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  1. What a beautiful girl! So sorry for your loss.
  2. Thank you 3greys2cats, I'm so sorry we are sharing similar losses. I know your pain as do so many on here. But of course, we know it worth it for all the many days filled with good times with our babies. One day at a time.
  3. Again, I am so grateful for all your kind words and expressions of sympathy. It definitely helps. Racindog your words are beautiful and ring true. Even if they make me cry . For what it's worth, we spoke to our vet yesterday and based on what we described surrounding the circumstances of Clifford's passing, she agreed it sounded like a heart issue. She said it wasn't likely to be anything that could have been detected ahead of time. While we won't know the true cause, hearing that was helpful. I hope you all have wonderful vets. I am so amazed at how they take the time to call us, offer condolences. Even when our dogs have been sick or needed to see the vet, they always call a day later to check in. Have you ever had a doctor for humans do that? I haven't! As I mourn and work through my grief, I am comforted that we were with him and it was quick and seemingly painless. He was the best dog ever (as they all are). We still have Piper, she's a sweet girl and being able to hug her and spoil her also helps. We are learning the new normal. Peace to all of you. Ken
  4. So sorry on the loss of your sweet Brin. We just lost our own beautiful brindle boy, Clifford. It hurts terribly, but we can all take comfort in knowing we gave these pups love.
  5. Our precious boy suddenly passed away Saturday evening. We are heartbroken, but grateful that he didn't suffer and went on his own terms. We were blessed to have him for the time we did. Love you Clifford, run free over the rainbow bridge.
  6. Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and words. It helps a lot. We have Clifford's mate Piper to help us through and us helping her through. She seems so sad today, understandably so. No easy way, time will hopefully heal and memories will sustain us.
  7. We tragically lost our precious boy Clifford this evening and we don't know why. He was 10 yrs. old seemingly healthy. Nothing out of the ordinary today, all normal. Around 7pm he was laying in his bed, and moved his head in a strange way, against the wall. He cried out a few times, my wife and I rushed to him and he was shaking (seizing maybe). All the sudden he seemed to stop breathing, his heart was racing very fast, he kinda lurched a couple of times and then nothing. No heartbeat, no breathing, he was gone. Needless to say, we are devastated by this sudden loss and of course I want to know why. Do the symptoms right before he died sound like anything someone can put their finger on? I know we'll probably never know and having gone through cancer with our sweet Chloe several years back, I guess I'm grateful he went quickly, seemingly painlessly. Well, if anything it helps to post it.
  8. So very sorry to hear about your Annie. Went through it earlier this year. I'm sure you will keep her comfortable and happy until she's ready.
  9. Hi - Thought I would weigh in on this topic as we have experienced it this year. In March we let our beautiful Chloe go, she had osteo and had just turned 12. I don't think I've felt a death that deeply in a long time, if ever. Anyway, her mate Clifford (he's 7) was with us as the vet put her to sleep. We definitely noticed that he became withdrawn and just not his self in the weeks and months after. Occasionally he would come out of it, but we always felt maybe he needed another grey. To be honest, I really wonder if my wife and I were the ones that needed another one. Well fast forward to today. Yesterday we brought our beautiful new girl, Sophie, home. She is 3 1/2 and a bundle of energy and joy. Day 1, Clifford seemed uninterested. Today, a little more interested. Still too early to know if it is a good thing for him. I think it will be. I still can cry easily at the thought of my sweet Chloe, but beginning again with a new girl is a good feeling. Life does go on. Some people think we are crazy to commit to a new dog all over again, but we are dog people, we are greyhound people, and life would be a little less sweet without them. These dogs are so easy to love. Whatever your decision, it will be right for you. Peace.
  10. To all who have been so kind through our ordeal with Chloe, I just wanted to let you know we let her go this afternoon. She went peacefully and her "brother" Clifford was with there too and even laid down next to her as she went. My heart is broken and the sadness is overwhelming. But, I take solace in knowing she fought the good fight and went with her dignity intact. Thanks again for this forum and all the great information (even when controversial).
  11. My sympathies on the loss of Joey. So terribly sad. I pray your sorrow will be eased in time. Our day comes tomorrow with our sweet sweet Chloe. We've decided to let her go. She's lost a lot of weight and isn't eating much, puts very little weight if any on the affected leg. She's been so courageous throughout. But it's time. My thoughts and prayers to all going through this trial.
  12. I am so sorry to hear about Mimosa. Take solace that she is no longer in pain. It sounds like she had a wonderful life. We upped Chloe's meds to about the max. She has been resting much more comfortably. Although, not eating as much. My wife is meeting with the vet tomorrow to get a few more days worth of pain meds and I guess make sure we've done all we can. We are "scheduled" to take her in on Saturday. I'm praying for the courage to go through with it. I have to say, it's helpful to know she will have so many friends to meet her on the other side.
  13. Hi all - I too can join Mimosa and Joey's mom's and dad's as we continue to ride this heartbreaking journey with our sweet Chloe. She started last week not so good and it seemed it might be time, then she rallied most of the week and seemed to be doing better. Last night she didn't sleep well. My wife took her out at 2am, 4am and 6am for potty breaks, some successful other times she just stood there. When morning came, she seemed a little better and has been so most of the day. These days, she puts very little pressure on her bad leg. We also noticed that sometimes when she drinks a lot of water and coughs up some, there is a bit of bloody mucas about the size of a quarter. Does this mean the cancer is now firmly entrenched in her lungs? She is panting a bit more too. But, she is still eating well and will even play with a toy now and then. All in all, we think we probably need to let her go soon. I mean limping means pain, even if she doesn't ever cry or whimper and the coughing up blood can't be anything good. I wish there was hospice for dogs..... On top of all of this, we are expecting major snowstorm in the mid-Atlantic which means we need to delay any decision for a few days.. We continue to mark the good days and bad days and have always said when the bad one's outweigh the good one's we'll let her go. I'd say it's about even right now. Time will tell. It helps to know others are out there. Stay strong everyone, our pups know we love them and they trust that we will do right by them.
  14. Sorry to hear about Joey. It does suck. I fear our Chloe is nearing the end of her journey. She's had been doing ok on pain meds, but last night was a particularly restless night for her. She has started panting more which she had not been doing since diagnosis in early January. She seems to put almost no pressure on her bad leg now. My wife thinks it's time, but I want to hang in there for a bit longer and see if increased meds helps to make her more comfortable. She is still eating ok and we can get her out for potty. I always figured when the bad days outweigh the good days it will be time. Ugh. Just need the courage to let her go if that is the case. Thanks for all the great advice here.
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