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  1. Oh dear. Poor Susan. And we were all so hopeful that this would be the start of a wonderful adventure for her. The previous owner sucks. I wish that there was something I could do to help her. Carol Ann.
  2. Miss Susan we went through 21,000 gallons of water last month. That is a bit high for us, but we were running the irrigation system a bit more. Our average monthly water usage for the past year has been around 18,000 gallons. That would be with 2 people showering and using the toilet - although Dan is at work for 10 hours five days a week. I would think that your bill would run around 5,000 a month of personal usage and then add on what you use for watering outside. Our bill usually runs around $130 to $150 per month. We really get soaked with the sewer charges. For example this month the water cost $59 and the sewer cost $97! Costs us more to flush then wash!
  3. Whiskey congrats on your new sister on da way! Just one ting to remember, if'n she arrives wif a box of any kind, even if it is all wrapped up pretty wif a bow - .DO KNOT OPEN IT!!!! Trust me buddy, da safety of da hole entire whirled could depend on dis! Sure wish I could hab a sister. BUT, I do gets to go and play wif ma friends at ma dog sitters house every once and a while. Dat is lots of fun. I yam going there for three days at da end of dis month. Yeah me! Molly McPoodle.
  4. BOTH!! BOTH!!! BOTH!!!! Mama says dat I yam an 'enableer'! Molly McOnlychild.
  5. Merc are you gunna stop and see Susan and da kitty cats on your way home?
  6. Happy 4th. of July to all ma friends. I hope dat ebberybuddy has a safe and QUIET time. We had a huge tunder storm here yesserday around dinner time. Da kaboomers sounded like dey were rite on top of ma house! What did I do? Sit by da patio door and watch! Den a while later people started making dose pop sounds wif fire crackers. What did I do? Shake and drool and cuddle wif Mama. Lub, Molly McPatriot.
  7. Vanessa the Memorial Crystal is from ALL your friends here in the chat club. I was just the one who ordered it. We all understand how devastating it is to lose a dog, especially one as young as Johnny, and so unexpectedly. Hugs, Carol Ann and Molly McPoodle.
  8. Ma Mama looks like an ALIEN! Her eyes is all weird and scary looking! You can hardly see da green parts, just huge big BLACK circles! What happened to Mama? Is she possessed? Molly McWorried.
  9. Chris just to clarify, grooming a Standard Poodle doesn't have to be that difficult. Dan learned everything he needed to know on You Tube! It takes us about 45 minutes once a month or so to clip and scissor her. He clips, I scissor and bath. We keep her hair pretty short, so it is so much easier to deal with. For the day to day grooming I spend about three minutes every 2 or 3 days. Pop her up on the grooming table, comb through her ears/top knot/tail. Take a brush and brush through the rest of her. Easy peasy and under three minutes. Nails are no different than any other dog. Baths are easy - I just take her in our stand up shower. Equipment is a one time purchase - clippers, scissors, comb, brush, grooming table with loop, high velocity hair dryer. I'm not saying get a Standard Poodle, I'm just saying don't let the grooming aspect scare you out of considering a breed that you both like! Carol Ann
  10. Miss Chris I will wait wif kibble on ma breath to hear your taughts! Molly McSleepy.
  11. Miss Chris? Dis here is Molly McPoodle doing a public service announcement about Standard Poodles. I seem to remember dat Mr. Dennis likes to look at ma pictures, doesn't he? We Standard Poodles are awesome dogs. We hab da added bonus in dat keeping us looking pretty gibs you sumting fun to do wif your time! I lub, lub, LUB getting brushed and combed and fussed ober! I yam also a bit smaller den a Greyhound, so ma heartworm medicine costs less! Howsumeber, Mama says dat most SP are bigger den me and dat I yam what you call 'petite' for a SP. I yam a good cuddler and Mama finds it relaxing to run her fingers threw ma fur when it is longer like it is right now. All in all, I wood vote dat youse guys consider a Standard Poodle for your next dog. Molly McSPpromoter. P.S. I love to play fetch and catch and run around! P.P.S. Here are a couple of photos of me in case you forgot what SP puppies/adults look like!
  12. Off topic post here. So Lilly had $30 to spend from her VPK graduation. I had promised to take her to Target to choose a toy she wanted. On the way there in the car, she was telling me that what she REALLY wanted was a toy spider. Say what? Yes, she wanted a toy spider that she had seen on television, BUT if she got it, she was going to keep it at my house. Mama said that is where it would have to stay. I was totally confused. So we get to Target and find this toy 'spider'. Holy crap, who on earth would think up a toy like this? The spider moves - WHEN YOU YELL AT IT! The louder you yell, the faster it moves! Seriously? Who invents a toy that encourages kids to yell? They yell enough without any encouragement! Made me think though - what's next? A toy that moves when our dogs bark at it? Wow! Molly would seriously excel at playing with that toy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbWPklDIVFc P.S. She chose a Minnie Mouse dog carrier with a cute white puppy and all the gear she needs! Much quieter since the puppy only pretends to bark!
  13. You know Patsy, the worst potty accident that most people have is sitting down and finding out 'somebody' left the seat up! So basically a cold, wet butt. KNOT a torn ACL! Hope that you heal quickly and still get to enjoy your vacation! Carol Ann & Molly McMypottyyardisslopedtoo!
  14. Thank you George. As always, you make those of us left behind feel better.
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