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  1. Trudy


    9 years. really does seem like forever ago now Miss you baby boy
  2. The project I'm doing is bringing us to dinner on Thursday - otherwise that was my plan was to go out Thursday night.
  3. If anybody is gathering for dinner early in the week, I may try to join. I'm in Syracuse for work until next Friday am. But am wrapping up much of my stuff this week so I'm just here for final bits next week and not working 13 hours a day and can go be social
  4. I'd be willing to call her a dane Greyhound mix
  5. About 8 million times easier when the decision is made for you or maybe 3713 times easier when there is an underlying medical condition. Just failing mind and body - so much harder.
  6. We had a sliding door, not collar activated, but w the highest rise, they fit out just fine.
  7. If you are transporting dogs to a rescue group/shelter/etc out of state, yes, each dog needs an interstate health certs to travel. I'll skip the load of crap those certs can be, but yes, they are required. I've had a vet do a quick exam on each dog and then I've had a vet that never even put hands on the dog or looked at it - cert was ready when I walked in with the dog... The person that replaced me at the shelter recently forgot to get health certs for some dogs traveling to MA. The rescue in MA had to quarantine dogs for 2 weeks because they didn't have that piece of paper. Why the transporter accepted them without the cert is beyond me, but either way, the receiving end had to deal with the issues as a result of no certs.
  8. We could so use some spares, but we don't live by a PB outlet. Last ones were picked up when I has moving back down from NY.
  9. You can try fostering a greyhound or even work with a local all breed rescue and foster something through them. It may help. It may not
  10. We have that one as well, but when we added Kiska, we needed another stand that grew with him... bricks, then a block, then bricks with a block and now 2 sets of bricks with a block, not very pretty, but functional and grew with him! They have lots of raised feeders at the TJ Maxx stores around here and usually have some taller ones that are quire nice that aren't very expensive.
  11. email in theory just went out, but all matches have been made
  12. Just stumbled on this more than just greyhounds, but lots of neat shirts and stuff https://inkopious.com/collections/greyhound
  13. You need to have 50 posts to be able to participate.
  14. http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/323936-final-secret-santa-secret-santa-2018/?do=findComment&comment=6093343
  15. The end of an era - the final GreyTalk Secret Santa Sign ups will be open until 26 November. There will only be one round of matching. http://forum.greytalk.com/events/index.php?do=events
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