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  1. Don’t worry Miss Susan I understand all about dog shows. Did you know dat Mama and a Daddy used to show der Bearded Collie? He didn’t do well cause he had sumting called a ‘gay tail’. Dat is when you run around da ring wif your tail waving at people! Molly McPoodle.
  2. Andi-pants I tink dat you need all your 'parts' in order to be in an AKC dog show. I yam know missing a couple of mine, so ...... no show for me! I yam howsumebber going to hab a reel good bath and groom da day afore da Magoo family come to visit! Mama is gunna keep me on a leash outside from da time I get finished grooming until da Magoo's come in da door! Dat is probably da only way to make sure I yam clean and pretty for dem! You know.... cause ma potty yard is full of mostly DIRT right now! Plus also maybe sum water! Molly McNeedstostayclean!
  3. Miss Jennie I am so sorry that your Dad is not doing well. Thankful too that you were able to get him to the hospital where he needs to be.' Sad start to my school day this morning. One of my 16 year old students got out of the car during car line obviously very upset and trying not to cry on his way into the building. I went to see what was wrong, and he told me that his Mom was on her way to take their dog to the vet to make his final journey. The dog had been this boy's best friend since he was born. So sad. What could I do except hold him in my arms and cry with him. I am so thankful that I work in a school where hugging a child in need isn't seen as something to be avoided - more something that is expected. Miss Carol Ann.
  4. Charlie ma PomPom is orange and pretty fluffy! I like to wag it a lot too! I can run really, really fast! Aldough, I hab nebber run wif a sighthound. AND IT APPEARS I WILL KNOT BE RUNNING WIF A DEERHOUND ON SATURDAY EIDER!!! (YES. I am still bitter about missing out on meeting Miss Susan and Hamish. I plan to hold dis grudge until at least tomorrow.) Miss Chris ma Mama says dat all da good days wif Dude are what warms your heart. He was a special boy. Molly McPouty.
  5. Ahhh ..... Miss Magoo? Don't get too excited about seeing our yard. Whilst da front one is pretty, da back one is a diss-ass-ter! It has no grass cause da tree behind us grew so big it blocks out all da sun. Ma potty yard used to hab sum grass and sum green weeds (Mama calls it a win if'n it is green.), but we had a cold snap, and now it has sum grass and lots of dirt! Molly McSettingexpectations.
  6. I'm going to meet Miss Susan and Hamish! I am SO upsitted!!!! Wait. What did you just say Mama? I AM KNOT GOING TO MEET DEM? ONLY YOU AND DADDY GETS TO GO? Well dat just sucks like rotten eggs. Molly McSad. P.S. At least I still gets to meet da Magoo's - rite Mama? Dat better be rite!
  7. Actually it looks like four different Kennel Clubs are holding shows on TH/F/S/S at the same venue.
  8. Susan did you mean the show at 5360 Lockhart Rd., BrooksVILLE, FL? The Tampa Bay Kennel Club show? What days will you be there?
  9. Miss Susan if you want lots of color, how about a PeepCock? Molly McHelpful.
  10. Susan I know how terrifying it can be when a dog gets loose. Molly has escaped twice. Once when Dan was bringing in groceries. She happily ran off three houses down and luckily the people across the street had just come out of their garage. I yelled to them to catch her please, and they called her and she came right to them. Only took a total of about two minutes, but those were terrifying minutes! Second time happened just before Christmas when a florist was delivering flowers to us. She left out little gate at the end of the front walkway open and Molly slipped away from Dan. She did a circle of the front lawn and ran right back in the house. The poor florist delivery girl was nearly hysterical. Once Molly was back in the house the girl literally shoved the flowers in my hand and ran to her van! I have to say though, our little gate really does give us a secondary safety net usually. There are small courtyard type area on each side of our front doors, with hedges on the path to the gate. Yes, Molly could get through if she really tried, but it the gate is closed, she is pretty safe.
  11. I decided to 'channel' Clifford the Big Red Dog this afternoon!
  12. Hamish you don't like your bath? I am shocked! I lub ma bath. Well, actually I guess I don't gets a "bath", I gets a walk in "shower". I don't mind at all, at least too much. I just stand der and Mama takes da water hose ting down off of da wall and gets me all nice and wet, den she rubs good smelling soap all ober me. Den I gets da soap washed off, den da big towels comed out and I gets sort of dried off. Den I go out to da kitchen where Daddy will be weighting for me wif ma own special pink hair dryer! I kid you knot, I hab ma own "High Velocity" hair blower! It even blows nice warm air at me! It gets ma hair and ma top knot all poofy and pretty, and den we is all done! I am getting a hair cut and bath the day before Magoo and Mr. John come to see me! Hope I can stay clean for one hole day! Molly McGirlygirl!
  13. Molly McPoodle reporting in! I myownself eat ma brekkie whenebber I feel like it. One of da perks of being an only dog is dat ma food bowl stays down all da time! When it gets empty Mama just fills it back up again! I am knot a big eater, and she nebber has to worry about me eating too much. Sumtimes I just sort of pick at it all day long. Molly McSpoiled.
  14. Did youse guys know dat today is "National Eat Spaghetti Day"??? I myownself did KNOT get to eat any pasta of any kind. Howsumebber, Mama and Daddy wented to Macaroni Grill and had pasta for dinner! Molly McCarbless.
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