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  1. Do you have anywhere near by that has a smaller flight of stairs - just a few? This way, you can work with just a few stairs, though she may just jump down them.
  2. I don't imagine there are many oops litters these days and I think there is only one, maybe 2 people on the forum that have non x-racing greyhounds. Your best bet is to likely search for ACK breeders and then ask questions from there to determine if it is a good breeder. If you decide an adult is the route to go, lots of people here can give you their experiences with the groups around you.
  3. test No issues on a Mi Pad4 Maybe try a reboot to clear the old cashed files? - Jeff
  4. I personally wouldn't worry about how wide the space is between. I don't foresee an adult getting through them. But since a group you may be working with has brought it up as a concern, be willing to work with it if needed or work with a different group. Leash walk the yard a few times and don't leave the dog unattended until you see they aren't going to get themselves into trouble with the fence. Maybe hit up your HOA for what they would approve to work with the existing fence. Bird netting - https://www.amazon.com/Netting-Protection-Reusable-Protective-Against/dp/B07SZ1H698/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=bird+netting&qid=1598471829&sr=8-6; plantings; deer netting/fence that is a bit stronger than bird netting I think - https://www.lowes.com/pd/Tenax-Actual-100-ft-x-7-ft-Net-Folded-Black-Polypropylene-Extruded-Mesh-Rolled-Fencing/3458958 But since there is a HOA to contend with, run stuff by them or ask what would be allowed before you even get too far thinking about it.
  5. I just pulled an old one out of my sewing drawer (?? yeah, I don't know either lol) and it has www.autostickers.com on it
  6. Start small. It sounds like she's not wearing a collar in the house. So do some fun things in the house, treat her, then put her collar on and treat her again. Take it off. Try again, but leave the collar on longer. Then add in leashing up, but just walk around the apartment. Then maybe down the hall. Get her used to good things happening when she is collared and leashed up. Anybody else in the building have a dog? Maybe you can go out together and another 4 legged pal will help give her some confidence. If you haven't yet, try hot dogs. If hot dogs are awesome to her, use them while getting her used to the routine to go out and potty. Even if she doesn't take them while going out. Give them to her when you get back in. Unfortunately, you can't not take her out, so she's going to have to get out, even while working on making that routine easier for both of you.
  7. In a short time, he's been introduced to several routines. He was in the racing kennels with their routine, then in the rescue center with their routine and now in a new place with another new routine. Was he ok with the crate? If so, maybe bring that crate into one of your rooms and use it at night so he's not exploring during the night. Take him out right before you go to bed so he can potty and then when you get up in the morning. In theory, he should be able to make it all night without needing to go out. As he settles in more, you can decide to remove the crate or leave it open at night or whatever works. How long is your hour or two before bedtime walk? I had a young greyhound that after walking for over an hour at a brisk pace would look at me and wonder what were we doing next? Maybe work on some training before bed as well so you have a physically and mentally relaxed/tired dog that might snooze a bit easier. Furniture is likely new to him as well as things that he's not allowed to chew. So stay on top of things you don't want him doing and correct/redirect. For the beginning, that means you really aren't going to let him out of your sight because if he's in another room, you have no clue what he's up to. Just remember home life is new to him and he's had several recent changes to adjust to. Some dogs adjust easy and others take some time. Just take your time and enjoy him while you let him know what is expected of him at your house.
  8. The kuruanda beds are ones you'll see in shelters. Often with chew marks lol They are quite durable. We just have the coolaroo type - everybody has used them. If they were not quite sure at first, I just tossed a bed on top. We have to replace the material from time to time since they are out in the sun on the deck.
  9. We have ottoman cushions from Pottery Barn that we picked up 5 years ago. I made a water proof cover and sheet and those get washed leaving the canvas on the cushion still clean (but I do vacuum those from time to time)
  10. There are lots of online programs out there for Secret Santa - whoever organizes - look into them, it will make your life easier And don't let it suck the Christmas spirit out of you
  11. I adopted my first while working 8+ hours a day with an hour commute on either end. Group had no issue with that. Jet had no issue with that. My neighbors came home mid day for lunch and asked if I wanted them to let Jet and Ryan out. I said sure. Ryan often went out. Jet usually didn't get off my bed LOL Some dogs are ok all day without a break, others may not be. Jet was bombproof and adopted to anything and everything.
  12. Jeff is broken The floors we were looking at could go down over our tile, but it wouldn't work that way with the rooms that have carpet without those stupid transition things. So we'd either have to put down subflooring after ripping out carpet or rip out tile. Not something we are interested in doing for new floors.
  13. Check out the new vinyl plank flooring. We considered replacing our tile and carpet w it, but would be a pita to do without ripping up tile to get same floor levels.
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