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  1. Molly was a very good ‘whosesagoodgirl?’ today! She kept going to a corner of our family room and staring at the floor. Sure enough there was a huge jumbo size lizard hiding out in that corner! I did a cup removal after he ran clear to the other end of the house! He is now reunited with his outdoor brethren. Good job Molly!
  2. We is sorry dat your wife had to leave you behind Miss Hailsie. I bet she wood want you to be a happy as you possibly can be, and she is watching to make sure you is trying. Maybe her and Mr. Jim are both watching down on you and Miss Sherrie keeping an eye out for youse both. Battle dat is super exciting news! You is coming to MY neck of da woods! You have to practically drive right by our house on your way to da Orange County Convention Center! Mama was so excited when she read about it, and dat at least sum of it was outdoors! She run riteawayquick to da show website to gets da inform
  3. Charlie please tell your Mama day she aught to go gets tested for dose STD’s just in case da Mister was doing more den just window shopping. Better safe den sorry. Molly McCautious.
  4. Can't believe I almost missed National Sloth Day! This is Sid the Sloth!
  5. Patsy I know what you mean. Today Dan and I should have been enjoying Naples, Italy after a wonderful day yesterday in Rome. Sadly we are instead eating tacos for dinner in the suburbs of Orlando. Yes, yes, I know, we are blessed, and we are grateful, but we are also just a little bit sad to see such an anticipated vacation blown to dust thanks to Covid. Alas, this too will pass, and hopefully we will be able to do the exact same trip next October. Fingers crossed. So far we have had five cruises canceled and four shifted to 2021 and 2022. First world problems I know. Carol Ann.
  6. Dear Chat CLub Friends. I was a bad girl. Mama was eating her lunch yesserday and she gots up from da table and left da room. When she comed back, all her grilled chicken and most of her whole wheat crackers were gone, gone, gone from her plate! I yam sorry. But knot really cause da chicken was super good! Score for me! Molly McUnrepentent.
  7. Lucy if the turddle are firm and bouncy, could you maybe just drape a sheet or thin blanket over his nighttime bed and then dump them in the toilet in the morning and throw the sheet in the wash? This would be a lot easier then dismantling an entire dog bed to wash.
  8. Good morning to all ma chat club friends! Dis club has been around a looooooooooooooooong time! I tink ma sissies Gizzy and Specky were da first to join. Speaking of da hounds dat come before me, Mama's iPhone makes a little movie ebberyday for her wif her photos. Last week da phone made one wif photos of all her Greyhoundies! Mama really likes da picture of Riley Roo carrying his blankie around in his mouth! Molly McPoodle.
  9. As some of you may remember, way back in 2005, our crazy free spirited girl Specky dismantled a Santa Christmas ornament. I have no idea what crime Santa had done to so deeply offend Specky, but she certainly did a first class job of tearing him to bits! Literally! This is what the pieces I could salvage looked like after Specky got through with Santa! Poor Santa was quite the sad case! All of his body parts dismembered, some of them past the point of recognition! So I got out my glue gun, and did my best to reconnect Santa - sort of like putting Humpty Dumpty back together agai
  10. Affiliated Veterinary Specialists - or AVS - are wonderful! This is where GPA-GO has all their complicated ortho cases handled. They also use University Animal Hospital for the more simple ones. Dr. Privitte at University Animal is our own personal vet and we just love him. On a personal note, the specialists at AVS were able to keep our girl Lady alive for almost 3 years after a devastating diagnosis of PLE. I cannot praise them enough.
  11. Oh my. Lucy, you and Momo are in my thoughts and prayers. You are both very brave. Hugs, Carol Ann.
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