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  1. Meet Izzy and her ears
  2. We adopted our galgo boy Rhythm on July 30. He is our very first male dog after 4 female greyhounds and 2 galgas. He is a senior boy that likely never lived in a home until recently. We were warned that he lifted his leg in his foster home, despite having people around during the daytime. He really doesn't give cues and that leg lift happens fast! DH and I both work full time. I walk the dogs twice before work - once when they get up and then after they eat breakfast. Rhythm pees A LOT on our walks, whereas our galgo Encarna pees once maybe twice. I've been putting a belly band on
  3. SAGE posted this on Facebook... Yo Galgo, the documentary is now available to watch for free on : https://skinnydogfilms.com/yo-galgo-documentary Please keep in mind, this is only for this weekend, so make sure you make a good hour free to see the documentary. We highly suggest seeing it if you have adopted, plan to adopt or want to learn and get a bit of understanding about the background of the galgo Español.
  4. I had the good fortune of being asked by Kathy Wagner to photograph her galgo Sambuca and her during Saturday's sunrise at The Dewey Gathering.. Fortunately we got to witness what I think was the best sunrise during my three days there. We met about a half-hour before sunrise at the end of Collins Street at the south end of town and walked down to the water's edge. There was no wind to be speak of, unlike earlier in the week, and the twilight skies were spectacular. I took about 200 shots over the span of about 45 minutes while pausing occasionally to watch the sun rise. She wanted to acq
  5. The Solvang Gathering will be held January 9~12, 2020 in Solvang, California. Registration is now open! It's a weekend filled with sighthounds and their people who come together for an event filled with friendship & fellowship and welcome the hounds of the world. 2020 event information: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-solvang-gathering/-2020-registration-information-/2194727403895490/ Mail in registration: https://tinyurl.com/yy6jzqgf PayPal instructions: https://tinyurl.com/y6hdjw4a After event expenses, proceeds will be donated to greyhound and sighthound 501(c)3 adopti
  6. On August 9, 2019 Greyhounds Make Great Pets welcome Jennifer Janiak-Ross of Galgo Podenco Support to discuss galgos…and podencos, too. Jen will explain what a galgo is and their plight as well as setting straight some "galgo myths". Jen will also share her experiences of traveling and rescuing galgos in Spain and the work that is done by Galgo Podenco Support (GPS). If you are a galgo lover or looking to learn more about them, this is one show you don't want to miss! Greyhounds Make Great Pets every Friday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern only on VoiceAmerica.com All shows are a
  7. Our galgo is here! He came home yesterday morning and spent the entire day sleeping on his new bed. Today he's a bit more alert, some restlessness and whining occasionally as he gets his bearings. He's incredibly gentle and unobtrusive, likes the kids and hasn't bothered to do much with our current dog (they're being kept apart, just outside together for potty breaks-- he's kept on a leash). He seems very interested in squirrels-- definitely going to invest in that six foot fence next spring!-- and is learning to keep his paws off the counter tops, lol. Overall, a delightful guy! The rescue h
  8. OneOnly

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  12. Hello! I'm new here. I'm so grateful for this community! I have learned a lot already and referred to several threads as I've been learning about greyhounds, galgos, and lurchers and whether we might be a good fit for one of these beautiful dogs. A quick introduction and few questions. My husband and I live in northern MN, USA, with our three kids and currently two adopted female (spayed) senior dogs. They are very mellow and happy go lucky and enjoy the company of other dogs. We are hoping to work with Minnesota Greyhound Rescue to adopt our next companion. They work with several other or
  13. Hi all, I have yet again another vet visit for Zorro my little galgo. When he was in Spain in July, he developped an infection near the tip of his ear. It is a dermal lesion, not bleeding, but kind of oozing plasma. They treated with antibiotics, and tested twice for leishmania (both negative). Then he came to live with me late August and it was almost healed. Fast forward to September and within a week it degenerated and the infection became the size of a quarter. We went to the vet, had a culture and biopsie done. It is not cancerous, but it is a staph infection resistant to 4 antibiotics
  14. I'm a bad Mommy as I did not introduce Oasis either it seems! Oasis came to us in April, after waiting for him to come from Spain over the winter. Yes, he is one of the ones we sponsored and hubby adopted behind my back (well he DID tell me about it a couple of minutes after he has reserved him for us.) Oasis has a gift according to Miss Charlotte in Spain, he knows and will comfort any one or any dog who is not feeling well. We've seen this once or twice since he's been with us. Once he broke up a lite squabble between two other dogs and received stitches on his snout as a Thank You fro
