in 2005. This was our first Christmas with Greyhounds, and at that point we only had Gizzy (aka Miss Perfect) and Specky (aka Gets In Trouble!) That was the year that Specky chewed a Santa ornament into scraps! I gathered them up, photographed the evidence, and then glued poor Santa back together as best as I could. The end results suggest that Santa did not make a wise choice on the healthcare exchange! Well, Santa is still alive and sort of well and on our tree again this year. 2016 Update - Santa is still hanging on our tree in a place of honor. This year his presence is even more special since we last both Gizzy and Riley Roo less than three months apart. So to honor Specky, Gizzy, Riley Roo and all the hounds that are not here to spend the holidays with us, please have fun. Pounce! Throw a toy in the air! Play bow! Life does not give you any Mulligans so make the most of every single day. If you are having a bad day, look at your hound and take inspiration from them! They know how to have fun!! 2017 Update - Once again, Santa, in his state of disrepair, has made his way to grace our Christmas tree. Life has changed at our house since last Christmas. We lost our fourth Greyhound Lady, earlier this year. Three lost in eight months - that was hard on our hearts. So, to change things up, we got ourselves a Standard Poodle Puppy last spring! Molly is one year old now, and still 100% crazy puppy. Today we put the tree up and started decorating. Trust me when I say that Molly has her eye on quite a few of the ornaments to claim as her own! We think she might be 'channeling' Specky! To keep poor Santa safe - after all, the poor guy went through the wringer when Specky got a hold of him - we placed him high up on the tree in a place of safety and honor. While losing so many so close together was heartbreaking, I still looked at the Santa ornament today and had a good laugh. Specky you were one of a kind! For those of you who did not get the chance to 'meet' Specky, here is a small taste of what her beautiful spirit was like. Crazy!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zviQY3WGC4 Pre-Surgery 2005 Photo Post Surgery 2005 Photo - Santa should have sued for malpractice or at the very least operating without a medical license! Today 2017 - in his place of honor (and out of reach of Molly's teeth!) Please, as you start your Holiday Season, enjoy every moment. Don't sweat the small stuff - will it 'really' matter six months from now if you get everything perfect? Approach life like Specky did - with all your heart and soul. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.
  13. Oh my. Lucy, you and Momo are in my thoughts and prayers. You are both very brave. Hugs, Carol Ann.
  14. If we had not had Lady on the high dose of Prednisone those first few months, she never would have survived. The pred saved her life. Yes, there were ugly side effects, but we learned to deal with those, and with time and her dose being lowered, they were manageable. When she had diarrhea we used Tyloson Powder. The key to managing this disease is consistency in diet. Do your best to pick a plan and stick with it. Jumping all over the place with different approaches is not a good idea. If it were my dog, I would get the endoscopy and biopsies done. You will never have a correct treatment plan if you don't know for sure what you are treating. Good luck.
  15. I just saw this thread. My Greyhound Lady was diagnosed with PLE at age 8.5 years old. Her condition was discovered through routine blood work prior to a planned dental. Her blood protein and albumin levels were extremely low. We immediately got her in to see a top notch internal medicine vet at a specialty clinic. They did an abdominal ultrasound and an endoscopy with multiple biopsies of her intestines. Tests confirmed that she had PLE. Prognosis was not good. IM vet had us switch her to one of two commercially available kibbles that were ultra low fat. She hated both of them - supposedly they don't taste very good. She was also allowed to eat boneless, SKINLESS, chicken breasts. I would grind up the kibble in a blender, add shredded chicken and fat free broth, spread this on cookie sheets and bake in the oven until like a cookie. Lady would eat that broken into chunks! That got us through those first few weeks. She also immediately started a high dose of prednisone - 40mg per day. Over the next few months, we were able to decrease her prednisone down to a maintenance level. For her food, we discovered that PASTA has almost no fat, plus lots of calories! So for the next 3.5 years, Lady ate two cups of pasta and a half a cup of chicken (Boneles/skinless breasts) plus one cup of the not so liked kibble two times each day. I was literally cooking her 5 pounds of pasta each week! Costco sells the chicken breasts for a reasonable price. Her vet called her a miracle patient! She lasted longer than any other patient of her with the diagnosis of PLE. Our vet was convinced that my dedication to keeping her diet exactly on track with zero deviations was the reason for our success. We lost Lady this past January to intestinal cancer at age 12.
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