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  1. Revised Dates for 4 Legs 4 Hounds Auction is Sunday June 21 - Monday June 29, 2020
  2. Did your adoption group tell you you were adopting a high prey greyhound? It's not the greyhounds fault. He should not be around small dogs. Use a muzzle before you end up paying someone's vet bill or your greyhound gets put down. If an owner gets between the small dog and your greyhound and blood is drawn he can be labeled as a vicious dog. Once he is declared a vicious dog he will be put down. Unfortunately this happens. For your safety and the greyhounds safety it would be best to return him. They might have a return that could care less about small dogs. Your adoption group should have advised you better.
  3. Auction items are still needed for the 4 Legs 4 Hounds auction. The due date for auction items is May 23. The date of the auction is June 14 - June 22. Please check around your house for greyhound or non-greyhound items to donate. We need to raise funds to continue supporting the greyhounds with career ending injuries. They have their surgery at Ohio State Veterinary Hospital. Please email a photo and description to 4L4Hauction2 @gmail.com
  4. 4 Legs 4 Hounds has depleted their funds. Although racing has come to a halt right now, there are still greyhounds already in the program. Some go to OSU twice a week for bandage changes. Greyhounds still need to go to OSU to have their plates removed. The bill for these surgeries still needs to be paid. Racing at a few of the tracks will resume as soon as possible. Most of us are at home. Please take some time to look around for a couple of items you can donate to the auction. If you have a greyhound that has come thru the 4 Legs 4 Hounds program please check around for a few items you can donate. The item does not need to be greyhound related. Now is your change to donate that special item you have been saving to a special auction for the greyhounds. If you have a question please email the auction email on the flyer.
  5. The 4L4H program at Ohio State needs muzzles for the greyhounds. They are completely out. If you have any extra muzzles or muzzle cups and would like to donate them please mail them to Dr Cristina at the following address. Cristina Iazbik, DVM Animal Blood Bank Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center 601 Vernon L. Tharp Street Columbus, OH 43210
  6. Can anyone recommend where to order raw chicken from? If not raw what do you order and from where. Thank You
  7. Thank you Ellen Eve Baz. I completely understand. I hold onto their belongings until I am ready to part with it for a reason.
  8. The Ohio State 4 Legs 4 Hounds Greyhound program is in need of collars and leads. They will be used for the greyhounds that come in for surgery. After surgery they go into foster homes for about 2 months for recovery and rehab as directed by their orthopedic surgeon. Gently used collars and leads will be greatly appreciated. Please mail the collar and leads to the: Animal Blood Bank, Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center, 601 Vernon Tharp Street, Columbus OH 43210.
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