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  1. I just changed my reservation. I decided to come on Wed. instead of Thurs. In speaking to the hotel this morning they said there are still a few rooms available.
  2. I was waiting to get my second covid-19 shot before registering. I am now fully vaccinated and will be registering this week. Princess and Buddy will be with me. I'm thinking of coming Wed. june 2nd. because with the hour time zone change it's an 8 hour trip without leaving the state. Tennessee is a looong state.
  3. I've now received cards from everyone on the list. They are all hanging on a bulletin board and will stay here until at least March. Thank you everyone and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!
  4. The earlier the better. More time to enjoy all the beautiful pictures of our dogs.
  5. All of my cards are now addressed and ready for the mail. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  6. Sent out my international cards yesterday as well as some of the USA cards. Hopeing to send the rest out by Monday.
  7. I plan on sending out my international cards on Wed. and the rest before Thanksgiving
  8. I have your info from last year so I'll use that to send you a card. The holidays wouldn't be the same without the beautiful cards with all the dog pictures. We leave them up until about March or April.
  9. Got it and we ordered our cards today. Hope to have them all out by Thanksgiving.
  10. We've lost 3 black greyhounds. Our 1st greyhound was black. Tipper was only 8 1/2 when she died. Darren was 11 1/2 and Tucker was almost 13. We still have 1 black greyhound. Diandra was 13 last week and is still going strong.
  11. I'll be looking for it. Thank you for doing it
  12. The holiday season wouldn't be the same without the card exchange
  13. You're on my list every year. Why should this year be different.
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