  15. My 10-ish year old galgo has had recurring anal gland problems (one side gets infected, one side gets impacted). Due to a combination of her very high stress levels at the vet, and her tiny anal gland ducts, she needs to be fully sedated (asleep) to have them properly expressed. It super sucks. So, I thought, might as well just operate, have them removed, and never worry about it again. I was committed to surgery, until I was talking with the vet who was going to do the operation, and he says that it might be allergies, and a diet change might resolve her issues. Key word being "might". No
  16. We first fell in love with Senorita Beatrix when scrolling through Facebook in September 2013. Petra posted her picture on the SAGE page. We had three greyhounds and really weren't looking to add to our pack. There was just something about Beatrix though. She was older (7), she was black and she had a broad chest. I felt as though Faye Oops, my heart hound who we lost in December 2011, had sent Beatrix to us. We applied and were approved to adopt Beatrix before she even came to the US. Our GT friends, Robin and Nancy, went to Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert to volunteer. We receiv
  17. Hello everyone, I recently had my 10-ish year old galgo in for bloodwork and urine testing (routine yearly check-up). Looking for advice on the results: Colour: yellow Clarity: cloudy Specific gravity: 1.021 pH: 8.5 Protein: trace no sign of bacteria in urine blood work all normal Care of the Racing Greyhound suggests that low SG and high pH can mean UTI (!?). She did have a pretty bad vaginal infection (but no UTI) last fall/winter that she was on antibiotics for. Symptoms cleared up, although the post-meds culture still showed significant bacterial growth. BUT, these last
  18. Marco (Galgo) January 1, 2004 – November 7, 2016 This past Monday we suddenly and unexpectedly lost our beloved Galgo, Marco. He came to us almost 9 years ago, husband Michael took him from Holland to us here in Canada while he was on a visit there. He was a very shy galgo because he did not trust anyone as he had been severely abused in Spain. Having a motorbike driven over a hind leg, breaking it so he could not hunt anymore, led to his distrust in people. Over time he became fine with us, but aside from a few visitors to our home whom he trusted, he was still leary of everyone. His safe s
  19. Hello! My name is Amy and my Fiance, our two houndies and I are from Southern New Jersey. I have been following GreyTalk for about a year, since we adopted our first Greyhound, Magic, but it took me this long to make an account. This site was IMMENSELY helpful when we first adopted, and continues to be now. After attending GiG for our first time, we also decided to adopt a little galga name Valeria, who we met in Gettysburg. I wanted to thank everyone for all their advice, stories, and knowledge they have shared on these forums. I am excited to make some new greyhound friends and hopefully
  20. Introducing JULES- our new 7 month old Galgo pup, and a Pet Therapy dog hopeful. After our Master passed away within a month of a human passing in the family things were quite down in our home. I spoke to Michael about possibly adopting another Galgo, but would like it to become a Pet Therapy dog, like Master was, and Baltasar is currently. So we started looking at possibilities. About a month ago I contacted 112 Carlotta Galgos about one of their adults who had a promising description. He had been adopted 2 days prior! I was asked if we were interested in a pup and my immediate t
  21. Argos was a superhero. He taught me more about dogs, and myself, than I ever imagined. Coming from inauspicious and mysterious background, he eventually rose above it like a phoenix from the ashes. Argos was a hunting dog from Spain (adopted from Scooby Medina) and he was an adventure. In many ways he was the most difficult dog I have ever owned. However, he taught me more than any dog, or person, ever has. He taught me about trust, respect, love, courage, commitment, patience, adaptability, independence, baby steps, and human nature. He grew and blossomed like a flowers and changed like the s
  22. I live with a galgo who was badly abused in Spain; he was hanged and survived. Sometimes he will start to shake for no apparent reason, like when relaxing on my bed. It doesn't seem to be fear based, as his shaking is is "different" when he is scared. It isn't a little bit of shaking, rather very pronounced. It seems to be strongest in his upper and mid areas. Could it be possible that he suffered some kind of neurological damage caused by the hanging? If so, does anybody know what it might be? Should I take him to a specialist? Thanks
  23. Hello, I'm new to this forum but not to sighthounds. I have had whippets, salukis and afghans, but galgos stole my heart and I've had them since 1993. I recently lost my soul puppy Gilda at nearly 10 years of age to Aortic Thrombosis, something the vets were not able to diagnose until it was too late. When I first saw this beauty of a galga in Spain, it was love at first sight. It was destiny, we were meant to be. Our relationship was of a symbiotic kind, something I've never experienced before. I miss her dearly, and I would give anything to get her back. I have her litter brother Garabato
  24. We took our galga Beatrix in for a routine exam a couple of weeks ago. Our vet took a blood sample and noted that her liver enzyme values were high. She retested on Monday and they actually went up more. I turning to the power of GT to help make sense of what this means, what is "normal" and whether or not we should be concerned, etc. Our vet wants us to bring Beatrix back in this weekend. Test Catalyst_Dx 02-17-14 1:01p ALT Result - 400 Flag - H Normal Range: Low - 10 High - 100 Measure U/L
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