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  1. This is my first greyhound and first torn dewclaw so I’m a little unsure of how to treat it. The nail itself has cracked open but still intact. I was able to snap it back into place and that stopped the bleeding. I have rinsed, cleaned it with antiseptic, sprinkled some Neo‑Predef Powder ( I had gotten previously from the vet when he had cut his paw in the past) , then wrapped it with non stick bandage. Will the claw heal, as in fuse back together or eventually fall off? Should I take him to the vet? He doesn’t seem to be in pain but it did bleed quite a bit before I snapped it back
  2. Awww sweet Moonshine. Gosh, I know Im late reading this but Im so very sorry...crying my eyes out. It hurts so much to lose them at any age, but suddenly like that, and at such a young age makes no sense. My heart goes out to you.
  3. OK, thank you all. I will look into your suggestions. I took him to work with me today and he seems fine even though my office is right next to our very large machine shop, with every sound you can think of. None of these crazy noises rattle him in the least. Not to mention he walks up to every stranger here expecting a back rub. So clearly, things in general dont seem to bother him. But at home, there wont be any sounds at all and he starts to get freaked. Also I wanted to add the earthquake was last Wednesday and he didnt have a panic attack, that I know of, until Friday night. Hes only h
  4. Thank you. He is calm this morning but I can tell he is still paranoid. The odd thing is that, the past two nights he has been fine. Just wondering why it happened again so randomly after it happened on Friday night. I tried giving him two Benadryl last night but it didnt do anything. If he does it again tonight, Ill take him to the vet for sure.
  5. We hardly ever get earthquakes but last Wednesday we had one that was 4.4 magnitude, the strongest one weve had in 45 years. It actually broke windows in peoples homes near by. But Im still not sure if thats it. Im just racking my brain because hes been around fireworks and other things and Ive never seen him do this. Ive had him since March 2016 . Hes been nervous at times, just typical normal stuff, but hes literally been panting and following me around for two hours. Every time the house creeks he about jumps off the couch. He has never done this before besides last Friday night. Oth
  6. three nights ago my greyhound woke me up panting, pacing and a little shaky. I sat up with him a couple hours till he calmed down and he seemed fine for the next two days. But tonight hes acting scared again and follows me everywhere and keeps trying to go into my bathroom. He never does that. I have had him about a year and a half now and hes been through Fourth of Julys and other events where there have been loud noises...so Im not sure what is going on. Hes acting afraid... every little noise seems to spook him now. Only thing I can think that possibly triggered it was a mild earthquake ab
  7. So very sorry for your loss 😢 It sounds like you took awesome care of her. Theres no way you could have known and Raffle was very fortunate to have you. I think everyone (if they loved their animals) goes through the what-ifs. Peace to your heart ♥
  8. And copper proteinate.... ive read horror stories about these ingredients but they seem to be in all dog foods. Anybody have issues with too much copper in their dog? Im looking to switch dog foods because Ray has had runny poo for a while.
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