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  1. My first dog was a scent hound and a complete handful with a will of iron. He was very food oriented and would do all kinds of tricks. Then I adopted my first greyhound who was completely different and she was so sweet and all I had to do was "show" her. I felt that she had already given enough to humanity and did not demand anything from her. I just showed her the way and she taught ME a lot and brought peace into my life. If I did train her it was only things that would keep her safe. And that went for my boy when he came and the girl I have now. I had and have wonderful relationships with them all. They are gentle peaceful beings
  2. Hi Lukasmom. We are in Canada so they referred me to a company here. I had some from before and they say honey does not expire? Hope they are right. The price has doubled here for this stuff! racindog might have the right answer. Looks like the first one that comes up on the site might be best. My dog's paw is worse than I thought. the cut is way across the top pad and the one on the side of her foot. Hope there is an answer for both our questions soon.
  3. Thanks you for all your replies. Manuka honey it is! This greyhound's most happy time is running so she will not not be happy for a while. Thanks again!
  4. Hello everyone.... Three days ago my girl sliced her paw running in the snow. We have been treating it by cleaning and using antiseptic changing bandages daily. It appears to be improving very slowly. Does anyone know how long it will take to heal. My previous experience has been about a month. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Thank you, Dick. Will find a picture that might work. Then figure how to upload it!
  6. My beautiful kind boy (not like the picture in Greyhound Data) RJ's Roy M shows Pilot and Luxury (dam). His name was Bengal and passed away in 2015. Gable Dodge also shows as his sire.
  7. Thank you both for your replies. It could be a muscle issue. I was reading something about deep pectoral muscles which seem to be attached to the shoulder and spine muscles so this might be what we are dealing with. She loves to run and goes crazy sometimes. Will get some pain meds as suggested and hopefully it will heal.
  8. My greyhound has been having pain and yelping a few times for a couple of days when getting up and changing some positions lying down. After checking her over a few times it appears the pain is on her chest(?) beside the inside of her left leg. Not sure if there is any swelling and thinking it could be a muscle issue. Have tried to find other posts regarding issues with this location of their body. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I'm sorry about that. Don't know what I was thinking! Was not thinking in fact!! Nothing should change on my account -- is that OK?
  10. Thank you both for your input. I feel much more relieved and have faith in what the vet said.
  11. Batmon, thank you for your reply and clarifying! Below is a copy of her blood results which might read differently than in the US. I have also compared them to the chart normal for Greys. I am having trouble copying the previous one but the main differences are the Platelets are slightly higher from 123 and the Basophils were 0.0. She is going to get an Xray but the vet did not want to put her through that immediately and wants to redo blood in 3 months. She does need dental and has just started a course of Metronidazole as there is a swelling in one of her glands in the neck which could also have been caused by a recent neck trauma (long story!). Thank you so much for your response. I really have received so much help from Greytalk. Total Protein 61 50-74 g/L Albumin 35 27-44 g/L Globulin 26 16-36 g/L ALT (SGPT) 37 12-118 U/L Alkaline Phosphatase 11 5-131 U/L BUN 7.9 2.1-11.1 mmol/L Creatinine 129 44-141 umol/L Glucose 6.0 3.9-7.7 mmol/L Comment(s) Hemolysis 2+ No significant interference. Test Requested Results Adult Reference Range Units Complete Blood Count WBC 4.1 4.0-15.5 10^9/L RBC 7.7 4.8-9.3 10^12/L Hemoglobin 190 121-203 g/L Hematocrit 56 36-60 % MCV 72 58-79 fL MCH 24.7 19-28 pg MCHC 342 300-380 g/L Platelet Count 134 (LOW) 170-400 10^9/L Platelet Estimate DECREASED (LOW) ADEQUATE Differential Absolute % Adult Reference Range Units Neutrophils 2.38 2.06-10.60 10^9/L Lymphs 0.86 0.69-4.50 10^9/L Monocytes 0.08 0-0.84 10^9/L Eosinophils 0.57 0-1.20 10^9/L Basophils 0.21 (HIGH) 0-0.15 10^9/L Blood Parasites NONE SEEN RBC Comment RBC Morphology Normal Remarks Blood smear reviewed by technologist. Test Requested Results Adult Reference Range Units Heartworm Antigen HEARTWORM ANTIGEN NEGATIVE Negative for adult heartworm antigen (mature female heartworms). Infection occurring sooner than 5 to 7 months prior to testing may not be detected. ** Edited as chart scrambled when posted! Hope this works.
  12. Our greyhound has just had blood work done. She is 6 years old and has been limping for a few weeks – right front leg. The vet examined her and nothing shows up. Her blood values look normal, I think, except the Basophils are high at 0.21 (normal would be 0-015). I am really concerned that this could relate to cancer as I understand it relates to the bone marrow. Is anyone familiar with Basophils? Thank you for any response.
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