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  1. Woohooo. He is gorgeous. 70 is the new 50. He will keep you fit an and healthy. Just maybe get a ramp for the car and start training as long as he is still fit.
  2. You might have a greyhound when you talk to strangers on the other side of the globe and it is totally normal to everyone.
  3. Hunnyboots from Australia. They are made for greyhounds
  4. A friend of mine (a real life friend) and her greyhound are at GIG, too. The lovely Marla adopted sweet Gracie from our little adoption group. She was a foster mum or us during her stay here in Germany and ended up adopting Gracie when her husband (he is military) was relocated to the US. She just wrote to me that she is ar GIG and didn't know what a big of an event it is. So, if you meet a lady with a with a lovely black and white greyt wearing a green I'm Irish bandana, please say hello from me.
  5. Saoirse.... NO DIGGING.... LIBERTÉ.... ÉGALITÉ ....FRATERNITÉ..... ....someone is feeling french today....
  6. There is a big Paddy shaped whole in my life but we are doing okay. There will be another, one day. Let me tell you something.... there is a little 9 month old greyhound girl whose name is Kuma Nadine... guess where she got that name from and guess who is waiting for her to retire in a few years. 😉
  7. Hi, it's me. Nadine from Germany with Saoirse and Abu. I was smurfette until my computer died and took all my passwords with it...plus I needed to change my email adress some time ago and somehow couldn't connect it to that account. All in all.... I couldn't come back as my old self but I somehow managed with this new account. Here are Abu and Saoirse just because they are cute.
  8. Proud mum to Abu and Saoirse and bridge angels Colin, Andy and Paddy.

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