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  1. I just wanted to come here to thank you all for your kind words. They have been a comfort to me this past week.
  2. I am so very sorry for the loss of your Larry.
  3. It's beautiful! I am sure that all of you will get a ton of enjoyment from this space!
  4. I said goodbye to Nova on Friday afternoon. From the moment she came home with me, Nova Noodle was the happiest, sweetest pup. She greeted each morning like it was the best day ever, and her charming nature was contagious to everyone she met. Nova loved catching Cheerios, and lived her life in a constant quest for food. How I will miss her happy hop, her radar ears, and her excited chattering teeth that became the soundtrack of my life. While I am devastated to have lost both of my girls so close together, perhaps it makes sense that, because Luna and Nova were so close in life, they
  5. Thank you all so much for your words. I can't describe how much I appreciate the level of support I have received from the greyhound community. You all are simply the best.
  6. Today I got my own answer. The site around Nova’s scapular tumor is starting to swell and she looks tired this morning. I talked with her about it, and she licked my face. Nova is not a licker, and this was the first kiss I’ve gotten from her ever. I promised her that I would let her go in grace. The mobile vet who helped Luna pass a couple of months ago is able to come tomorrow at noon. I’m grateful that we’ll be able to do this peacefully at home again. I’ll be holding her extra close until it’s her time 💔
  7. I hate that you are going through this as well. It’s heart-wrenching, but we do the best that we can and take everything day by day. I hope that you get many more good days with your girl.
  8. I appreciate your kinds words. And yes, this has been a wonderful reprieve from the heat we had in July!
  9. I was, thank you! It took a few hours on the phone yesterday morning, but we are now back in business, and have access to the meds to keep Nova comfortable. It’s an unusually chilly morning here in TN, so we are currently lounging on our back patio, just smelling the wind and watching the birds. ❤️
  10. Thank you for telling me about your experiences. For now, Nova is still her perky, goofy self, which is making this difficult. Also, I am so sorry you had to go through this 3 times.
  11. The problem is that the vet wrote the script for 30 pills, one per day, but then told me I could give two if I felt more comfortable. Nova is doing well on one in the morning and one in the evening, and I truly believe there’s no reason to be conservative on her medications. But now that pharmacy won’t refill until 30 days because of how the prescription was written, and the vet can’t seem to rewrite a new prescription because of TN’s controlled substance laws. I’ve been on the phone with everyone this morning, trying to figure out what we can do. This is so frustrating.
  12. Thank you. I appreciate this perspective. Right now I’m having major issues getting Nova’s gabapentin refilled because of TN’s laws regarding controlled substances. We are going to run out tomorrow morning, and I’ve been working hard the past few days to try to figure out a solution. Really worried about what happens if I can’t get her medication.
  13. Thank you for this. The leg break is obviously what I would most like to avoid, not that it’s possible to predict or prevent. I’ve done some things to mitigate risks though. Tons of rugs around the house (it’s only one floor, but the floors are trendy poured concrete), short leash walks only, etc. For right now, Nova’s pain seems managed, but that’s something I’ll be watching like a hawk too.
  14. I realize that this is a sad and sensitive topic, as so many of you have been through it. I had a thread on Nova’s limp and diagnosis of an obviously cancerous tumor on her right scapula a couple of weeks ago. Due to her age and overall health, she’s receiving palliative care. The pain meds are working well, and at this time, she’s living a relatively normal life. The difficulty in that, especially as a person who tends towards intense optimism, is having to realistically remind myself that, while the meds are making her feel better, she’s not actually getting better. For those
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