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  1. How did this all work out? I would love to know! 🙂
  2. Do your greyhounds sleep well at night? How long after adoption did it take them to sleep all night? Being half duvet myself, I can put up with a few nights of disturbed sleep, but not too many!
  3. Jerilyn, thanks for replying! He wouldn’t take a treat from me. Should i try anything else to help him feel comfortable?
  4. We are about to adopt a male greyhound, age 5. We have walked him a few times and he always wants to walk behind us. He hates being in front. He also looks up at us every few steps. Thoughts? Many thanks!
  5. Thank you! I’ve no idea what to expect with regards to vet costs. I will check this out.
  6. Kudzu, this all sounds wonderful. I’m encouraged. What do you think about walking and exercise needs? What would you recommend?
  7. Thank you! Obviously, I have concerns about losing her sooner rather than later but so far she is healthy. She was a good racer in her day, then was used for breeding.
  8. I have recently had the opportunity to adopt a 12 year old girl. Her previous owner passed away. She is housetrained, friendly and still fit for her age and able to go for walks. Would you advise this? She will be my first dog as an adult. We had greyhounds when I was growing up. We have 2 kids aged 11 and 6 who I know would not bother her and would leave her be as they are sensible, good boys. I thought she may be a good choice as she will be easier to manage for a new owner (I think!). I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Many thanks. 🙂
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